Executive Meeting on October 8, 2021 (6th of the year)

Zoom videoconference and in-person meeting

Start of the meeting: 1 p.m.



In attendance: Yvon Brodeur, Denis Caissy, Jean Couillard, Hugo Landry, Nancy Lavoie, Steve Malenfant, Lisanne Racine, Karine Régimbald and Gerlando Renna.

Absence: Stéphanie Fréchette, Réjean Michaud.


  1. Opening Remarks:

Yvon welcomed everyone and will chair the meeting.


  1. Approval of the Agenda:

An item on mobilization and political action was added.

Hugo moved to approve, and Nancy seconded.

The agenda was approved unanimously; Other Business items can still be added.


  1. Approval of the Minutes of October 8, 2021:

Hugo moved and Gerlando seconded that the minutes of August 17, 2021, be approved. Carried unanimously.


  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of August 17, 2021:

Follow-up on Youth Committee

  1. Action: Hugo Landry, interim Youth Committee / Yvon, Canadiens tickets

Form sent. 11 registrations. President is Wendy.

Eight positions available.

Denis will be the liaison for the Youth Committee.

Hugo has transferred the paperwork to Denis.

The selection of candidates will be confirmed by email.

Canadiens tickets. Andrew James will let us know if there are any.                                                                                 

  1. SC – Update
    • The speaker is Martin Geoffroy.
    • The suites will go to Yvon, Stéphane Aubry, Réjean, Karine and Denis.
    • PIPSC appears to require proof of immunization for expense accounts. We want explanations and will ask Stéphane Aubry.
    • Review of the SC agenda
    • Yvon needs to request a list of National Committee members. Yvon has to prepare a report on the National Committees.
    • Presentation of the committee chairs at the SC
  2. FTQ – Reflection session for union leaders on contemporary unionism.
    • Point 7 is available on Google Drive.
    • Participation reports on Google Drive. To be completed and uploaded to the drive by all those involved in union activities.
  3. AGM Attendees (November 5 and 6, 2021)                                              
  4. Branch President


10. Training Committee

    • Trainers are still available to provide training. Denis will make a form on Google Forms to find out which trainings the Stewards are interested in.
    • Valerie will provide a list of trainings provided by the Employment Relationship Officers (EROs).
    • Gerry’s grievance training in February
    • FTQ has advanced courses on grievances.


11. Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

  • Documentation will be sent for the Friday morning meeting.

12. Allocation of Committee Roles

  • Committee for the Steward of the Year.
    Nancy and Karine will be on the Steward of the Year Committee with Renaud and Pierre Potvin.
  • The Communication and Information Technology committees have been merged.

13.  Tree Canada Activity - CHUL

14. Other Business

15.  Roundtable

16.  Date of Next Meeting

 17. Closing Remarks and Adjournment

       Yvon thanked everyone for their participation and the meeting was adjourned.