Nancy McCune, Regional Director

Samah Henein, Regional Vice-Chair & Calgary Branch representative

Nazim Awan, Small Branch Representative

Bobby Eiswirth, Regina Branch Representative

Cory Graham, Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch Representative

Sharon Losinski, Edmonton Branch Representative

Robert Trudeau, Saskatoon Branch Representative

Stuart Kidd, Secretary-Treasurer




Nancy McCune called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Nancy M. recognized Cory Graham as Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba representative replacing Jay Krishnan. Nancy Shalay was unable to attend the meeting.      


Approval of Amended Agenda. Motion to approve by Samah, seconded by Nazim, carried.


2.1   Approval of Amended Minutes from October 4, 2019. Moved by Robert, seconded by Bobby, carried.


Director’s Report to the Regional Executive for October and November 2019

The Board of Directors met on October 8 & November 6, 2019

October 8, 2019 Meeting:

Discussion of CLC tri-annual general assembly in Vancouver, British Columbia. The general assembly will take place in May 2020 and PIPSC will send 110 delegates. The selection of delegates will be the responsibility of body provided with an allocation.

The allocation is Board of Directors – 15, CLC committees - 12, groups & consultation team – 45, staff – 5, Regional Directors – 14 (2 per region except NCR will receive 4 delegates), equity groups – 12, members on committees – 5 and PIPSC President – 2. The President and chair of Advisory council will be involved with selection criteria. An application process is to be established outlining the reason for applying. Active union experience, previous work at PIPSC& equity identification.

Discussion of upcoming November AGM was held by the board.

November 6, 2019 Meeting

Amendments to family care policy were approved. Branch and Sub-group meetings or their AGM’s will be covered by the Family Care Policy.

A regional directors meeting is planned for December 12 with Board of Directors meeting scheduled for December 13. A four day board meeting is scheduled for January 22 to January 25, 2020. Two of those days are for planning.


Stuart Kidd presented the regional financial statements for the period January 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019. The report detailed revenues of $XXX and expenses of $XXX. The beginning bank balance at January 1, 2019 was $XXX with an ending bank balance of $XXX on November 30, 2019. Stuart discussed the projected regional bank balance as at December 31, 2019 and the effect on the allotment for 2020. The inventory listing at November 30, 2019 was presented to the regional executive.  

Motion made by Robert to purchase 85 Rocket books plus three pen pack (red, blue & black) in grey embossed casing with Prairie & NWT plus 100th anniversary logo. Seconded by Nazim, carried.

Amended motion to purchase 110 rocket books by Robert, seconded by Bobby, carried. The rocket books will be available for 2020 regional council.

Motion made by Stuart to approve expenses for survey monkey access fee, AGM baskets, dinner and lunch, seconded by Bobby, carried.

Motion to receive financial report made by Stuart, seconded by Nancy M, carried.


Update on December 6, 2019 Training Meeting

The training committee met on December 6, 2019. Nazim, Robert, Sharon & Samah are members of the committee. Nancy M is defacto member. Three meetings are to be scheduled throughout year. .

Popular education method to be adopted. The plan is that participants will drive the training, not the facilitator.

Leadership training will be scheduled adjacent to the regional council.

National training meeting will be held on December 16, 2019 – with focus on best practises in the regions.

A discussion was held about Steward Council and the challenges we face with travel. Some options would be to have a one day council, a two day council or having the full day on Friday and half day on Saturday. Having a council for two days would require a change to the policy. Having the council for a full day on Friday and half day on Saturday would be within policy as long as it was more cost effective or cost neutral.

The committee mentioned that a steward at the Canada Energy Regulator suggested regular steward meetings.

Review of Fall Basic Steward Training: October 3, 4 & 5 @ Fairmount Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba

A discussion was held regarding fall session of training for new stewards occurring at same time as PRE meeting.

Additional Basic Training: January 16, 17 & 18 2020, Matrix Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

An additional session of basic steward training will be arranged to deal with backlog of new stewards who require training. The session is fully booked.

Spring Basic Steward Training: March 12, 13 & 14, 2020 at Delta Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

A waiting list will still exist for members requiring training after the January 2020 session. There are long waiting lists in other regions and discussions are ongoing about how to reduce the backlog.

Labour School: April 30, May 1 & 2, 2020, Matrix Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

Two-day course for $XX for mental health training for experienced stewards to be held. Course is called Mental Health First Aid. The course will be facilitated by the Mental Health Commission. Motion to pay $XX for course was passed. The funds will come from the labour school budget, not the Prairie & NWT region.

Updating the regional training committee’s term of reference

Change was proposed to wording of term of reference from Member Services Committee to Training and Education Committee. Other wording changes include scheduling of meetings, ordering and removal of signatures. Motion to accept revised Prairie & NWT regional training term of reference was made by Robert, seconded by Nazim, carried.


Discussion of resolutions

Resolutions passed include increase in constituent bodies from $10 to $13 per member for branches and sub-groups.

Resolutions not passed include Professional Canada after extensive debate.

Logistical Issues of expanded delegate count

Other issues included the shuttles between hotels and to/from the Ottawa airport.

Congestion issues and noise with Service Plus displays in coffee area was raised. Delegates questioned the number of guest speakers given the large number of resolutions before the AGM.

Registration deadline was strictly adhered to. The result was that 100 delegates were unable to attend. Delegates attending the Friday dinner commented on shortage of food and lack of food for those with dietary restrictions.

The AGM taskforce is meeting on January 9, 2020 to discuss the 2019 AGM survey results and discuss changes to the 2020 AGM and beyond.


Guest Speaker

The guest speaker is to be decided. Nancy M mentioned that Janet Merlo will be asked to attend either the regional council or the steward council. A science speaker will be looked into.

Promotional Item ideas

A discussion of promotional items was held. Tokens, Rocket books and umbrellas were agreed on. Motion to purchase tokens, rocket books, (associated pens for books) plus umbrellas was made by Cory, seconded by Sharon, carried. The region should purchase promotional items before the end of December.

Friday Evening Event

The Calgary Zoo is not able to handle our request for a Friday night event. Telus Centre will be reviewed. Robert made a motion to consider the Telus Science Centre and arrange transportation to / from the hotel, seconded by Nancy M, carried. An entertainment company was suggested by Sheraton.


Tentative date will be September 11 &12, 2020 at Delta Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


PIPSC 100th Anniversary Planning

A memo will be sent to branch presidents concerning the 100 Anniversary of PIPSC. A motion to fund Edmonton & Winnipeg offices on February 6, 2020 (to a maximum of $XX per office) by Nancy M. and seconded by Robert, carried.

Selection of Regional Members for BOD Committees

Prairie & NWT members submitted applications to participate on PIPSC 2020 National Committees. The PRE reviewed all applications and nominated a first and second choice for the eight following committees:

Bylaws & Policies Committee IT Services & Projects Committee

Finance Committee Professional Recognition & Qualifications Committee

Elections Committee Science Advisory Committee

Elections Appeals Committee Human Rights & Diversity Committee

The chair of each national committee is responsible to select the members for their applicable committee.

Steward Renewals

Listing of new stewards plus renewals handled out to branch presidents. Nancy asked that you only respond if you have any objections.

Prairie & NWT Regional Executive Meeting in February 2020, date and location

The next PRE meeting will coincide with the 100th anniversary of PIPSC on February 6 & 7, 2020 in Winnipeg. Regional executives will travel on the February 5, 2020 for the open house and meeting on February 6 and continue meeting on February 7.

The regional executive will need to book their hotel rooms.

Regional PIPSC Young Professionals Committee

Funding and other issues to be resolved. Committee needs to establish term of reference.

CVENT & Concur Update – status of training modules

Concur is now ready for PIPSC members to file travel expense claims. Testing with staff is still on going for CVENT and a date for implementation has not been set.

Christmas Basket Funding for Northern Manitoba Health Canada Branch

A discussion regarding a gift basket for Northern Manitoba branch was held. A motion not to send the $X requested was made by Robert, seconded by Bobby, vote by Chair needed. This motion was defeated.

A motion to provide $X for one time only, pending review of branch status for 2020, was made by Bobby, seconded by Samah, vote by chair needed. This motion was defeated. It was clarified that the basket is only provided to one nursing station.

Review of Edmonton staff lunch & Winnipeg staff dinner

Lunch and dinner were appreciated by PIPSC Edmonton and Winnipeg staff. The staff picked the time and date best suited for them.

Constituent Body Minutes

Nancy M requested that constituent body minutes need to be more concise as these minutes need to be translated before posting on the PIPSC website.


Nancy M requested that noted time constraints and asked that only very important issues be discussed at round table. No issues were raised.


Next Meetings: February 6 & 7, 2020 – Delta Hotel Winnipeg & April 4, 2020 at Sheraton Eau Claire – Calgary, Alberta

PRE members are reminded that the February 6, 2020 meeting will be interrupted for the afternoon celebration of the 100th anniversary of PIPSC. The PRE meeting will be resumed on February 7, 2020. Each PRE member is responsible for booking their own guest room at the hotels. The April venue may change if a meeting room cannot be arranged at the Sheraton Eau Claire. 

The first training meeting for the New Year may be scheduled for February 8, 2020 in Winnipeg.

Adjournment of Meeting

Nancy M. moved to adjourn at 5:08 PM. Carried.