Ontario Region Strategic Planning Meeting - June 3, 2022 - Rocky Crest

Present: J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, J. Chow, T. Yantsis, A. Stone, P. Tsuji, D. Kamaldin, R. Kaura, T, Zaharapoulos, B. Brawley

Regrets: None

The meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. 

1. Opening remarks

Director acknowledged land usage and introduced the new ORE members. The main purpose of this meeting was to create and update the Strategic Plan for the Ontario Regional Executive.  Normal business to resume at tomorrow’s meeting.

2. Disclosure of pecuniary interests

No disclosures of pecuniary interests.  

3. Approval of the Agenda

MOTION to approve the Agenda.

Moved: Anthony Stone

Seconded: Din Kamaldin Carried

4. Review of Planning Document

The Planning document was updated during the meeting by the ORE and Google Drive Co-ordinator and the detailed Ontario Region Strategic Plan can be located on the Google Drive.


The Director has the Ontario Region seat hoodies for the delegation of 44 Ontario Region delegates for the PIPSC AGM.    Discussion whether we may need to book a big room to hold the delegate meeting to discuss resolutions.  The decision on whether to have a Caucus and whether to host a Hospitality Room will be an overall ORE decision.


Discussion about whether we could build a case for another ERO.

2023 ORC – Fern Resort

The ORE is looking at having a three year contract to get a better deal.  The 2024 and 2025 meetings are on the Agenda for tomorrow.  The ORC has never been back to back at the same location.

ORC Chair to get quotes for 3 places with Heather by September. 

Action: L’Estrange

ORC Feedback

Discussion to incorporate feedback from previous Regional Councils and provide member feedback to the entire ORE.  The ORC Chair has discretion for certain topic areas but needs overall approval for certain decisions.  The previous Succession plans for the Chair used to be the Chair and VC could not be from the same election year but flexibility has been exercised.

Resolution Procedures

The submission of the Resolutions is the responsibility of both the Director and the Secretary.

Steward Council

The 2022 and 2023 OSC are booked for White Oaks.  There has not been any negative feedback on White Oaks in the past.  The pricing is usually for a three year package.  The Chair of OSC discussed potential succession plan for the Chair position.

Delegates List

There were detailed steps on how to choose the delegates in the Strategic Plan. The potential Ontario delegates will need to be submitted by the local presidents to the Branch Liaison. The overall lead to co-ordinate the delegates list is the Branch Liaison and the list needs to be submitted to PIPSC sometime in June.  


The Training courses try to be based on perceived weaknesses of the Stewards but it takes time to develop a course.  There is a shallow pool of courses since they have to be developed in consultation between the Training committee and the ERO’s.

5. Appointment of portfolios - Acclamation

ORE Chair: J. Purdie

ORE Vice-Chair: D. Kamaldin

Treasury: T. Yantsis

Secretary: P. Tsuji

OSC Chair: T. Zaharopoulos

Training Committee Chair: T. Zaharopoulos

Appointment of committees – Acclamation

Training: T. Zaharopoulos, B. Brawley, R. Kaura

Bylaw and Policy: J. Purdie, B. Brawley, T. Yantsis

Visibility Mobilization Events: D. Kamaldin, J. Chow

Appointment of Liaison/Representative – Acclamation

OSC Vice-Chair: R. Kaura

ORC Vice-Chair: A. Stone

Branch Liaison: J. Chow

Hospitality Co-ordinator: A. Stone

Young Professionals Liaison: R. Kaura

Google Drive Co-ordinator: B. Brawley

Social Media Liaison: Vacant (moved to June 4th meeting)

Ontario Provincial Group: B. Brawley

Legacy Foundation: C. L’Estrange

Newsletter Editor: J. Chow

Election needed to decide the position of Chair of the ORC

ORC Chair: C. L’Estrange

6. Signing authorities

The signing authorities remained the same from the previous year:

John Purdie (ORE Chair)

Din Kamaldin (ORE Vice-Chair)

Tom Yantsis (Treasurer)

Paul Tsuji (Secretary)

Tom Zaharapoulos (Training Chair)

7. Round table

No items

8. Next Meeting 

June 4, 2022, Rocky Crest