OCB Executive Meeting Minutes. November 18, 2019

Location: Royal Oak at Gloucester Street

Ottawa, Ont.

In Attendance: Brian Hassall, Susan Amog-Hassall, Art Iwinski, Tom Iwinski, 

Michelle Tran, Andrew Wigmore, Josée Stone, Abraham Garcia, Muhammad Alam. Michael Kenny joined by conf. call.

Regrets: Zul Nanji,


  1. Brian declared quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:05.
  1. Agenda was provided in advance electronically and during the meeting. Abraham put the motion to approve the Agenda and seconded by Andrew. The Agenda was approved.
  1. The OCB Executives reviewed and discussed the 2019 AGM Minutes. Abraham put the motion to approve the Minutes as amended and seconded by Muhammad. AGM Minutes were approved.

The OCB Executive meeting minutes from June 26, 2019 is tabled till the next Executive meeting. The consolidated version of the minutes will be produced and presented at the next Executives meeting for review and approval. 

4.  Old Business

During the meeting we confirmed following Chairs of the Committees:

Learning and Social - Susan,

Finance - Tom,

By-Laws - Zul,

Communications - Andrew,

Outreach - Muhammad.

Members names for each Committee will be provided electronically before the next meeting. 

Andrew provided the names for the Communication Committees: Tom Iwinski, Michael Kenny, Christian Lebel.

Brian provided an update for the EWSP. Update is also available on PIPSC web page.

5. New Business

Michelle was in a process of setting up the steward’s appreciation event in December 10, 2019. She talked about different options available for the venue. Email will be sent to the stewards informing about the event. 

Susan discussed the possibility to organise the Christmas dinner together with the January Planning Session. Susan will check the dates and Executives availability. Passible dates are mid-January or first week of February. Executive Christmas dinner was already approved – all agreed that we don’t need a motion for that. 

OCB planning session was discussed. Susan put the motion to approve the budgeted amount for planning session to be hold in January 2020. Jose seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Susan provided Committee reports with respect of the activities that she sponsored. 

Susan put the motion to approve $xxx  for coffee for December 6 event for remembrance and reflection on Montreal Ecole Polytechnique massacre. The information tables will be placed in four locations. The event was discussed and approved by the emails. 

Tom made a motion to provide the finance up to $xxx (before taxes) for purchasing of the laptop including one-year licence of the Office 360 software for the Secretary. Seconded by Muhamad. Motion Carried.

Visibility items were proposed and discussed. Susan put the motion to order Jackets for OCB executives. Seconded by Art. Motion carried. 

Susan put the motion to provide a gift certificate to A. M. for her contribution and help to the OCB. $xxx gift certificate was proposed. Seconded by Art. Motion carried.

6. Financial report was provided by Abraham Garcia

The end of the year events were discussed for members and new stewards. 

Andrew asked to have a December meeting for Executives, location TBD. Motion is not necessary. Andrew agreed to look for the location and will be calling for the meeting. All agreed the meeting must be before December 19. 

Andrew also discussed possibility to organise an event: “Young members meet the stewards.” 

There was a suggestion to postpone the discussion about the new events till the next year during the Planning Session. It was raised that the proposed places may not be available at the end of this year.

7. Committees reports

Susan talked about retirement sessions she organized for the members. 

She also talked about the volunteers’ lunch at Festival of Japan to be held on Wednesday, December 4.

Susan also briefly talked about the Union Management Approach (UMA) sessions.

Andrew asked for the list of organised events to be provided to him before the end of December.

8. Visibility items

All agreed that members should be provided with useful items but first we will check the existing inventory. The discussion was postponed till the January meeting. 

9. Adjournment: there was a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.