New Directions in Education

Delegates viewed a video that outlined the new model for education and training for Institute members.

Members’ training needs have become the guiding principles of the new education model, according to the Training and Education Committee.

Based on a recent survey of members and stewards, the new model is inclusive, flexible and allows for specialization in members’ areas of interest.

The new training program offers:

  • Clear and flexible learning paths
  • Diversified and specialized training that allows you to choose training based on your interests
  • New delivery methods
  • Support and training to empower stewards
  • Training to help all of us to prepare for the difficult challenges we face as public service employees, now and in the future

To help the Institute develop training based members’ areas of interest, members are encouraged to fill out an expression form, available from Education staff.

New online training on Psychologically Health Workplaces will be released in early 2018.