Ottawa Centreville Branch Annual General Meeting Minutes

June 20, 2018

Location: Sheraton Hotel-Rideau Room
150 Albert Street, Ottawa



Agenda Item



Call to Order

Brian announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM.

Brian introduced the executive by a roll call:  Zul Nanji, Michael Kenny, Abraham Garcia, Susan Amog-Hassall, Josée Stone, Andrew Wigmore, Michelle Tran, and Bryan Adderley who could not attend.


Brian introduced the following guests:

Debi Daviau – President of PIPSC

Del Dickson - NCR board of Directors



Patricia Williams

Jen Carr


CS HQ Regional Representative

Allaudin Alibhai – Regrets, could not attend


The Elections Committee

Stacy McLaren – NCR Outreach Coordinator

Wayne Lee – Retired members guild

Ian Tait - Retired members guild


Brian Hassall



Brian turned the meeting over the meeting Stacey McLaren - the Chair of the Elections Committee. The elections committee was composed of Stacy McLaren, Wayne Lee and Ian Tait. There were 5 open positions.

Stacey asked for nominations:


The following people were nominated from the floor:


Abraham Garcia

Brian Hassall

Muhammed Alam

Art Iwinski

Tom Iwinski

Martha Wallace


Mike Patterson wanted clarification about the number of Executive that OCB could have, indicating that he thought there should be 13 Executive members. After due discussion between the Elections Chair and the President of OCB, as well as other dignitaries, it was resolved that the total number of Executives for OCB was 11, and thus there could only be 5 newly elected executives.


Stacey gave control of the meeting back to Brian and she would determine the results of the voting with the Elections Committee




The agenda was provided in advance. There were no changes to the agenda.

The agenda was approved.



Approval of Previous Minutes

The previous 2017 AGM meeting minutes were posted on the PIPSC web page and copies were provided.

Meeting minutes were approved subject to the change below.



Business Arising from Previous Minutes


Lucienne Bahuaud indicated that there was a date discrepancy in the 2017 minutes. The Secretary noted the change and would adjust the 2017 minutes to reflect the change.



President’s Report
















Brian Hassall gave a recap of the events that were held by the Ottawa Centreville Branch during the year.

Brian stated the OCB had a busy year. Stewards were the backbone of the branch who worked hard and there was general applause for the stewards in OCB.


The following events were held in the previous year:

  • We had a member appreciation event at the Wave Pool in Gloucester for members and their families that was well attended.
  • We had a steward appreciation event for stewards and members.
  • The OCB had a very active training committee providing several retirement sessions, with large turnouts.

For Social Events:

  • We had a barbeque for over 400 members.
  • We had a Volley ball / Badminton event.
  • The OCB was also involved in the Pride Day and Labour Day parades


In addition we had several collective coffee breaks.


There was also mention of the Chalk River Pension issue, where the employees were transferred to a private company who was changing their pension plan to a Target Defined Benefit Plan.


Phoenix issues were discussed, and details of some of these issues would be provided in the President’s keynote speech.


Bargaining would be starting in September / October and there would be other events relating to Bargaining.


A number of OCB members attended the PIPSC AGM in November and both the NCR Regional Council and the NCR Steward Council.


Brian also thanked the volunteers who helped out at the registration table.


Brian Hassall

Vice – President’s Report

Michael Kenny discussed the future events that were going to occur for OCB, including:

  • BBQ in September
  • Steward Appreciation in October
  • Retirement session in French (if there is demand)
  • Pension and Benefits in the fall
  • 2 Movie events in the Summer and Fall.


If members wanted other events, they were requested to call or email the OCB executive.



Treasurer’s Report

Abraham Garcia, OCB Treasurer presented the 2017 Financial Statement and the 2019 Branch budget.


Abraham explained various line items and answered questions from the floor. He also explained the funding formula for the members in OCB.


Motion: to Accept 2017 Financial Statement 

- Motion Carried


Motion: to Approve the 2019 Centreville Branch budget

- Motion Carried












Ratification of By-Laws

There were no changes to this year’s bylaws so no ratification was necessary.


Guest Speaker – Debi Daviau – President - PIPSC

Debi thanked the organizers - OCB Executive – for the AGM.


Debi then discussed a few of the issues on her plate:

  • Phoenix – the Government is reacting to the problems and there are a lot of problems that have to be resolved. It is unlike to all be resolved for the next few years.
  • The Sick leave Plan update was provided. There was a presentation later on about the new Sick Leave Plan.
  • Workplace 2.0 – the problem about the space in the offices and the issues that are being generated with the reduced size workspace.
  • Dental Plan – this is being finalized but the previous Government took $7 Billion out of the Plan to balance the budget. There are 5 priorities, but the process is slow.
  • Efiling of Health Claims – This is currently being rolled out to the members.
  • Biological drugs – the costs are high and this is still under discussion.



Speakers and Discussion – Del Dickson and Harold Marcotte

Brian also introduced Del Dickson, PIPSC National Capital Region Director who talked about contributing to the PIPSC Legacy foundation.


The Legacy Fund has raised over $1 Million. PIPSC participated in the Race Weekend and raised over $5,000.


Del Dickson / Harold Marcotte




Announcement of Election Results by Stacey McLaren


There were 122 ballots with 1 spoilt ballot.

The members elected to the OCB Executive in no particular order are:


  • Tom Iwinski
  • Brian Hassall
  • Muhammed Alam
  • Abraham Garcia
  • Art Iwinski


Motion: to destroy the ballots after 30 days – Motion passed

The ballots will be destroyed.

Terry Sing

ESWP (Employee Wellness Support Program)

A detailed presentation was done by Jen Carr about ESWP, and the changes from the current Sick Leave Plan. This was well received by the members present.



Round Table

Brian asked if there was any more business to be brought up at the AGM. There was none.




Motion: There was a motion to adjourn meeting

Motion Carried - Meeting Adjourned at 8:15 PM