(Original submitted in English)


Ottawa Centreville Branch Annual General Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2022

Location: Sheraton Ottawa Hotel.

150 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,


Agenda Item



Call to Order

Brian Hassall announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 6:01 PM.


Brian introduced the executives by a roll call:  Michael Kenny, Abraham Garcia, Art Iwinski, Zul Nanji, Susan Amog-Hassall, , Tom Iwinski, Andrew Wigmore.


Michelle Tran, Josée Stone and Muhammad Alam were not present.


Brian introduced the following guests:

Stacy McLaren – NCR Director, Chair of NCR, former National Capital Region Chief Steward


The Elections Committee:

Lucienne B. Bahuaud,

Terry Sing,

Margaret Bigras.




Brian Hassall


The agenda was provided on the screen for everyone’s view. There were no changes to the agenda.

Del Dickson moved the agenda and seconded by Michael Kenny.

The agenda was approved as posted.


Brian asked for a moment of silence for OCB and PIPSC members who had passed away.



Approval of Previous Minutes

The copies of the previous 2019 AGM meeting minutes (“Minutes”) were posted on PIPSC website for all members to view. Andrew put the motion to approve the Minutes and seconded by Zul.

Meeting minutes were approved by the AGM.



Business Arising from Previous Minutes





Treasurer’s Report


Abraham Garcia, OCB Treasurer commented on the 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 Financial Statements (“FS”).


Abraham presented and explained various line items and answered questions from the floor with respect to 2021 FS.


Motion by Art Iwinski to accept 2021 FS. Seconded by Michael Kenny. Motion Carried.


Abraham presented the 2023 Branch budget and explained various line items and answered questions from the floor.

Motion by Abraham to approve the budget and seconded by Andrew Wigmore to approve the 2023 Branch budget. Motion carried.






Brian turned the meeting over to Lucienne B. Bahuaud - the Chair of the Elections Committee. Lucienne introduced the Election Committee. The Chair announced that there were 11 open executive positions. 6 positions are available for 2 years period and 5 position are available for 1 year period. Lucienne explained the procedure of the elections and indicated that the candidates could nominate themselves. The candidates would be allowed a one-minute speech in the order they were nominated.

Lucienne asked for nominations:

The following people were nominated from the floor:

Susan Amog-Hassall

Michael Kenny

Brian Hassall

Art Iwinski

Andrew Wigmore

Tom Iwinski

Zul Nanji

Andra Weis

Abraham Garcia

Michelle Tran (by email), and

April Chen.


Lucienne announced that there were exactly 11 nominees from the floor matching the number of OCB executive seats available for this year election.


As it was previously indicated only first 6 candidates will be elected for two years period. The election would be  held for those positions and the results will be presented at the next OCB Executives meeting on September 24, 2022.


Lucienne gave control of the meeting back to Brian and she would determine the results of the voting with the Elections Committee.


Chair Lucienne Bahuaud and All

President’s Report

Brian Hassall gave a recap of the events that were held by the Ottawa Centreville Branch during the year.

Brian stated the OCB had a busy year despite of the Covid-19 pandemic. Stewards were the backbone of the branch who worked hard and there was general applause for the stewards in OCB.

Following the work at home policy introduced in 2020, PIPSC is working with the Government to ensure the safe return to the office work environment. The meetings are held on regular basis.

OCB held the virtual Learning Sessions on Retirement as well as Wills and Estates in English and French.


We had a steward appreciation virtual and in person event for stewards and members during NCR Regional Council.


Brian also thanked all executive members for their hard work during this difficult time and all volunteers who helped at the registration for this OCB event.


Brian Hassall

Guest Speaker

Stacy provided an update on PIPSC national issues. After over 2 years of working remotely due to the pandemic, public sector employers are implementing plans to return to the office workplace. She talked about the safety and flexibility returning to work office at the different phases. PIPSC discussion with the Treasury Board emphasised the safety as a priority.

She also said that any formal return to workplace policies must be flexible and need to clearly articulate expectations. Employers must also define the procedures for duty to accommodate in this changing work office environment.

She also answered a few questions from the floor with respect to Phoenix pay system.

Stacy McLaren

Round Table

Brian asked if there was any more business to be brought up at the AGM. There was none.

There was a request from the floor to provide the OCB minutes in advanced electronically. Andrew Wigmore suggests creating a virtual folder on the PIPSC site for all member to access.

Brian &



Motion: There was a motion to adjourn the meeting

Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM


Addendum to the 2022 AGM Minutes

On September 24, 2022, Lucienne B. Bahuaud - the Chair of the Elections Committee, after counting all ballots she announced the result of the elections. Out of the eleven elected OCB Executives, the following six were elected for two years term, not in particular order:

  1. Susan Amog-Hassall,
  2. Brian Hassall,
  3. Abraham Garcia,
  4. Michael Kenny,
  5. Andrew Wigmore,
  6. Zul Nanji.


And following five assume the one-year term, not in particular order:

  1. Tom Iwinski,
  2. Andra Weis,
  3. Michelle Tran,
  4. April Chen, and
  5. Art Iwinski.


Lucienne B. Bahuaud - the Chair of the Elections Committee