Whereas The Institute is governed by its members at General Meetings of the Institute. Between those General Meetings, the control of the Institute is in the hands of members through an elected Board of Directors who implement policy and manage operations between General Meetings of the Institute.

Whereas Board Meetings, other than Closed Sessions, are open to any member of the Institute.

Whereas all members should be able to observe Board meetings regardless of their location

Whereas openness and transparency is key to an informed and engaged membership

Be it resolved that

16.2.1 (new) A notice of Board meetings will be place on the website with location detail as well as a copy of the proposed agenda one week prior to the proposed meeting date.

16.2.2 (new) Any member in good standing can request copies of any briefing materials submitted in support of an agenda item, except for those submitted in confidence

16.2.3 (new) Any member in good standing can request to observe a Board meeting by alternative means, as deemed feasible by the Board, subject to an advance request.