“Best in the World” – Theme of the 98th PIPSC AGM

Canada's public service is the best in the world.  Let's keep it that way.

Canadians have the most effective public service in the world, according to a study prepared by researchers from Oxford University and the Institute for Government, a U.K. think tank.

As public service professionals, we know how valuable we are to Canadians.

But maintaining the best public service in the world requires commitment, professionalism – and investment.  After years of budget cuts, Canada needs to reinvest in vital public services now.  Whether it’s more scientists to fight climate change, nurses to work in northern and remote communities, or IT experts to protect Canadians’ data, we need more – not fewer – professionals serving Canadians.

As the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported last year, “The federal government is the smallest it’s been since before the Second World War.”  

That needs to change if we are to meet the challenges of the future.

The government is fast preparing next year’s budget.  Join us in supporting the call for renewed investment in Canada’s public service. Here’s how:

The Institute has launched a new website – action.pipsc.ca  – for members looking to get more involved in PIPSC.  It features notices of special member events, activities, surveys, and other ways you can get involved in your union. 

You can watch video interviews with members profiled in Better Together, our new annual publication.

You can also sign our online petition calling on the government to invest more in Canada’s public service. 

Member engagement in such actions is important because, however effective we may be individually, our ultimate success as public service professionals is measured by what we’re able to achieve together.

Visit action.pipsc.ca to learn more.