Dear members of the Quebec Region,

We are taking advantage of this 2018 International Women's Day to encourage you to respond to a short survey prepared by your Quebec Regional Status of Women Committee. This survey aims to know the needs of the members of the Quebec Region and/or certain problems encountered in our various workplaces.

You can complete the survey by following the link below:

Our mission is to foster equitable representation of women in all workplaces and within PIPSC, to improve our members’ working conditions and quality of life, to promote our members’ rights, including equity, equality and dignity, and to ensure that we preserve our rights and maintain the gains we have made.

The responses to this survey will allow us to prioritize the files we will be working on. We know that the current survey does not focus on all issues related to the status of women, but themes have been targeted, such as work-life balance and occupational health and safety for pregnant women. Other issues will be addressed in the future.

For any questions, suggestions or needs related to a particular situation, please contact your Quebec Regional Status of Women Committee via the following email address:

We would like to thank Renaud Guiard for his help on this file.

An excellent March 8 2018 to all !

Your Quebec Regional Status of Women Committee:

Stéphanie Fréchette

Lyne Larocque

Florcy Lavaud

Isabelle Mercier

Isabelle Vermette