Quebec Regional Executive Meeting - September 14, 2017

Executive Meeting

Stewards Council

September 14, 2017

Manoir des Sables – VIP Room

  1. Call to Order

8:49 Opening Remarks by Yvon Brodeur

  1. Reading and Approval of Agenda

Moved by: Lyne Larocque Seconded by: Christian Tremblay

  1. Reading and Approval of the June2, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Moved by: Robert Tellier Seconded by: Renaud Guiard


  1. Business Arising from the Minutes of the June2, 2017 Meeting

No other business.

  1. Director’s Report
  • PIPSC telephone town hall – Quebec Region
  • Yvon informed us of the work and costs involved in holding evening meetings for discussions with the Branch Executives and Committee Chairs.
  • Communications
  • Yvon said that work is underway to establish a Communications Committee. The FTQ apparently has about $3,000 budgeted to make a video that focuses on science. We suggested that a timely topic be used for the video brief. The FTQ sent Yvon a list of business contacts in communications with examples of the costs.

Yvon will discuss the matter with Hugo Landry.

  • Youth Symposium – Ottawa
  • Yvon provided us with information on the Youth Symposium to be held the day before the PIPSC AGM (Ramada Inn Gatineau). There will also be a meeting on Friday, September22 at the PIPSC National Office to make arrangements for the Symposium. We were wondering if we had any representatives at the FTQ Youth Camp.
  • Quebec Federal Council
  • Yvon and Lyne met with the Chair of the Quebec Federal Council. Topics discussed: mental health, training, time off for mediation training, Quebec Federal Council Information Technology. We asked to get the names of all the Chairs of the various Federal Council Committees so that we can collaborate with those Committees. A proposal was received to share time with PSAC for upcoming events. The Young Professionals Committee, for example, is having problems recruiting young people to get involved in committees. Lyne said she felt we needed to be well prepared for this type of meeting because the committee members have a busy schedule. We exchanged views on how the money from PIPSC could be spent on joint activities with the employer. Opinions were expressed on the Phoenix item and PIPSC’s role in dealing with the problems. Getting information to members may be the least PIPSC can do, because the pay problems are the employer’s responsibility.
  • Meeting with PIPSC Regional Directors
  • Yvon will be meeting with the other Directors on October12 and will raise the Phoenix issues discussed here, as well as the Better Together budgets and time off for Stewards.
  1. Treasurer’s Report

Robert presented his financial report. He told us that the Board had decided to cover the costs of the strategic planning retreat (approximately $12,000), which had been included in our budget. Following an Executive discussion, we decided to ask the Board of Directors to take the money back and let us cover the expenses for the strategic planning retreat. Robert will make this request.

Moved by: Robert Tellier Seconded by: Patrick Sioui

  1. Stewards Council

Yvon presented the agenda.


On Thursday evening, there will be a gathering in the Salon Jardin starting at 7p.m.

Hospitality suite: Murphy. Lyne and Christian will handle the purchases.

  1. Regional and National Committee Reports

- Training and Education Robert Tellier

Two meetings have taken place since June to redesign the PIPSC training. Through discussions, they have identified (self-identified) the Steward levels (1 to 3) based on experience and involvement. There was some discussion on this initiative. The Regional Executive wondered about the need for and relevance of it.

FTQ Training Committee: An information tool was developed for the $15 minimum wage campaign. The Labour School was launched. The Collège FTQ-Fonds plans to have a special training program for Employment Relations Officers (advisors).

An expanded Training Committee meeting was held from September6 to 8: The Committee discussed training follow-up for evaluation and support of Stewards who have received training.

- Human Rights Patrick Sioui

Patrick informed us that he had missed the last meeting two weeks ago. The meeting report is still not available.

The Human Rights Committee would like to pass a resolution that is in line with the recommendations of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

- Finance Benoit Pelletier

Benoit was absent today so Robert presented his report. The budget can be found on the PIPSC portal (July1, 2017 to June30, 2018). The external accountants are in the process of finalizing the documents. The Finance Committee is waiting for the auditors’ report to get the January 1 to June30, 2017 financial statements.

- IT Christian Gaboury

Christian Tremblay said that Christian Gaboury did not get a chance to give us his report. We were told that there was a lack of communication in the summer and that Christian was questioning the relevance of the Committee.

Renaud volunteered to replace Christian, providing it is allowed under the By-Laws.

- Young Professionals Renaud Guiard

Renaud had a meeting with the Committee by videoconference. The Committee is working on a number of files, including the kit for new members, amendments to the Policy on Balancing Union Activity and Family Life, and the various youth camps. Several questions resulted from this meeting.

Renaud said that Denis Caissy stepped down as Chair of the Young Professionals Committee. His term of office ends tomorrow after the Committee meeting.


1- Who sets out the Committee’s terms of reference? The Regional Executive consults the Young Professionals Committee, decides on the terms of reference and presents them to the Regional Council. A consultation session has already taken place and the draft terms of reference will be presented under item 11.

2 – What is the mandate of the Committee’s liaison (with the Regional Executive)? The liaison is the link between the Young Professionals Committee and the Regional Executive. He or she brings the Committee’s concerns to the Executive and shares the Region’s strategic directions and tools with the Committee. Under the By-Laws, the liaison is a full-fledged member. The Committee Chair is responsible for reporting to the Regional Executive.

3 – Does the liaison count as one of the Committee members? Yes.

4 – What is the maximum number of members? The draft terms of reference will be presented at item 11.

5- Considering the Regional Executive has designated a member as a liaison for the Young Professionals Committee, do we need to invite an observer from the Committee to Regional Executive meetings? No, not for now.

6- Is there a liaison protocol between the Regional Executive and the Young Professionals Committee? The liaison’s role is to provide a link, relaying in either direction any questions or comments that require action,

7- The Young Professionals Committee has started making representations to the PIPSC President so that the Committee can become a national standing committee.

8 – Would the Young Professionals Committee like to have its web page under the Quebec Region section? Yes, but it will have to be validated by the liaison or the Regional Director.

9 – What is the process for deciding on the Chair of the Young Professionals Committee?

The draft terms of reference will be presented at item 11.

Yvon Brodeur read us the message from Denis Caissy regarding his resignation as Chair of the Young Professionals Committee. The Committee will recommend someone to the Executive for the position of Acting Chair, which the Executive will not reject without a valid reason.

Friday 10:08 a.m.: Renaud informed us that the Young Professionals Committee proposed David Campanozzi as Acting Chair. The Executive supported the proposal.

- Status of Women Lyne Larocque

Lyne said she missed the Laval meeting. She was also invited to take part in the FTQ’s biennial conference. However, she received the invitation too late to be able to get away. Next meeting tomorrow.

Yvon said that the Committee representatives had asked him if they could have a male Committee member. Yvon told them it was up to them. It seems they are not there yet.

A budget was prepared and submitted to Yvon, who will in turn submit it to the Board of Directors.

- Official Languages Yvon Brodeur

Yvon informed us that a resolution would be tabled to extend the Committee’s mandate. The AGM report is being prepared. We also talked about bilingual emails. The Board will be informed of the request for a bilingual AGM.

- By-Laws Committee Lyne Larocque

Lyne reported on the June meeting.

Vice-President Bittman gave a presentation on a discussion paper about amending the National Committees’ terms of reference.

Isabelle Roy spoke about various policy documents.

The August27 meeting was cancelled because of a lack of issues to discuss.

The next meeting will be held October 15 and 16.

There are translation issues at the Committee meetings: Lyne told her fellow Committee members that she would be speaking in French at future national meetings.

Robert underscored his dissatisfaction with the absence of French-speaking representatives on the Resolutions Sub-Committees. He proposed that a censure motion be submitted to PIPSC. Yvon will express our indignation on the matter.

  1. Updates on Files by their Leads
  • Branch Liaison
  • RAS (sic)
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Damien said that we will be at the Hôtels Gouverneur Montréal from September14 to 15, 2018 for the Steward Council and at the Hôtel Chéribourg from May4 to 5, 2018 for the Regional Council.
  • Mobilization
  • Yvon, Steve and Luc. No meetings.
  1. Strategic Planning Committee (update) Patrick and Steve

Steve, Patrick, Robert, Christian, Damien and Richard are discussing the Working Group’s proposals.

  1. Other Business
  • Resolution: Establishment of a national committee to support charitable and outreach activities, and initiatives proposed by members. Pierre Morin
  • The Regional Executive recommended against presenting this resolution at the AGM. This direction is not consistent with PIPSC’s ByLaws and purpose.
  • Water bottles (purchase) Pierre Morin
  • This item does not provide enough visibility. The suggestion was rejected.
  • Labour Day ($4000) Yvon Brodeur
  • The Board of Directors decided in August to give $4000 to each Region for Labour Day. We received the information late so no event was organized. The money is no longer available.
  • It was suggested that the Board of Directors decide around January on such a budget so that we are able to organize an activity.
  • Renaud, seconded by Lyne, moved that the money for mobilization activities be made available during the year (e.g. May1) for an activity that addresses the regional realities associated with a labour day.
  • Carried unanimously
  • Steve, seconded by Patrick, moved that mobilization activities expected by PIPSC be announced to the constituent bodies at least two months in advance.
  • Carried unanimously
  • Time off for Stewards
  • Richard asked if the constituent bodies (Branches) could pay the wages of a Steward who is doing a job for the constituent body. Not according to Branch policy, but it is possible for projects related to other bodies (Groups).
  • Postmortem on the Strategic Planning Retreat

The report is still not available. We will revisit this at the next meeting.

  1. Round Table

Lyne moved that the Quebec Region buy visibility items for the Quebec Regional members who attend the National AGM. Robert seconded the motion. An amount under $1500, tax included.

Carried unanimously

  1. Next meeting and Adjournment