HELD AT Fairmont Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba  



DATE February 23, 2019


Nancy McCune, Regional Director

Samah Henein, Regional Vice-Chair & Calgary Branch representative

Nazim Awan, Small Branch Representative

Bobby Eiswirth, Regina Branch Representative

Linda Howes, Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch Representative

Sharon Losinski, Edmonton Branch Representative

Nancy Shalay, Small Branch Representative

Robert Trudeau, Saskatoon Branch Representative

Stuart Kidd, Secretary-Treasurer


Nancy McCune called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Nancy M. recognized Linda Howes as Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba representative at Prairie & NWT Regional Executive meeting. Christine Freeman attended as an observer.


Approval of Amended Agenda. Motion to approve by Robert, seconded by Sharon, carried.


2.1   Approval of Amended Minutes from December 1, 2018. Nancy M. wanted to ensure that the minutes reflect that AGM resolution on Professionals Canada was deferred to the Board. Moved by Nancy S., seconded by Nazim, carried.



Director’s Report to the Regional Executive for December 2018 & January 2019

Robert Trudeau discussed issues at the December 7, 2018 Board of Directors meeting. Nancy McCune discussed issues at the January 18, 2019 & February 16, 2019 special meeting of the Board of Directors.   

Robert thanked the PRE for the opportunity to be acting regional director when Nancy M. became acting part-time vice president for PIPSC. The December meeting discussed the sale of Dustbane Company. The facility is beside the PIPSC HQ in Ottawa. Plans for the Dustbane chemical operation include a clean-up and then conversion to condo commercial space. PIPSC board decided to stay in the present building and may consider selling some of the parking space. Nancy M. stated the building is 100% leased as of January 1, 2019. The leases are for various terms of 5 to 10 years.

Nancy M. discussed the January meeting. The Phoenix issue was raised. The issue of damages was also raised. The meeting was preceded by a strategic planning session on January 15 & 16, 2019. The strategic plan remains largely unchanged from the 2016-2019 plan.  Some of the wording was updated. The special meeting in February was a joint meeting with the advisory council to discuss the Professionals Canada Resolution that was deferred to the board. The Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) issue was discussed. The effect of the writ for the federal election on the EWSP negotiations was discussed. Robert stated the discussions needed to be finalized before the national election call (writ). Each group would still need to vote to ratify the ESWP and include into their collective agreement.

Nancy M. explained that each PIPSC executive member was required to sign a service agreement outlining their terms and conditions of employment. The agreements state that the two full time VP positions plus the two part time VP positions are staff of PIPSC. Nancy also reminded the branch presidents to be specific when inviting an executive member to their annual general meetings. If the executive requested is not available the President can send a different member of the executive unless you request otherwise.

The 2019 PIPSC AGM will be discussed as the number of delegates will increase by about 250. The Prairie & NWT Region will see an increase from 21 delegates to 30 delegates. Groups will need to stay in separate hotels as the two hotels used in previous years simply do not have the capacity to handle the increase in AGM delegates.


Stuart Kidd presented the Prairie & NWT region financial statements for the period January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The report detailed   revenues of $XXX and expenses of $XXX. The beginning bank balance of January 1, 2018 was $XXX with an ending bank balance of $XXX on December 31, 2018. The 2019 allocation will be based on a membership total of 6,303 active and rand members. Stuart presented an estimate of 2019 allotment that is expected in April 2019. Stuart anticipates the region to pay for three PIPSC AGM observers. The PRC reviewed the present inventory and decided to hand out 13 pad folios, 7 hoodies and 7 t-shirts at 2019 labour school. Nancy M requested the financial statements mention the $XXX contribution from the region as a Winnipeg 2019 Strike transfer.

Nazim made a motion to provide PRE members with electronic devices that would belong to the region. The motion also included a statement by Nazim that any purchase would need to be approved by Prairie & NWT Regional Council (PRC) delegates. Nancy S seconded, carried.

A further discussion on devices continued. Bobby make a motion to review and cost various electronic devices and report back to PRE for recommendation to PRC in May 2019, Sharon seconded, carried.    

Motion to receive financial report by Stuart, seconded by Bobby, carried.


Summary of February 22, 2019 Meeting

A training meeting was held on February 22, 2019. Robert is the chair of the committee.  A national training meeting was held on December 17 & 18, 2018 in Ottawa. A discussion took place regarding the online portion of basic steward training. The course must be completed before the new steward will be allowed to attend basic steward training. Branch presidents were advised to send lunch & learn requests to Robert.                                                                 

Basic Steward Training – March 28 to 30, 2019 @ Matrix Hotel, Edmonton

Basic Steward training is scheduled for March 28 to 30, 2019 at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. The attendance will be limited to 20 members.   

Labour School - May 2 to 4, 2019 @ Matrix Hotel, Edmonton

Labour School training is scheduled for May 2, 3 and 4, 2019 again at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. Two days will be provided to 28 experienced stewards and 28 newer stewards. One day will be devoted to mental health issues in the workplace for all attendees.

Fall 2019 Basic Steward Training – TBD

Nancy M mentioned that we have a large backlog of “stewards in waiting” that need basic steward training. We may need to schedule an additional session to get rid of the backlog.

6.    REGIONAL COUNCIL MAY 24 & 25, 2019 @ DELTA HOTEL, WINNIPEG                              

Bylaw Amendments

Christine Freeman discussed the proposed bylaws to be presented to 2019 Regional Council to be held at the Delta Hotel in Winnipeg on May 24 & 25. The first proposed bylaw change concern splitting the role of secretary and treasurer resulting to one additional member to PRE. The second proposed bylaw change concerns the role of the PRE vice chair. Robert expressed his opinion that the bylaw be changed to ensure the elected secretary and treasurer are both not from the five large branches. Other executive comments suggested the Prairie & NWT regional delegates will make the determination based on the individuals who run for the two positions. The vice chair change was also debated. Nancy M discussed changes to wording for budget, national committees plus training and education committee. Nancy M will follow up on these changes.

Nancy M made a motion to support the separation of secretary and treasurer positions (on review of wording). Robert seconded, carried. Sharon made a motion for the vice chair to take over due to absence of regional director. Nancy S seconded, carried.  The actual wording of both resolutions will be reviewed at PRE meeting on April 6, 2019.

Thursday evening & Friday evening events

A Thursday night (May 23, 2019) hospitality suite will be organized. The suite will also be open on Friday night (May 24, 2019).

Delegate promotion item

The Prairie & NWT regional council delegates will be advised about our promotion items in order to pack accordingly for their return trip home.

Update on Saturday afternoon 100 year Anniversary parade

A truck will be rented to participate in the Saturday (May 25, 2019) 100 year Anniversary parade of the 1919 Winnipeg Strike. A discussion of delegates wearing same coloured pinnes was held. Nancy M stated that delegates will be reminded that participation in all regional council events is required. Branch presidents will be responsible to ensure their delegates attend functions. Delegates who miss events (without proper notification and reason) can expect to see travel claims reduced appropriately. This reduction may apply to hotel and compensatory salary as well as meal and incidental claims.

Delegate Selection

Nancy M discussed delegate selection for the Regional Council. The number of delegates is 71 including the 9 members of the PRE. Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba branch has 19 delegates, Edmonton branch & Calgary branch have 13 delegates each, Saskatoon branch has 5 delegates and Regina branch 3 delegates. The other 9 branches have 1 delegate each. Branch presidents were reminded to submit names of delegates to PIPSC Edmonton office by April 5, 2019.


The 2019 Steward Council will be in Edmonton. The training will include a topic on mental health. Discussions occurred concerning stewards                not attending the full 1.5 days of the Council. Nancy M repeated her previous comments in the January 2019 PRE meeting. Future attendance       at steward councils & training sessions may be denied unless stewards inform the regional director of any emergency situations that requires the steward to leave the council early. A PIPSC youth workers meeting is planned before Steward Council.


PIPSC Young Workers Forum

The PIPSC Young Workers forum was held in Gatineau, Quebec on February 15 & 16, 2019. Ryan Thiemann was part of the organizing committee for the Prairie & NWT region. A report will be forthcoming to the PRE.

Update on PIPSC Employee Wellness Support Plan (EWSP)

Robert discussed the EWSP bargaining progress. Every effort is being made to come to a tentative agreement for EWSP as well as collective bargaining before the 2019 federal election is called.                             

  •  Update on Regional Policy for determining PIPSC AGM Delegates & Observers

A decision will be deferred to April 6 PRE meeting. The Prairie & NWT region will have an increase from 21 to 30 spots at the PIPSC national   AGM. The increase resulting from a resolution at the 2018 PIPSC AGM.              

Legacy Foundation

A discussion of the Legacy Foundation fund raising was held. Nancy M explained that groups should also be organizing fund raising events for the Legacy Foundation, not just regions.

Update on Invitation to John Staric regarding pension presentation

Nancy M will enquire again whether John Staric can provide pension presentations in our region in April or May 2019. The issue is time and travel expenses that would be incurred as opposed to presentations in the national capital area. The PRE agreed to ask for pension presentations in Winnipeg, Calgary and Yellowknife with no assurance that such presentations will occur. Nancy M mentioned that the Retirement Institute was planning 3 day pension sessions in our region this spring. Branch presidents may contact the institute to see if night sessions are available.  

Kind Canada Charity

Kind Canada charity will be asked to make a presentation at the 2019 Steward Council.

Prairie & NWT Region Logo

Nancy M discussed the Prairie & NWT region logo. The logo needs to be compatible with PIPSC printing standard. Bruno Lacalle of PIPSC HQ will assist in draft changes.

Cvent Concur

PIPSC is changing the process for staff and member travel reservations and expenses. Cvent will be an online travel booking system and concur will be an online expense claims system. The expected roll out date is April 1.  All members will require a PIPSC email address to access the system.

Round table

Calgary branch – Telus Spark member session planned. A lunch & learn is planned at Harry Hayes Building. Introduction to PIPSC 101 lunch & learn planned at National Energy Board. A better together form will be prepared for approval before events are held.

Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba branch – AGM in January 24, 2019. Plans to reducing no shows are being considered.

Regina Branch – February session for Do Better. AGM to be held March 21, 2019.

NWT branch – PIPSC 101 plans were deferred. AGM planned for April or May.

Denwood branch – Christmas party with UNED union was a success. AGM planned for March.

Edmonton branch – Branch AGM held in February. Branch is considering further Federal Retirees Association pension sessions. A new logo was developed for Edmonton branch. 

Saskatoon branch – Member supper event for pensions. Lacrosse event planned for April 2019. PIPSC Pitches In event is planned. Labour Day event planned in September 2019 with PIPSC booth set up. Social BBQ & Beer event is planned in the fall as well. Wreath purchased for Remembrance Day 2019. Coffee & donut day is planned for around Christmas 2019.


Next Meeting: April 6, 2019 at Matrix Hotel - Edmonton   

The next PRE meeting will be held April 6, 2019 in Edmonton.

Future dates are PRE meeting three scheduled for June 15, 2019 in Calgary. PRE meeting four is scheduled for October 5, 2019 in Edmonton. Staff appreciation dinner is scheduled for October 4, 2019. PRE meeting five is scheduled for December 7, 2019 in Winnipeg.

Staff appreciation dinner is scheduled for December 6, 2019. PRE members need to book their own hotel rooms. 

Next Training Meeting: April 5, 2019 at the PIPSC office - Edmonton

The next training meeting is April 5, 2019 in Edmonton PIPSC office. Training meeting three is scheduled for December 6, 2019 in Winnipeg.

Adjournment of Meeting

Nancy M. moved to adjourn at 4:40 PM. Carried.