2023 Glenn Maxwell Award: Executive of the Year

  1. Eligibility

a) Member of Ontario Region

b) Member in good standing

c) One nominee (individual) per application

2. Criteria

a) The Glen Maxwell Award/ Executive of the Year will be awarded to an individual who has exhibited exemplary service in their role as an Executive member of an Ontario constituent body of the Institute or as an executive on a consultation team serving the members of Ontario.  

b) The award is to highlight their efforts in serving their members in the year that it is awarded but may also reflect contributions in previous years or in roles within PIPSC outside of Ontario.

c) Any nominee who has an existing complaint filed against them with the Institute may be prohibited from consideration.

3. Nomination Process

a) Please send your submission to Heather Kohli at hkohli@pipsc.ca by 5:00 p.m. Friday August 25, 2023.

b) Provide the name of the individual and include detail pertaining to the Executive role(s) the member has filled including name of role and number of years of service in each role. 

c) Include the most recent year of attending:

i)   Ontario Regional Council

ii)  Ontario Steward Council

iii) National AGM

iv) Local constituent AGM

d) As part of your submission, describe how the member has served their constituent body by referencing the following examples of how one would exhibit exemplary service. 

i)      Positive contribution(s) they have made to the members of the Institute 

ii)     Positive contribution(s) they have made to the recognition and status of PIPSC.

iii)    Significant initiatives

iv)    Mentoring Executive members and/or stewards

v)     Improvements

vi)    Member recruitment

vii)   Promotion of PIPSC core values (i.e. respect, integrity, accountability and cooperation)

viii)  Has enhanced the public profile of the Institute

ix)    Developed and promoted progress through research and policies 

x)     Built and leveraged stronger relationships with other unions

xi)    Built and leveraged stronger relationships with decision makers in Government and Employees

xii)   Involvement in safeguarding and promoting professional standards

xiii)  Promoting and/or defending rights of members

xiv) Contributions to bargaining and labour relations

xv)  Any other relevant factors

4) Selection Process

a) A recipient of the Glen Maxwell award will be selected where the nominee has sufficiently demonstrated contributions pursuant to the criteria established and in the best example set by Mr. Maxwell.