Ontario Region Executive Meeting - February 5, 2022 - One King West Hotel

Present: J. Purdie, C. L’Estrange, J. Chow, T. Yantsis, J. Meyer, P. Tsuji, D. Kamaldin, K. Chuen, T, Zaharapoulos, B. Brawley

Regrets: None

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m. 

1. Opening remarks

Director acknowledged land usage.  Director defined the role of Chair is to generate discussion and will not be casting a vote unless there is a tie situation

2. Disclosure of pecuniary Interests

Bridget disclosed her daughter was applying for a Legacy Foundation scholarship.  

3. Approval of the Agenda

The Branch Presidents meeting item was moved earlier in the Agenda and the Taxi policy/Hotel policy item was added as new business Carried

4. Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the November 20, 2021, meeting was presented and amended   Carried

5. Standing agenda items

Following items were identified as standing agenda items for ORE meetings:

Treasurers Report

Training Committee

Regional Office Manager’s Report

Review of Committees

a) BOD

b) ORE

Regional Council

Steward Council 

Director’s Report

New Business

Round Table Carried

6. Matters Arising

Discussion on the button maker, Camera and placing of supporting documentation on the drive.

Follow up with previous Director (Toronto Centre) Action: J. Purdie

Chairs of ORE Committees will make report Action: Chairs

7. Treasurer’s report

Treasurer gave an update regarding the 2021 Financials.  Motion to approve financials for presentation at the ORCC with amended date. Carried

8. Regional Office Manager’s report

Manager welcomed new ORE members and provided an overview of the office.  The office is operating virtually but can have re-entry for cases of “operationally required”.  The biggest current issue is the leave without pay vaccination policy.  The current ERO’s are Claude Vezina, Kim Veller, Crystal Stewart, Maeve Sullivan, Nairra Tariq and Tony Micallef-Jones.

9. Branch liaison report

Discussion on the Steward Renewal process and the discipline of stewards.

Motion to prepare a briefing note on the Steward Renewal process and the discipline of stewards

Carried  Action: Kamaldin

10. Executive vacancy

Motion to fill the executive vacancy at the ORC Carried

11. Review of committees

BOD Committees; BLPC, Election Appeal, Finance, Human Rights, Information Technology, Professional Recognition, Science Advisory

ORE Committees; Training, Bylaws, Visibility Mobilization, Branch Liaison

To review and update the Terms of reference. Action: Bylaws

12. Appointment of portfolios

Training committee consists of the Chair and 2 other members

By-Law committee to investigate prior policies passed by the ORE and a senior ORE member should at least be one of the members

Form a Labour Day Committee of 2-3 members Carried

Form a Branch Liaison Committee of 2-3 members Carried

Form a Visibility Mobilization Events Committee of 3 members Carried

Discussion that no VC for OSC needed.

Form a Vice Chair for the ORC Carried

Form a Young Professional Liaison Carried

Discussion that individual chair of an event has carriage of hospitality at that event, but the entire ORE decides whether hospitality will be offered at an event.

Form a Hospitality Co-Ordinator position Carried

Form a Social Media Liaison position Carried

Form a Separate Employers Group Liaison position Carried

Form a Legacy Foundation Champion position Carried

Appointment of portfolios – Acclamation

Branch Liaisons – J. Mayer and J. Chow

By-Laws & Policy Committee - B. Brawley and T. Yantsis

Hospitality Co-ordinator – C. L’Estrange

Legacy Foundation Champion - C. L’Estrange

Separate Employer’s Group Liaison - B. Brawley 

Social Media Liaison - (Vacant)

Training Committee - B. Brawley and K. Chuen 

Vice Chair of Regional Council - C. L’Estrange

Visibility Mobility Events Committee - D. Kamaldin, J. Chow, and K. Chuen

Young Professionnels Liaison – J. Mayer

13. Signing authorities

Discussion about the need to have at least 4-5 signing authorities.  Normally, the ORE Chair, ORE Vice-Chair and the Treasurer are signing authorities.  The following 5 people volunteered to be a signing authority:

John Purdie (ORE Chair)

Din Kamaldin (ORE Vice-Chair)

Tom Yantsis (Treasurer)

Paul Tsuji (Secretary)

Tom Zaharapoulos (Training Chair) Action: Yantsis

14. Regional council

The Regional Council date of May 11– 15, 2022, at the Caesars Windsor was approved by the BOD.  Discussions about whether to have a hybrid meeting since the incremental costs are over XXX.

Hold a Hybrid event for the May 2022 Regional Council. Carried

Final arrangements ORC Action: Purdie

15. Steward Council

The Steward Council starts September 9, 2022, at the White Oaks Resort, Niagara on the Lake.  Looking at a similar hybrid set-up as the previous year.

The Basic Steward training is March 24-26, 2022, at 1 King Street West.  The Labour School is April 20-23, 2022, at 1 King Street West.  Both trainings will probably be hybrids.  Discussion on whether the 1 King Street West is an acceptable long-term location for training purposes.

16. Director’s report

The recommendations proposed by the ORE for BOD committees was accepted and approved by the BOD.  T. Yantsis was accepted for the Finance Committee.

17. Briefing notes

Notes will be submitted prior to an ORE meeting, responsibility of the ORE to review all documents prior to the meeting.

18. ORE swag

Treasurer recommended a long-sleeved dress shirt and a golf shirt. Required size and colour preferences from ORE. Carried

Treasurer to research swag and obtain size and preference from ORE Action: Yantsis

19. Equipment

Purchase a printer for ORE up to $XXX. Carried Action: Purdie

20. Policy suite

ORE policy suite be prepared based on past motions of ORE. Action: Bylaws

21. Contact list

The Director requested that the ORE provide a contact email and telephone number to the Secretary.  Action: ORE

Contact D. Kamaldin for contact information Action: Purdie

22. Meeting schedule

Update the Meeting Schedule with Heather and send out an updated list to the ORE. Action: Purdie 

23. New business

Discussion about the taxi policy/hotel room when the ORE invites out staff and/or previous ORE members.  Review previous ORE minutes and governing documentation and ORE to revisit at the next meeting. Action: Bylaws

24. Round table

Budget discussion ORC swag of $XXX - $XXX for about 120 units

Carried Action: Purdie/Yantsis

Discussion regarding newsletter, timing thereof for ORC for Spring and OSC for summer, TBD at next meeting (Social Media position is vacant)

Discussion about access to Google Docs.  Update google drive access Action: Purdie

Discussion of the current PIPSC courses that would satisfy the CPA Ethics requirement.  Clarify with Training Chair Action: Tsuji

Discussion whether Heather should have access to our drive. Action: Purdie

Discussion about virtual attendees at OSC