Meeting – February 12, 2019 at 5:00 pm
960-363 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Present:    Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Donna Johnston, Cory Graham,  Jay Krishnan, Chris Freeman, Mo Khakbazan (phone), Kevin Jacobs, David Hakes

Regrets:Linda Howes, Jason Caners


1)Call to Order

  • Chris called the meeting to order at 17:04. Round table introductions as new Executive members present following recent AGM & elections.

2)Approval of Agenda

  • Moved by Donna, seconded by Terri, motion carried

3)Minutes of last meetings, January 15, 2019

  • Moved by Pramesh, seconded by Jay. Two minor typos to be corrected. motion carried

Minutes of AGM, January 2019

  • Moved by Terri, seconded by Kevin. Chris to circulate the version she has corrected. motion carried


  • Jay served as elections chair.
  • Linda & Chris nominated for President. Linda was voted in as president in a secret ballot.
  • Cory nominated and acclaimed Secretary.
  • Motion to destroy the ballots. Moved: Jay, Seconded by Pramesh. Carried.

5)President’s Report

  • Chris to forward information to Executive re stewards (new, resignations, etc).
  • Ordered name tags for the new executive members
  • Notification sent out for PRC.
    • Delegates to contact Branch President. Chris has one which will be passed on to Linda. Have not been provided with delegate numbers yet.
  • Parking receipts for meetings to be kept for WASM meetings. Provide to Jason for reimbursement.

6)Treasurer’s Report

  • Deferred.

7)New Business

  • Event Planning - AGM
    • venue was good/clean. Food was standard buffet - staff courteous. 20 no-shows that registered.
    • Bus access is a problem
    • Possibly notify on the announcement that no-shows will be charged the cost of the dinner. (Want to be fiscally responsible for members fees, and when no-shows, the branch still charged for the meals).
    • Need to motivate people to attend, not penalize.
    • Poll folks that did not show for AGM as to why they did not show.
    • Maybe revert to the up front registration fee.
  • Event Planning – Strike (the Musical)
    • Early bird Feb 28
    • Poll members to determine if anyone interested. Cory to circulate verbage.

8)Other Business:

  • Round Table
    •  Jay – purchased extra movie theatre gift cards. 15 - $XX cards are therefore available for future WASM events.
    • Cory – MAGE negotiations survey has been circulated by PIPSC for member comment/consideration.
    • Terri – 2 new staff members hired.  Approx 30 new nurses across Western Territories pending.
    • Kevin – EC group was going to have co-location with Dept Fisheries but that is no longer in the works.
    • Donna – PIPSC (WASM) retired members AGM restricted to 20 members. Donna to attend.

Some discussion about the frequency of the hospitality grant for executive members of WASMB. President and Vice President have $XX /event. Members at large have $XX/ once a year. Discussion to be brought forth to next meeting.

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $XX – deferred to next meeting.


Next meeting to be set by President.

Motion: Moved by Terri.
Meeting adjourned at 18:55