Ontario Youth Advisory Committee Call for Interest.

The Ontario Regional Executive is looking for volunteers to participate in the formation of an Ontario Youth Advisory Committee.

All Ontario members in good standing are welcome to put their names forward, but preference will be given to members under 40 years of age. Ideally the committee will consist of 7 youth, from different geographical areas of the province, plus the Ontario Regional Director and one member of the Ontario Regional Executive.  The Regional Executive may also select 2 friends of the committee. (See note below)

The Mandate of the committee is to provide advice to the Regional Executive on matters related to young professionals, increase confidence, skills, and knowledge regarding the union among young professionals and mobilize young professionals to play a role in building the union for the future.

Objectives of the Committee include but are not limited to identify barriers, advocate on behalf of young professionals, raise issues specific to young professionals, foster relationships with like-minded community groups, outreach to young professionals in the workplace and educate the youth on the union and its benefits.

To indicate your interest please complete the application form and return it by e-mail to (ont_executive@pipsc.ca). Deadline for submission: Friday, February 21, 2020.

Please note:

FRIENDS OF THE COMMITTEE:  Friends of Committee receive notices of meetings, agendas and minutes of meetings, and may submit their comments and suggestions on items being discussed by their Committee. Friends of Committees are not members of the Committee. As such, they do not form part of a quorum nor can they vote in the deliberations of the Committee.

Friends of a Committee are not entitled to compensatory salary or the reimbursement of travel expenses. However, they may attend meetings as Observers if the meeting is in their area, and they may call into meetings.

Thank you,

Peter Gilkinson
Ontario Regional Director