MEETING: Ville-Marie Branch Executive meeting

LOCATION: PIPSC Regional Office

DATE: June 30, 2016

Renaud Guiard, Philippe Marazzani, Damien Noël, Evangelia Costamis, Philippe Poudret, Stéphanie Fréchette    

Marc Desjardins, François Langevin, François Pilon, Vicky Painchaud

1.    Approval of the Agenda

a.    The agenda was presented to the Executive.

  • There were no items to add or changes to be made.

b.    Renaud, seconded by Stéphanie, moved to approve the agenda.     

2.    Remarks by the Executive

Remarks by the President
Renaud thanked everyone for coming and said that their attendance was particularly appreciated given the following day was a statutory holiday.

Remarks by the Treasurer
Marc was absent.

3.    Review of the Minutes of the Last Two Meetings

•    The minutes from the meeting of January 14 were reviewed. Renaud moved that they be approved. Damien seconded the motion.
•    The minutes from the meeting of March 22 were reviewed. Philippe P. moved that they be approved. Stéphanie seconded the motion.

4.    Action Items

1603.1) All – Get Stewards to help contact members. Done.
1603.03) Marc – Conduct a survey on our AGM. To follow.
1603.04)  Phil M. – Send Marc the email addresses of our members who attended the AGM. Done.
1603.05) Renaud – Find a venue for a Happy Hour and get information on the terms and conditions. The Bénélux was chosen for fewer than 30 people and the Ste-Élizabeth for a larger crowd. The date selected was July 28. We are planning another Happy Hour for September 22. A message needs to be sent after the first Happy Hour.
1603.06) Miguel - Ask Anne Renaud for a distribution list for contacting members. Done: see new action item 1606.01.
1603.07) Those who do not have a address – Obtain a address. A reminder was sent. Done.
1603.08) All – Suggest some team-building activities. We chose Échappe-toi and going for a drink. See new action item 1606.04.
1603.09) Phil M. – Send a doodle for an Executive activity in two weeks, over two weeks. Done.
1603.10) Renaud – Find out about the changes to the staffing policy and let us know if we need to inform our members. Done.

1603.11) All – Discuss the banner and the photo at the next Executive gathering. See new action item 1606.05.
1606.01) New - Renaud will ask Member Services for a list of our members.
1606.02) New – Renaud will write a message to the Stewards to find out if they would be willing to help us reach members, if needed. It will be sent out in September. He will forward it to us for feedback.
1606.03) New - Philippe M. – Send the last two sets of minutes to Anne for translation and posting.
1606.04) New - Evangelia – Check coupon sites for team-building activities.
1606.05) New - Philippe P. – Look for royalty-free photos of Montréal for the banner.
1606.06) New - Renaud - Inform Debi that we think the information for our members on the new staffing policy should come from PIPSC at the national level.
1606.07) New - All – Send a cell number to Philippe M. so you can be reached quickly if an Executive meeting is cancelled at the last minute.

5.    Issues Discussed

a.    Vice-President position
i.    The Vice-President position has been vacant since Miguel stepped down.
ii.    Philippe M. nominated Stéphanie.
iii.    Stéphanie accepted the nomination.
iv.    Stéphanie accepted the nomination.
v.    Stéphanie was elected Vice-President by acclamation.
b.    Collective bargaining
i.    The news is not good. Some of the bargaining units reported that Treasury Board clearly does not have a mandate to negotiate.
ii.    Debi Daviau said that the 19-union pact is still in effect.
iii.    We understand that Treasury Boards is making certain offers to specific Groups in an attempt to divide the bargaining units.
c.    1606.06) New staffing policy - We think that the information for our members on the new staffing policy should come from PIPSC at the national level. Renaud will notify Debi.
d.    Canada Post strike
i.    We feel that support for Canada Post employees is a personal choice. Everyone is free to encourage them.
ii.    Envelopes containing medical claims can be dropped off at the Sun Life building on the main floor.
e.    Phoenix – If we know members who need assistance, we can let them know that PIPSC is providing loans that can be repaid in six months without interest.

6.    Other Business

a.    Movie outing – We discussed an idea that Karen Hall from Vancouver introduced. A room at a movie theatre is rented for members so that the Executive can make a presentation before showing a good movie. Everyone thought it was a good idea.
b.    Cellphone meeting – This meeting had to be cancelled at the last minute. It was hard to reach everyone to get confirmation. Philippe M. can call everyone easily if each person sends him their cell number.
c.    Eleventh Executive member position – There was a discussion as to whether there were any names to put forward.
7.    Adjournment

a.    Renaud moved that the meeting be adjourned.
b.    Seconded by Philippe M.
c.    The meeting was adjourned.