Ontario Region Executive Meeting - May 12, 2022 - Windsor Casino Hotel

Present: J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, J. Chow, T. Yantsis, P. Tsuji, D. Kamaldin, T, Zaharapoulos,    B. Brawley

Virtual: J. Meyer, K. Chuen

Regrets: None

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. 

1. Opening remarks

Director made opening remarks.

2. Approval of the Agenda

MOTION to approve the Agenda.

Moved: Tom Zaharopoulos

Seconded: Tom Yantsis Carried

3. Approval of the Minutes

MOTION to approve the minutes of the February 5, 2022 meeting.

Moved: Chris L’Estrange

Seconded: Din Kamaldin Carried

4. Matters arising/Tracking Report

Discussed each item in the Tracking Report and noted the completed items to be removed from the carry forward list.

Bylaw to liaison with Chris about previous minutes Action: Bylaw

Develop wording for Official languages subcommittee of the Board Action: Mayer

5. Regional Office Manager’s Report: Marcia (moved to after lunch)

Vanessa Beach is the new administrative assistant to provide support.  Basic Steward training occurred in March 2022, the first training since February 2020.  Labour School also held in April 2022 at the 1 King West location.

The office has been flooded with mandatory vaccine policy cases.  There are an exceptional number of cases at the Labour Board and with the new chair there have been some positive results.

The Treasury Board was supposed to have conducted their 6 month review of the Leave without Pay issue but they failed to perform the review.  A policy grievance is to be created using the April 6, 2022 as the base date but Marcia suggests that individual grievances should also be filed since Policy grievances only provide declaratory relief. 

6. Treasurer’s report

Treasurer presented an update on the region’s financials.

7. A) Board of Director Committees

Our appointed BLPC representative is not a valid choice since he does not reside within the Ontario Region. We had reached out to Timothy Yeung as a potential replacement by phone and email but we did not get a response.

MOTION to revisit the selection of the Ontario Regional BLPC committee representative.

Moved: Chris L’Estrange

Seconded: Din Kamaldin Carried

MOTION to have Stuart Wuebbolt appointed as the replacement on the BLPC committee.

Moved: Bridget Brawley

Seconded: Din Kamaldin Carried

Reach out to Stuart to confirm that they have interest in being the BLPC representative for Ontario

Action: Purdie

MOTION to have Mohsen Ghobrial as the alternative for the BLPC committee.

Moved: Bridget Brawley

Seconded: Tom Zaharopoulos Carried

B) ORE Committees

Training Committee

Basic and labour School were held at 1 King Street West.  In the short term, it looks like there will be a hybrid structure for training to be safe.  Potential new mental Health 1st aid course would be quite pricey at $XXX.  1 King Street will be used for training in the short term and there is hope to develop a long term relationship similar to the Grande.  A question was posed about other potential locations in Toronto or even outside Toronto but the costs may not be feasible.

Bylaw & Policy

Closed a number of Tracking items but still have some ongoing issues.

Visibility Mobilization

No Labour Day parade information update from the CLC. In planning stage, details to follow as they become available.

Separate Employers Liaison

MOTION to change the Separate Employers Liaison to the Ontario Provincial Group Liaison

Consensus Carried

Bridget has touched base with Marcia and the ERO’s and checked for gaps where groups do not have any stewards.  Goal is to reach out to them and ask them what they need and to eventually have one of them act as the liaison.

Director to change the name from Separate Employers Liaison to Ontario Provincial Group Liaison on the ORE Contact list.   Action: Purdie

Young Professionals

Jeremy has done some research but needed to contact Yvonne about the survey and obtain the legacy information about the committee. 

Director to get a list of contact names of the Young Professionals.  Action: Purdie

Branch Liaison

There have been 3 meetings held this year for the presidents.  Last two meetings have had an open question forum for the Director.   The presidents to attend or have an alternative. There is also a question about allowing observers.  This meeting was using the OWL technology which is available for $XXX per unit or a rental fee of $XXX.  The PIPSC president has an OWL unit for her personal use and there is another unit available for Ottawa meetings.

MOTION for Director to enquire through IT if PIPSC can purchase the OWL product for the regions or in the alternative, Ontario region will fund the purchase of the OWL product for Ontario.

Moved: Tom Yantsis

Seconded: Tom Zaharopoulos Carried

Director to enquire through IT if PIPSC will purchase the OWL product for the Ontario Region.

Action: Purdie

Legacy Foundation

Chair wanted to express the possibility of delegates to donate their incidentals to the Legacy Foundation and $XXX or over will receive a tax receipt.

8. Ontario Region Council

Director went through the Agenda for the ORC and has a slide show of about 12 slides. Hospitality is scheduled for 7:00 – 11:00 pm for Friday and Saturday night.  Bridget Brawley will be the chair for the Elections committee and we will use the Dots system to conduct the voting.  We will need to have 2 separate votes if there are 11 or more candidates.

9. Ontario Steward Council

4 potential locations:

Nattawasaga (Allison)

Hilton Niagara

White Oaks (Niagara)

Marriott (Niagara)

MOTION to support the White Oaks location for the 2023 Ontario Steward Council.

Moved: Tom Zaharopoulos

Seconded: Tom Yantsis Carried

Training Chair to communicate with Heather to confirm the White Oaks location for the 2023 Ontario Steward Council. Action: Tom Zaharopoulos

10. Directors Report

Branches having regular AGM’s this year.

11. New Business

a) Contact List 

-Corrected Contact list

b) Google Drive

-Corrected Access to Google Drive

c) Observers 

-talk when hybrid discussion

d) Meeting Schedule 

-public schedule on website only goes until end of June

Thursday night dinner option for Rocky Crest on June 2, 2022, meetings on June 3-4

Meeting August 13, 2022 at Fern, Orillia

ORC confirmed for 2023

e) Toronto Centre Branch

MOTION to enter in camera at 3:10 pm

Moved; John Purdie

Seconded: Judy Chow Carried

MOTION to come out of camera at 3:53 pm

Moved; John Purdie

Seconded: Judy Chow Carried

MOTION to implement prior Ontario Executive’s motion in regards to Toronto Centre.

Moved: Jeremy Mayer

Seconded: Din Kamaldin Carried

Director to implement prior Ontario Executive’s carried motion in regards to Toronto Centre.

Action: Purdie

12. Roundtable

No issues expressed