On November 20th, the Transgender community in Ottawa will be remembering members of their community lost to violence and hatred. The commemoration will be held at the Human Rights Memorial on Elgin Street at 6pm. PIPSC is hosting a quiet reception after the event at the Lord Elgin Hotel for those affected by loss.

All members of the NCR are welcome to attend and show support for the transgender and gender diverse community in Ottawa. PIPSC is working with CAPE and PSAC to support the human rights of all members; especially those who have been traditionally marginalized. We ask that PIPSC members respect the solemnity and significance of this day to participants.

Event Info:

6 pm, Human Rights Memorial on Elgin Street

Quiet Reception afterwards at Lord Elgin Hotel

NCR Exec

Point of Contact: Sherry Oake


PIPSC encourages other members to do the same in their region.