Call for nominations

The Chief Steward and the Regional Executive are requesting nominations for the NCR 2022 Steward of the Year Award. All nominations are due by April 29th, 2022. The nominations should be sent to


Steward of the Year – NCR Region Outline


In these regulations,

  1. “Award” means the Steward of the Year Award.
  2. “Institute” means the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.
  3. “Committee” means the National Capital Region Awards Committee or its successor as determined and appointed by the NCR Executive.


It honors those stewards who have rendered conspicuous service to the Institute and Members at large. Candidates should have made a substantial contribution to the promotion of the Institute in their workplace, their branch, group and region. The award is a symbol that the steward accepts this responsibility with pride.


The announcement of the winner of the award shall normally be made at the Stewards’ Council in 2022. Due to the current pandemic, the presentation of the award will be made at a later date.


The Award is given to stewards of the Institute who have served diligently for at least three years and/or have made a substantial contribution to the members or improvement in the recognition and status of the Institute in the workplace. Such service will usually be rendered through efforts in the workplace, participation in Institute affairs such as branches, groups and region. Nomination to the Award shall be in a form as prescribed by the Committee from time to time. Nominations should provide sufficient information to enable the committee to make its recommendation. Nominations may be made at any time, but will be considered annually. Only members in good standing are eligible for the award. The NCR Executive Secretary shall maintain a current register of the Award recipients.

The design of all medals, awards, forms and certificates will be under the direction of the PIPSC. The format of presentation and ceremonies will be under the direction of the Institute. Inclusion in the Award shall not be awarded posthumously unless notification of inclusion has been made prior to the candidate’s death.


The administrative body for the Award shall be the NCR Awards Committee of the NCR Executive. The NCR Executive appoints the members of the Committee. The members of the Committee must resign from the committee if they are nominated for an award and they wish the nomination to be considered.

The Committee is responsible for the selection of the winning recipient and develops the procedures required for the selection process. The Committee’s decision is final.

The Committee may recommend individuals for inclusion in any classification without prior nomination.

The Committee may announce runner-ups to the Award and present a suitable award to the runner-ups.


The Awards Committee will use the following selection criteria in evaluating candidates. A points-rating system sets the weighting of these criteria for each award (see table).

  • Work-site achievements – mediation, information, organization, exemplary service and visibility.
  • Service to the Institute - education and creating awareness of the role of PIPSC Stewards in the Work Place; active participation in branches, executives, general Institute activities etc.
  • Service to fellow members - participation in OSH, LMRC etc.

Points Rating System for Evaluation of Submissions

Weighting of Selection Criteria

AWARD Work-Site Achievements /  Service to the Institute / Service to Fellow Members

Steward of the Year – NCR Region AWARD

Work-Site Achievements

Service to the Institute

Service to Fellow Members





You will receive a written acknowledgment that your nomination package has been received. Please note that the Awards Committee would prefer that a nomination not be revealed to a candidate before its consideration by NCR Awards Committee.

The Awards Committee will review all nominations carefully. Each nomination will be rated and ranked with all other nominations, based on a selection criteria. Once the Awards Committee has made its final selection, a recommendation will be made to NCR Executive. The recommendations and subsequent decision of NCR Executive will remain confidential until the chosen awardee is notified by the NCR Chair.  Public announcement of the winner will be made at the NCR Steward Council and the award will be made at the PIPSC Annual General Meeting.

Following this process, you will be notified as to the success of your nomination. Nominations not selected will be reconsidered for the next year. Further material may be added to nomination packages at that time. If your nomination is successful, it is anticipated that you, your fellow nominators and the awardee will wish to attend the presentation ceremony. Invitations will be sent to you to attend the awards presentation ceremony.

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year. Award presentation is currently made on an annual basis.