Executive Meeting on June 28, 2021 (5th of the year)

Videoconference meeting via Zoom

Start of the meeting: 1 p.m.



In attendance: Yvon Brodeur, Denis Caissy, Jean Couillard, Hugo Landry, Nancy Lavoie, Steve Malenfant, Réjean Michaud, Lisanne Racine, Karine Régimbald and Gerlando Renna.

Absence: Stéphanie Fréchette.



1) Opening Remarks:

Yvon welcomed everyone and will chair the meeting.


2) Approval of the Agenda:

Hugo moved to approve, and Denis seconded.

The agenda was approved unanimously; Other Business items can still be added.


3) Approval of the Minutes of May 24, 2021

Hugo moved and Gerlando seconded that the minutes of May 24, 2021, be approved. Carried unanimously.


4) Business Arising from the Minutes of May 24, 2021:

a) Follow-up on the various committees (Board of Directors, Regional and FTQ):

This will be covered in item #6.


5) Election of Vice President to the Regional Executive:

The names of Hugo, Denis and Gerry were submitted to fill the position. Before the vote, Gerry withdrew.

An electronic vote was held, and Hugo was elected by a majority.


6) Allocation of Committee Roles:

a) Québec Region:

Yvon asked the members of the Executive to get involved in the different committees of the Region:

-Branch Liaison: Steve

-Youth Committee: Lisanne

-Status of Women (Liaison): Karine

-Training Committee: Karine, Denis, Hugo and Stéphanie, who will take care of hotel reservations for the trainings. Karine will be the Region’s official National TEC representative.

-Communications: Denis, Hugo and Anne Renaud

-Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Steve and Nancy as back-up

-Resolutions Committee: Stéphanie, assisted by Hugo

-Harassment and Violence in the Workplace: Nancy, assisted by Pierre Potvin, Josée Girard and Sandra Guéric

-Retirement and Insurance: Réjean

-Mobilization and Political Action: Steve and Denis

-Hotel reservations: Stéphanie and Nancy


b) FTQ Committees:

Yvon informed us that he wants to keep the people currently in place on these committees until their term ends on December 31, 2021. Some committees are vacant following the departure of Robert Tellier, Martine Lacroix, Benoît Pelletier, Richard Doyle and Christian Tremblay.

-Gender and Physical Diversity: Wendy Blouin

-Education: Karine, with Denis as back-up

-Racism: Steve, with Nancy as back-up

-Environment and Sustainable Development: Guillaume (currently) and Denis (interested)

-Promotion of French: Sonia Richard (currently) and Nancy (interested)

-Information: Hugo

-Youth Committee: Wendy Blouin

-Pension and Insurance Plans: Réjean

-Occupational Health and Safety: Pierre Potvin

-Mobilization and Political Action: Denis


c) National Committees:

As is the case with the FTQ Committees, Yvon informed us that he wants to keep the people currently in place on these committees until their term ends on December 31, 2021.


7) Steward Council 2021:

In-person or hybrid: We would like to hold the 2021 SC in-person in mid-October. However, the BOD decided to extend the ban on in-person events from September 1 to October 31. On this point, we intend to file a complaint against the BOD, as it goes against the intent of a resolution adopted at the last National AGM.

Despite this, we will present a business case to Eddie Gillis with the location, number of participants, activities planned, health standards in place, etc. Yvon will prepare the business case with Anne Renaud and send us a copy of what was sent to Eddie Gillis.

Bids will be sent to hotels in the Trois-Rivières, Eastern Townships and St-Hyacinthe areas.

Denis suggested that when presenting the committee reports that people also talk about the objectives of these committees. He also suggested that the theme revolve around networking and include workshops.

Hugo will contact the “Pharmachien” agent to see if he would be available for our SC as a speaker. If health standards permit, we could invite spouses to attend the conference.

The organizing committee will be composed of Nancy, Yvon, Karine, Hugo and Steve.

                                                                           (Action: Committee members)

8) Service Plus:

At the last QRC, a member asked Yvon if Service Plus could offer tickets to its members for Canadiens games. Yvon passed on the request to Andrew Gize. Ongoing.                                          (Action: Yvon)


9) Promotional Material:

Hugo received requests from three Branches for ceramic mugs and metal bottles. He will send them by Canada Post, if that is the best way to send them.                               (Action: Hugo)


10) Enhancement of Region’s Training Program:

Denis suggested that two models of training could be offered in the coming years. In-person for sensitive topics (such as mental health) and via Zoom for more formal training (such as PIPSC-101).


11) Hot Topic for VoxPop at SC:

This will be a mandate of the SC organizing and communication committee.


12) Opportunity for public demonstrations at an event: Remember to hold public demonstrations when organizing an event, such as a march or collection of non-perishable food items.


13) Other Business:

       No topics were added or discussed in Other Business.


 14) Roundtable:

a) All outgoing members of the former Executive welcomed the new members of the current Executive.

b) Réjean informed us that he attended a meeting of the FTQ Pension and Insurance Committee in early June. He reiterated his availability to inform members about our pension fund and insurance plan.

c) Steve informed us that he wishes to participate in the various Branch AGMs.

d) Gerry reported on the current bank balance and indicated that an additional signatory would be needed due to Robert’s departure. Hugo was designated.

e) Yvon will ask Stéphanie to help him draft a resolution so that the Region will have a say and be able to manage the budgets of Branches closed due to more than 18 months of inactivity.


 15) Date of Next Meeting:

 The next Executive meeting will be held on Tuesday afternoon, July 27, following a Board of Directors meeting held in Ottawa the week before.



 16) Adjournment:

Yvon thanked everyone for their participation and the meeting was adjourned.