MEETING: Ville-Marie Branch Executive Meeting


DATE:        November 12, 2019




Renaud Guiard, Evangelia Costamis, Vicky Painchaud, François Pilon, Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Pascal Cloutier, Yannick Poulin, Damien Noël

 Marc Desjardins 


  1. Approval of the Agenda
    1. The agenda was presented to the Executive.
    2. Vicky moved to approve the Agenda.
    3. Seconded by Renaud.
    4. Carried unanimously.

  1. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
  2. Will be done at the next meeting as we don’t have said minutes.
  3. Remarks by the Executive
    1. Remarks by the President

Renaud thanked the members in attendance for coming and welcomed the new members.

    1. Remarks by the Treasurer

Marc. D was absent. He sent an email detailing the status of the budget. He confirmed that he will remain in his role until the next AGM.

Jean-Pierre offered to take over as Treasurer at the next AGM. Jean-Pierre will be asked to contact Marc to ensure a transfer of knowledge.

Renaud informed us that there is a new app and a web page to claim dinner expenses. Yannick gave us the procedure on how to make a claim.

  1. Ongoing Action Items

1812.01) Renaud – Transfer all documents on our pipsccollab shared drive to PIPSC.

1912.01) Vicky – Contact Philippe Marazzani to get hold of the minutes from the previous meeting.

1912–02) Vicky – Ensure the previous meeting’s minutes are corrected and translated.

1912.03) Vicky – Check with Lise whether the AGM minutes were translated.

1912.04) Vicky – Contact Lise and update the list of Executive members on the website.

1912.05) Vicky – Contact Lise and ask her to update the list of members in the               Executive distribution list–

1912.06) New members – Request an @pipsc account.

1912.07) Renaud – Add new members to the Drive.

1912.08) Renaud – Will take care of the process for collecting last year’s fees.

1912.09 ) Renaud – Will order gift bags for stewards attending the AGM.

1912.10) Vicky – Will send a doodle for the next meeting (Dec. 9 or 16 or Jan. 6 or 13)

1912.11) François – Will contact the l’Île Noire pub to find out if they still have tasting events and see                   if they have an opening for us in November.

1912.12) Evangelia – Will go to the Attrium at 1000 de la Gauchetière to find out if it is possible to rent the           skating rink for an evening in December.

Topics Discussed

    1. Debriefing on the National AGM:
      1. Clarification of the Professionals Canada Resolution that was eventually defeated for a second time.
    2. Activity ideas:
      1. Gin and whisky tasting at l’Île Noire.
        1. François will check with the pub to see if they still offer this type of activity.
      2. Attrium 1000 de la Gauchetière: Skating evening.
        1. Evangelia will contact them for information.
  1. Miscellaneous
    1. None
  2. Adjournment
    1. Renaud moved that the meeting be adjourned.
    2. Seconded by Yannick.
    3. Meeting was adjourned.

7. Round Table

François: Debriefing on the AGM. He was surprised by the number of participants. He mentioned that there was only one complaint over the fact no promotional items were handed out and as we are currently in negotiations, members would have liked to have had access to certain items.

Damien: Argued that the promotional items change depending on the campaign or initiative and that it is quite costly and unrealistic to provide items for each and every campaign need. He believes the Sub-Group should take responsibility for this and invest in this.

Renaud mentioned that the budget provides a sum for purchasing promotional items and that we shouldn’t stop ourselves from investing in them. Overview of the PIPSC boutique and its items for sale.               

            Evangelia: Mentioned that she will look into getting free promotional items.

8. Next Meeting

December: A doodle will be sent out to choose between the following dates: December 9 or 16 or January 6 or 13.