Meeting of the Executive on October 21, 2019 (5th of the year)

Local FTQ (7080 Marion Street) – Trois-Rivières – Meeting began at 9:00 a.m  


  1. Welcome and call to order:

Yvon welcomed everyone and will chair the meeting.

In attendance: Yvon Brodeur, Richard Doyle, Stéphanie Fréchette, Martine Lacroix, Hugo Landry, Nancy Lavoie, Réjean Michaud, Benoît Pelletier, Gerlando Renna and Robert Tellier.

Absent: Christian Tremblay.


  1. Reading and adoption of the agenda – October 21, 2019:

No changes required.

Other business will remain open.

Proposed by: Benoît Seconded by: Robert


  1. Reading and adoption of the minutes of the last meeting – September 5, 2019:

The minutes have been sent to everyone; no corrections were made.

Proposed by: Benoît Seconded by: Martine


  1. Business arising from the minutes:
    1. Union ribbons and baseball-style T-Shirts (¾ sleeve): As Christian was out of town, he will follow up at the next meeting.

Follow-up: Christian


  1. Isolated post allowance (in Gaspé): Yvon met with Yvon Barrière (PSAC Regional Vice-Chair) and he and the matter is being discussed. Ongoing. Follow-up: Yvon


  1. Lucie Mornault mediation:   

Yvon re-invited Ms. Mornault to provide mediation training, but we haven’t heard back. Follow-up: Yvon


  1. Resolutions from the PIPSC AGM (November 8–9, 2019):


Each resolution has been reviewed by the Executive and we suggest that our members vote accordingly:


  1. Resolutions on the bylaws and regulations:

B-1: In favour, with amendment (delete the word "philosophy");

B-2: In favour:

B-3: In favour:

B-4: In favour:

B-5: In favour:

B-6: In favour (resolution submitted by:  Renaud Guiard);

B-7: In favour (Resolution submitted by: a member of the Youth Committee);

B-8: Against;

B-9: Against (resolution not required);

B-10: Against;

B-11: Out of order;

B-12: Against

B-13: Free vote;

B-14: Against;

B-15: Against;

B-16: In favour:

B-17: In favour:

B-18: Against;

B-19: Against;

B-20: Against;

B-21: Out of order;

B-22: Against;

B-23: Against;

B-24: Against:

B-25: Against.


  1. Budget resolutions:

F-1: In favour;

F-2: In favour;

F-3: Will be voted on at the end of the resolutions;

F-4: Against;

F-5: Against;

F-6: Against;

F-7: Free vote;

F-8: Free vote (explanations to be received);

F-9: Against.


  1. Policy resolutions:

P-1: Against;

P-2: In favour;

P-3: In favour;

P-4: In favour;

P-5: Free vote;

P-6: Against;

P-7: In favour;

P-8: In favour;

P-9: To (see if B-7 was previously passed; if so, make a reference);

P-10: In favour;

P-11: In favour;

P-12: Out of order;

P-13: Against;

P-14: Against;

P-15: Against;

P-16: Free vote.



  1. Director’s Report:


  1. No special items other than those on the agenda.


  1. Treasury:
  1. Report:

Gerry presented his Treasurer’s report and answered questions. He filed the financial documents on the Drive. It’s up to us to consult them.

We will have to pay $2,100 for the youth camp, offered by Mélanie Murray.

Benoît asked for assistance from the Region so that the Eastern Quebec Branch can ask the FTQ Regional Council to contribute $500. Approved unanimously.

We told Gerry that we could be reimbursed speaker’s expenses at the SDC from National.

We unanimously approve $300 in financial assistance to the Saguenay/Lac St-Jean Branch for their AGM.

We unanimously approve $300 in financial assistance to the Quebec City Branch for a Christmas holiday activity.



  1. Report of the Regional and National Committees:
    1. Education and learning: Martine attended the last TEC meeting in September. She told us that the pass mark for the online basic steward training will now be 70%, down from 80%. The draft of the new policy on stewards (both old and new) is still under review. Five members will go to the FTQ instructor training next January. The next TEC meeting will take place in November.
    2. Finance Committee: Benoit had a meeting last September. They have prepared the budget that will be presented at this year’s AGM. The Finance Committee will be meeting on the Friday evening of the AGM for information purposes. 
    3. Hotels: Benoît reported that he had no follow-up to give at this time. He’ll do it at the next meeting.
    4. Youth Committee: Hugo is our liaison officer and he informs us that there will be some proposed changes to the Carpooling Policy and to the Work-Family-Union Balance Policy. Yvon reported that he could not discuss the Youth Committee’s tenure at the Board meeting due to lack of time.
    5. Status of Women: Sophie Laporte is now the official Chair and Stéphanie is our liaison officer. There has been no news since the last meeting.  
    6. Task Force on Official Languages: Yvon and his team have prepared a document on the resolutions to be presented at the AGM on the matter.
    7. Bylaws and Policies Committee: a two-day meeting was held in September; the next formal meeting will be held at the end of November. 
    8. Science Advisory Committee: No news received from Pierre Morin. 
    9. Human Rights Committee: No report received from Sonia Richard, Chair of the committee. 
    10. Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee We haven’t heard from our representative, Johanne Potvin. 
    11. Information Technology Services and Projects Committee: Hugo reported that the Concur application will be available by the AGM. Members have tested the new application and it works well; members will be able to use any email address. There have been several hirings in the IT department and improvements to the training centre. 
    12. Communication & Information Committee: Hugo reported that they have been working on the federal election and some ongoing labour disputes. 

The production of short videos is ongoing: There are four or five left.

The formal training of the committee is pending, as well as their mandate. 

  1. Harassment & Violence in the Workplace Committee: Nancy reported there has been nothing new since the last meeting. A report was given to Yvon and he will submit it to the Board of Directors.
  2. Election Committee: Nancy reported that there had not been a meeting since August. 


  1. File updates by those in charge:
    1. Branches: Richard reported that several Branch AGMs were coming up and some will have elections.


  1. Promotional items: Hugo reported that 50 metal bottles will be distributed to members from Quebec at the National AGM. There are also mugs to come, but the logo needs to be revised.


  1. FTQ AGM: 

Yvon presented us with the signed credentials required to attend the FTQ Triennial Council. All participants must register online.  


  1. Region’s contribution to the PIPSC 100th anniversary:

We unanimously agree to offer two $1,000 scholarships as part of the 100th anniversary, on the condition that both are awarded to students from Quebec.


  1. Miscellaneous
    1. Death of Anne Renaud’s sister: a note will be sent to Anne Renaud to express our condolences following her sister’s passing.


  1. QRC-2019 follow-up: 

Hugo shares the results of the post-SDC survey. In general, the comments are positive. The full report can be found on the Google Drive. Hugo will begin the process of booking a speaker for the next SDC to be held on September 11 and 12, 2020.


  1. Advanced steward workshop (grievances): Gerry reported that the project is ready: all that remains to be done is to find a room; several suggestions were made: a room at the FTQ, a room in a restaurant or at the regional office in Montreal. 


  1. National AGM:

Richard suggested buying Quebec products in the Quebec suite, including wines. 


  1. Round table: 
    1. Réjean presented the pension fund plan at the Abitibi-Témiscamingue Branch’s AGM (in Rouyn) last September with Yvon. More than 20 people attended the event and everything went well. Réjean also took advantage of his time in the region to make the same presentation to CED employees in Val D’Or.


  1. Hugo invited the members of his Branch and outside members to a family apple-picking activity. Between 30 and 40 members came to the activity with their families, for a total of over 100 participants. A basic steward training session will take place this week and Hugo suggested that Branch Chairs contact those who attended the training to follow up about a month afterward.


  1. Date of next meeting and adjournment:

Our next meeting (the 6th of the year) will take place on Friday, December 6, at 9:00 a.m. at the regional office in Montreal. A dinner at Blumenthal Restaurant will be held at 6:30 p.m. the day before with the regional office staff. 



Proposed by: Robert Seconded by: Nancy