HELD AT Matrix Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta       START TIME 9:00 AM    END TIME 5:00 PM            DATE April 6, 2019




Nancy McCune, Regional Director

Samah Henein, Regional Vice-Chair & Calgary Branch representative

Nazim Awan, Small Branch Representative

Bobby Eiswirth, Regina Branch Representative

Linda Howes, Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba Branch Representative

Sharon Losinski, Edmonton Branch Representative

Nancy Shalay, Small Branch Representative

Saskatoon Branch Representative – not able to attend due to family matter

Stuart Kidd, Secretary-Treasurer




Nancy McCune called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Nancy M. stated that no Saskatoon representative would attend the meeting.


Approval of Amended Agenda. Motion to approve by Sharon, seconded by Nazim, carried.

        2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM February 23, 2019 MEETING


2.1   Approval of Amended Minutes from February 23, 2019. Nazim requested clarification that approval from PRC was required for any purchases of electronic equipment for PRE members. Moved by Samah, seconded by Nazim, carried.



Director’s Report to the Regional Executive for March 2019


Phoenix three vendors being considered for a new payroll system. Testing and conversion may take up to five years for actual implementation. Discussion of damages due to Phoenix are nearing resolution.  It will be a tiered system whereby all employees will receive leave and then monetary damages will be determined based on impact. 


The 2018 AGM resolution saw an increase in delegates from 423 to 654 delegates. The new delegate count is 301 for groups, 295 for regions, 15 for PIPSC board, 35 for consultation teams and 8 retired guild members. Pending the experience and cost of the 2019 AGM, a resolution could come back to the AGM to reconsider the delegate formula. Three hotels in Ottawa and Gatineau will be used for the 2019 AGM. Registration begins May 1, 2019. Issues include busing delegates between hotels, meals, hospitality suites plus general organization for an increase of 231 delegates. The Prairie & NWT region will see an increase from 21 delegates in 2018 to 30 delegates in 2019. The issue of region observers was also discussed. The Lac Leamy hotel contends that all 654 delegates should be able to meet in their convention centre, however a revised seating arrangement maybe needed.

The Employee Wellness Support Program (EWSP) was discussed. The plan is still being negotiated with the aim of coming to a tentative agreement before the election is called. The inclusion of the EWSP into the collective agreements would require a separate member ratification vote sometime in the new year.


PIPSC staff giving pension and benefit presentations in regions will not continue. The two PIPSC pension and benefit advisors are busy with their workload and cannot travel for pension presentations. The BOD was advised that pension and benefit presentations would not be made in the national capital region.




Stuart Kidd presented the Prairie & NWT region financial statements for the period January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. The report detailed   revenues of $XX and expenses of $XX. The beginning bank balance of January 1, 2019 was $XX with an ending bank balance of $XX on March 31, 2019. The 2019 allocation will be based on a membership total of 6,313 active and rand members. Stuart will apply for the annual allotment on the assumption that the region pays for three PIPSC AGM observers. The inventory to be handed out at the 2019 Labour School in May is 13 pad folios, 6 hoodies and 6 Canada 150 tee shirts.

The bank information is being changed to allow Nancy M, Samah and Stuart to sign region cheques.    

Motion to receive financial report by Stuart, seconded by Bobby, carried.



Summary of April 5. 2019 Training Meeting

New steward framework and on-line training were discussed at the March 15 TEC meeting. A discussion was held on how to deal with stewards wanting basic training without completing on-line training first. Presently, a member receives a link to the training once they register for basic steward training.  Sometimes they have not completed the online training before the in person course.  This needs to change.  Once a member’s steward application is approved they should receive the link to complete their online training.  Only those members that have completed the training will be invited to register for the in person course.

A review of how many stewards in waiting will be done to determine if we need to add another Basic Steward Training session.  If we do this special request will have to go to the TEC committee as we are only allowed to offer two basic steward sessions per year per the training policy.

Review of Basic Steward Training – March 27 to 30, 2019 @ Matrix Hotel, Edmonton

The EROs were very happy with the members that attended the basic steward course.  They were very engaged and there was a number of younger members. Samah discussed an idea for mentoring.   

Labour School - May 2 to 4, 2019 @ Matrix Hotel, Edmonton

Labour School training is scheduled for May 2, 3 and 4, 2019 at the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. Two days will be provided to experienced stewards which will include case studies on various topics. Newer stewards will be provided grievance training. The third day will concern mental health.            

Fall 2019 Basic Steward Training – Winnipeg, Fairmont Hotel October 3 to 5, 2019

Basic Steward training is planned for October 3, 4 & 5, 2019 to deal with backlog of new steward applicants who require training.  


Update on Thursday Evening Hospitality Suite & Friday Evening Event

Thursday evening & Friday evening events needs to be confirmed (presentation of Strike the Musical is being considered). Sean Kimball may be asked to assist in presentation. Friday night hospitality suite is to be arranged.

Update on Saturday Afternoon 100-year Anniversary Parade

A volunteer is needed from Winnipeg to attend the parade marshal training. The Winnipeg branch tent could be used. Parade begins from 11:00 AM from the downtown exchange district to Manitoba Legislative building – Memorial park. Check in time for parade is not confirmed at this time.

Attendance will be taken at the parade check in. Delegates will return from parade by 3:00 PM to resume the PRC. The Saturday afternoon session will present awards, gifts & also provide a pension video for delegates. Delegates with mobility issues will need to inform a PRE member in advance so taxis, etc. can be arranged.

Nancy M made a motion to purchase up to 100 pinnies for Winnipeg Strike Parade. The pinnies will have the better together logo and the regional logo.  PRC delegates will wear them in the parade. Estimated cost of pinnies is $XX. Linda seconded. Better together flags will be available to delegates as well.

Items to hand out to parade watchers was discussed. Branch presidents were requested to bring Better Together flags provided to each branch in 2018. Stuart will bring flag poles from the rally bag. Nancy will ask Ernie MacLean for the flag poles located in Winnipeg PIPSC office. Sean Kimball will know where poles are stored.

Policy on Ordering of PRC Resolutions

The policy on the ordering of resolutions was discussed.  This policy was approved previously but before it’s posted on our webpage we just wanted to ensure no updates were required.

Nancy M made a motion for PRE members to support bylaw changes, seconded by Nazim, carried.


Nancy M discussed the Heart Award to be presented to a member for executive/committee work. A committee needs to be selected. Linda Howes, Samah Henein & Sharon Losinski were nominated to Heart Award selection committee.

The 2020 PRC will be held in Calgary, Alberta. Nancy M and Samah will select a hotel. The selected hotel will be the location for our next PRE meeting on June 15, 2019.


The 2019 Steward Council will be in Edmonton. A family friendly bowling event at the hotel is planned for the Friday evening. Café style training by EROs will be continued.

Discussions occurred concerning stewards not attending the full 1.5 days of the Council. The notice will contain the rules about attendance and the consequences of not attending the full 1.5 days. The 2019 Steward Council will have arranged seating to encourage stewards to meet new stewards

The 2020 Steward Council in Winnipeg is in planning stage.

        8.     OTHER BUSINESS


Regional PIPSC Young Professional Committee

A meeting is planned for the afternoon of May 23, 2019.

Update on PIPSC Central Bargaining

PIPSC President Debi Daviau is presenting a webinar April 10, 2019 on central bargaining. Information sent out April 5 to PIPSC members. Members need to register for webinar.

  •  Update on Regional Policy for determining PIPSC AGM Delegates & Observers

The region has 30 delegates (up from 21 in 2018). The breakdown is:

Winnipeg branch 5, Calgary and Edmonton branches 4 each, Regina branch 2, Saskatoon branch 3, small branches 9 and 3 available for the region.

The 3 region spots will be allocated to the secretary-treasurer and 2 spots for rotation. The rotation is Edmonton branch 1, Calgary branch 1 then Regina branch if one of the small branch delegates is not available to attend national AGM.   

Four region observers will be selected later.

Update on Invitation to John Staric regarding pension presentation

John Staric will not be presenting any pension sessions in Prairie/NWT Region.

Do Better Campaign

The Do Better campaign information will be available on PIPSC web page.

CVENT Concur Update

The proposed date for CVENT will be June 1, 2019. Members will use CVENT to book travel a submit travel claims.

Funding for National Public Service week and Labour Day

Funding for National Public Service week will be available from the Better Together campaign. Labour Day funding will be available through regional director.

Edmonton PIPSC office

Nancy M mentioned that the Edmonton PIPSC office is moving to Sun Life Building effective May 9, 2019. PIPSC will be hiring team leads for PIPSC regional offices. Team leads will be located in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver and will be reporting to regional manager. The team lead program is a pilot project.


Regina Branch – AGM held on March 21, 2019. The election of executive will be done at first executive meeting, other events to be planned.

Calgary branch – Branch held Lunch & learn at NEB. A lunch & learn planned for Phoenix. The branch AGM was held at March 16, 2019 with Debi and Nancy M in attendance. Telus spark event is planned for June.   

Edmonton branch will consider a May Day event. Street car dinner will be planned for steward appreciation. Picnic event in June 2019. Labour Day event planned with back packs to be handed out. Tree planting day is also planned. Branch business cards were ordered through PIPSC.

Winnipeg & Southern Manitoba branch – lunch & learn event in May for PIPSC vice-president, Winnipeg Strike events may be organized. Other events are Pride parade, Blue Bomber football game event and a clean-up event.

NWT branch – plans include lunch and learn on April 15 with presentation of PIPSC 101. Nazim mentioned that he is a member of 100th PIPSC anniversary committee. Branch AGM in May. Labour Day event planned, national public service week coffee planned, spring clean-up planned with PIPSC Pitches In tee shirts.

Denwood branch – Branch held AGM in March 2019. The use of google drive (read only) is being considered for members. Also a family day picnic is planned for June.  

Saskatoon branch – deferred to next meeting.


Next Meeting: June 15, 2019 at Hotel - Calgary

The next PRE meeting will be held June 15, 2019 in Calgary. Samah and Nancy M will select a hotel for the 2020 Prairie & NWT Regional Council and also select that hotel for our June 15, 2019 PRE.

PRE meeting four is scheduled for October 5, 2019 in Edmonton. Staff appreciation dinner is scheduled for October 4, 2019.

PRE meeting five is scheduled for December 7, 2019 in Winnipeg. Staff appreciation dinner is scheduled for December 6, 2019.

PRE members need to book their own hotel rooms. 

Next Training Meeting: December 6, 2019 at the PIPSC office - Winnipeg

Training meeting three is scheduled for December 6, 2019 in Winnipeg.

Adjournment of Meeting

Nancy M. moved to adjourn at 4:40 PM. Carried.