Call for interest: Separate Employers Group Representative for Ontario Regional Training and Education Committee (ORTEC)


The Ontario Regional Executive is looking for a volunteer to represent the Separate Employers Group as a member of the ORTEC for a term of two years.

The position duties include:

  • All members of the ORTEC are responsible for developing regional training requirements, and for representing and conveying the Institute's objectives and decisions to members and Stewards
  • Attend the ORTEC meetings 3 per year (meetings normally held in conjunction with Exec meetings including Steward Council and Regional Council)
  • Help define budget requirements for the Training Chair to Present to the National Training and Education Committee (TEC)
  • Publish twice yearly Newsletters
  • Assist the Training Chair as required
  • Planning and Execution of the Ontario Region Steward Council (OSC)

Please respond to the Ontario Regional Executive’s general mailbox: if you are interested and be sure to detail your experience with union activities, and related committee or training related experience.

The deadline for applications is August 1st, 2019.

Sent on Behalf of the Ontario Regional Executive