Meeting of the Executive on 05-09-2019 (4th of the year)

Delta – Trois-Rivières – Meeting starts at 9:00 a.m.  




  1. Welcome and call to order:

Yvon Brodeur, Martine Lacroix, Benoit Pelletier, Gerlando Renna, Hugo Landry, Christian Tremblay, Stéphanie Fréchette, Nancy Lavoie
Absent: Réjean Michaud


  1. Reading and adoption of the agenda – June 17, 2019:

Proposed: Robert Tellier Seconded: Hugo Landry   


  1. Reading and adoption of the minutes of the last meeting – June 17, 2019:

Proposed: Benoit Pelletier Seconded: Martine Lacroix


  1. Business arising from the minutes:
    1. Union ribbons: Christian informed us of his search for union ribbons. $0.48 for 5,000, 3/8'' X 6'' plus template fee $100. Christian suggested finding a campaign to associate with the ribbons. He added that the purchase costs are reasonable, but a good communications strategy will be required. (Follow-up: Christian)
      He also talked about baseball jerseys with ¾ sleeves. He spoke with several suppliers and saw several products. He asked about what image and message we want to convey. Christian will keep looking into it.
    2. “Communications and Information” Committee: Yvon needs to talk to Hugo again. (Follow-up: Yvon and Hugo)
    3. Isolated post allowances: Yvon was unable to speak with Yvon Barrière of PSAC. He hasn’t heard back from him. Richard offered to try to get in touch with Yvon Barrière. (Follow-up: Yvon)
    4. SCC issue: A meeting was supposed to take place in August.
    5. Follow up on PIPSC’s 100th Anniversary: February 6, 2020. Yvon asked for ideas on the type of activity and location. A Training School is scheduled on that date. The possibility of organizing the event at the same time as the training was discussed. One proposal from PIPSC would be to ask for the flag to be flown over the town hall of a major centre. A presentation by a 100th Anniversary official is scheduled this afternoon to discuss the event. The costs of the activity vs. the training budget and the decision-making process were discussed. (Follow-up: Yvon)
    6. Task Force on Official Languages: A committee has been formed and a motion will be submitted at the next AGM.
    7. Human Rights Committee: An email was sent to participants. Closed file.
    8. Lucie Morneau mediation: Yvon has made several attempts to reach her, but so far there is no news. Robert proposed to wait until Saturday after the update on training needs (Follow-up: Yvon)
    9. Election training: closed.


  1. Director’s Report:

Yvon reported that at his meeting with the Board, he asked for the creation of the Quebec Region committees to be approved: the Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Committee and the Status of Women Committee. Funding and meeting schedules were also discussed. Both committees are supported by the Board. The Political Action Committee and the Communications Committee will be submitted at the October meeting. Robert wondered if PIPSC is involved in this type of committee at the CLC.

Professionals Canada: we are waiting to hear about the next steps.


  1. Treasury:

Gerlando presents us with his treasurer’s report.
Benoit raised the matter that during a last meeting, lunch was partially reimbursed although the claim was submitted as if it had been catered. This should not happen and the PIPSC Finance staff needs to be reminded of that fact. Benoit will speak to the Finance Committee and get back to us with the information.


  1. Report of the Regional and National Committees:
    1. Education and training
      Martine reported that there was a meeting the day before. For instructor training sessions, there is one in September with two participants. Karine Régimbald and Richard Doyle. Another training in January 2020, four more people could be sent: Sonia Richard, Stéphanie Fréchette, Isabelle Lessard and Mélanie Murray. They will be informed tomorrow.
      There was a meeting with Valérie and Isabelle Coulombe in connection with the ERO training, Valérie will follow up after discussing it with her team.
      College on elected officials: Robert said there is information coming.
      Training calendar
      Grievance preparation training: Gerlando will follow up with the Training Committee, discussions have taken place with Frédéric Durso. The plan is to provide this training by the end of 2019.
      We will have a presentation to the SSC on the role of stewards and some points will touch on training.
      The 2020 training program is not fully established. There will be a consultation on training needs and the tools available will be determined.
      Next week there will be an FTQ Training Committee at which Yvon and Robert will be present. The main topic is Steward action follow-up.
    2. Finance Committee
      The next meeting to plan the budget for the AGM is scheduled for next week.
      Big discussion on the figures presented. Dennis Britt responded and the answers will be on the portal.
      The building is largely leased, which is good from a financial perspective.
    3. Hotels 
      Benoit didn’t collate the information he received from the hotels. Details to come
    4. Youth Committee
      Four new members: see document on the drive.
      First meeting of the new Executive in June. Last week, the event in Montreal was successful with about 30 participants. Average age under 35, some older.
      Follow-up of the policy on family and trade union life. (Yvon).
    5. Status of Women 
      Meeting tomorrow morning. Stéphanie asked Yvon to attend tomorrow’s meeting to announce the approval of funding for the Regional Committee, which must be renewed annually by the Regional Council.
      Stéphanie told us about the members and their role.
      September 16: Girls and Science Day, two people from the Committee could participate.
    6. Task Force on Languages
      It is now a National Official Languages Committee. A resolution will be submitted at the AGM.
    7. Bylaws and Policies Committee 
      Comments on the motion on the Official Languages Committee: waiting for cost info. The committee wondered about the lack of whereas clauses in this motion.
      Meeting in Toronto at the end of June: follow-up on the Branches. Mtl North Shore, OK to ratify at AGM, Haut-Richelieu Branch, OK to ratify at AGM, Mauricie, modification necessary but the Chair is informed and can approve at AGM, Saguenay Lac St-Jean OK to approve at AGM, Ville Marie, OK to approve at AGM.
      Discussions on motions from the region: Hugo and Stephanie discussed the matter over the phone. Resolution on bilingual AGM: already in effect depending on the committee. Co-chair is not something that officially exists.
      Comment that the AGM should be facilitated by a bilingual person, as well as for other special committees (Special AGM).
      Motion on environmental concerns: costs needed.

Water bottles: no comment
Resolutions Committee meeting on August 22 with a follow-up meeting on September 11–12.
Next meeting of the Bylaws Committee: September 13–14

  1. Science Advisory Committee 
    Jean Bérubé did not provide us with a report. He said that the reports are posted on the PIPSC website. To be checked: no report posted. There are old minutes from 2018.
  2. Human Rights Committee 
    Ever since Mario left, it’s been a mess. The new Chair is not showing any openness. Yvon will discuss the situation with the Chair.
  3. Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee 
    Report by Johanne Potvin. 
  4. Information Technology Services and Projects Committee 
    Hugo gave his report.
  • We now have the email list and the GSuite group for the Region Executive
  • Creation of an email list and Google Drive for Branch Chairs to share documents, photos, forms, etc. This is an action from the Branch Chairs’ meeting in May.
  • Meeting in June
  • Initial trials of Concur. We have noticed a few problems, such as with the French versions of the site and application, but overall it is positive from a user point of view.
  • I mentioned that staff in the Montreal office had expressed concerns about the training that would be available. I was assured that individual training would be provided in each regional office.
  • Lots of new IT people in the Ottawa office, the atmosphere seems excellent. They will get a second project manager soon.
  • The committee is pushing for a grievance management system to be at the top of the priority list.
  1. Communications Committee
    Hugo informed us that if we want an effective committee, we will have to coordinate with mobilization and several other committees. It is impossible for him to handle all this on top of his other duties. He recommended that a second person be assigned to communications. (Follow-up: Yvon and Hugo)
  2. Harassment & Violence in the Workplace Committee 
    Nancy told us about an initial meeting with Sandra and Yvon. Work on the mandate. Another meeting tonight with Sandra, Marie-Josée and Pierre to continue the work.
  3. Political Action Committee
    Christian reported that we discussed that there were no matters to submit. In addition, he reported that a demonstration was recently held in Trois-Rivières and the timing for demonstrating in the city is bad.
    He also talked about a PSAC anti-conservative campaign that is not having the desired effect in the community, mainly on digital platforms. In his view, it is difficult to take a stand in the current election campaign.
    He proposed that campaigns focus on specific issues such as subcontracting.
    He also talked about the critical thinking training he presented to members at his AGM. He mentioned that this is a positive topic to develop. Could be effective for mobilization.
    Robert proposed that training be aligned with the needs, mobilization and vision of the region to have a national and regional approach and to better meet our needs. There may be a need for resources.
  4. File updates by those in charge:
    1. Branches 
      The drive and email address for Branch Chairs have been created, as well as the Facebook group. Hugo invited people to the apple-picking activity, but nobody has responded.
      Robert reported that the Montreal East Branch is in big trouble. There is no longer an Executive to take charge.
      Stéphanie asked if her Branch Executive can receive training. She was asked to propose dates and told that training will be offered.
      Christian proposed that for Branches in difficulty, a person be appointed on the Executive to organize an AGM and explain the Branch’s role to members and revive the Branch.
    2. Promotional items 
      Hugo informs us that they are going to order cups (100) to give to the members.
      A discussion took place about giving out these kinds of gifts at OSC and training events.
      Robert proposed that the Executive purchase mugs up to a maximum of $2,500 to be given out at training activities and at Steward Council in 2020. This order is in addition to the Montreal West Branch’s order to reduce unit costs. Seconded by Gerlando.
      Carried unanimously
  5. Steward Council – September 2019:
    Anne Renaud will be absent; We need people at the table to greet attendees.

Review of the agenda

  1. PIPSC AGM (November 8 and 9, 2019)

Yvon reported that we are still waiting to confirm the room for the Thursday meeting to discuss the motions. We are also waiting for the hospitality suite. Richard volunteered for the hospitality suite. We must not forget the misconduct prevention sheets.

  1. FTQ Triennial Convention (November 25 to 28, 2019):

We are awaiting a letter of credentials signed by the Chair for on-site registration.

  1. Lucie Mornault mediation:   

See the President’s Report

  1. Yvon Barrière – VP PSAC:
    See the President’s Report
  2. Miscellaneous
    Jean-Pierre Morency, representative for the PIPSC 100th Anniversary Committee: Discussion on the appointment.

Drummond request: Request for EAP support of $200.00, carried unanimously.
Choinière-Lapointe v. CSC: Richard summarized the case and the decision.

  1. Round table: 


  1. Date of next meeting and adjournment:

October 21, 2019 – FTQ Trois-Rivières


Adjournment: 4:03 p.m.