September 2, 2020



 Nancy McCune, Regional Director

Samah Henein, Regional Vice-Chair & Calgary Branch Representative

Sharon Losinski, Edmonton Branch Representative

Bobby Eiswirth, Regina Branch Representative

Cory Graham, Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch Representative

Robert Trudeau, Saskatoon Branch Representative

Nancy Shalay, Small Branch Representative

Nazim Awan, Small Branch Representative

Stuart Kidd, Secretary-Treasurer

Steward Council 2020, in person cancelled for 2020

No steward awards for 2020. Years of service pins and awards will be available in 2021.

 Steward virtual training will be provided by PIPSC EROs.  Possible topics are Covid awareness and conflict resolution. There will be 8 sessions for each topic. Each session can have up to 15 stewards.

 The following email was sent on September 10 to the Executive:

At our meeting on September 2 one of our agenda items was Steward Council 2020, Virtual Sessions for Stewards.

 We discussed that we would like to have virtual training for stewards like the café style training that would have occurred at the in person steward council.  I did not hear any objections to this training at the meeting, however I would like to make the following motion just so the virtual training is officially approved by the executive:

 I (Nancy McCune) move, seconded by Bobby Eiswirth, that the Prairie/NWT Region have virtual training for stewards.  The training will consist of up to 4 topics to be developed by the ERO’s or other subject matter experts.  The cost of the training will be approximately $XX,XXX.

 This motion was carried

 The funds for the training will not come from our regional allocation.

Labour School and Steward Council 2021

The 2021 Steward Council to be held in Winnipeg from September 14-15 or September 24-25. The retiring PIPSC manager will be invited.

Labour school is planned for Edmonton in 2021.

 Regional Council 2021

The 2021 Prairie/NWT regional council will be held June 11 and 12. Leadership training will be held June 9 and 10. Branch presidents meeting will be held on the morning of June 11.Hotel contract has been signed with the Sheraton Eau Claire, Calgary. Covid restrictions may impact schedule.


Staff Update

Kris Hawkins will be acting manager from September 14, 2020 to year end. Effective January 1, 2021, Kris be PIPSC manager for Prairie/NWT region and the BC/Yukon region.

Secretary and Treasurer Positions

The executive appointed Stuart Kidd to be treasurer and Pam Kubicz to be secretary. Both motions were made by Nancy M and seconded by Robert and Nancy S respectively. Motions carried.

Nancy M will email other applicants and thank them for their interest.



The Atlantic region VP resolution was discussed. The Prairie/NWT region will support the resolution to eliminate the PT VP positions.

Regional Financial Report

Financial numbers were discussed with little activity since February 2020. Sharon will submit additional invoices for shipping promo items to branches. Motion to accept financial statement made by Stuart, seconded by Robert, carried.



Decision was made not to purchase promo items for the 2020 calendar year.

 Labour Day events (subject to Covid restrictions) will be funded for Calgary & Edmonton branches. Calgary will participate in a food drive organized by the Calgary and District Labour Council and Edmonton will donate backpacks and school supplies to Can Man Dan. Nancy M reminded other executives to submit any Labour Day proposals as soon as possible.