NCR - #12 - Re-Appointment of Stewardship

Whereas Stewards are official representatives of the Institute and as such, they are the vital link between the union and the membership in the workplace and

Whereas being a Steward is not a right but a privilege; and

Whereas the performance of a Steward shall normally be monitored by the respective Group; and

Whereas the term of a Steward is normally 3 years; and

Whereas the non-renewal of a Steward shall not be a surprise to a Steward; and

Whereas a Steward should be made aware of any negative issues related to his/her Stewardship as soon as such an issue is reported so as to afford the Steward an opportunity to discuss and rectify the issue if possible.

Therefore be it resolved that R12.5 (Re-Appointment of Stewardship) be amended as follows:

R12.5.1 (New) A PIPSC Steward shall be informed by PIPSC of any issue that may negatively affect the Steward’s renewal. Such notification shall be made in writing as soon as PIPSC is made aware of the issue and not just at the time of renewal.

R12.5.2 (New) A PIPSC Steward shall be afforded the opportunity to respond to and rectify such an issue so that it no longer negatively affects their renewal. A Steward may involve his Group executive in this process.

R12.5.3 (New) A decision of non-renewal of a Steward and the reasons for this decision shall be communicated in writing within ten (10) working days from the time the official decision was made to the Steward, Group executive, Consultation President and Regional Chair.

R12.5.4 (New) The reporter of an issue that is deemed to be vexatious, without merit or retaliatory may be dealt with under PIPSC policy such as the DRD Policy.