13 Sept 2018, at 1525 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z1

Attendees:  Glen Schjerning (President), John Eng (Treasurer), David Topp (Secretary), Kerry Leiba, Dave Sutherland, Olivia Leung, Olga Botygina, Natalia Kim (all Members at Large) and Gord Bulmer (guest)

1800 Glen Schjerning opened the meeting and welcomed all participants, including our guest for the NCR Acting Director, Mr. Bulmer.

John Eng, the Branch Treasurer, provided a financial update.  The short summary is that we are on budget, and that after the upcoming NCR Steward Council and Branch Halloween event, we will have about $xxxx unencumbered for the remaining of the fiscal/calendar year.

Branch Events.  Ideas such as a retirement planning session, a wills and estate planning session and EWSP events were discussed.  Gord mentioned that he had 3 additional presentations which we could use at lunch and learns.  Glen agreed to collect some background info on potential events, to distribute it to the branch executive, and we agreed to discuss, and firm up a plan at the next executive meeting.

Olivia suggested visibility items be considered for procurement.  After lively discussion, Gord and Olivia agreed to take this discussion off line, and Olivia would present option at the next executive meeting

NCR Steward Council.  Glen reported that 24 Branch Stewards will be attending this year.  A very healthy number.  The executive confirmed that the Branch will be hosting a hospitality suite on Friday 28 Sept, after the days meeting has concluded, and ending prior to the evening cocktail party.  The location will be a Murphy suite.  At the hospitality suite all attending DND stewards, their significant other, and any dependent children will be welcome.  A healthy supper and beverages will be provided.  A brief Branch Executive meeting will take place in the hospitality suite, for the purposes of refining our plans for the remainder of the fiscal/calendar year. 

Natalia, Olga and Olivia briefed the executive on the status of plans for the Branches annual Halloween party.  All is going well.  The do not anticipate needing any funds greater than those approved in the budget at the most recent AGM.  This event was extremely well attended last year, edging close to exceeding the fire code.  Attendance will be capped.  In order to ensure maximum availability for access to this event for branch members (say vice persons campaigning in the PIPSC national election) we agreed to cap our guest list to President Debi and NCR Acting Director Gord (plus any significant little persons).  Our 2018 Branch AGM was held mid Jan 2018.  Thus we must plan a 2019 branch AGM to take place between 01 Jan 2019 and mid-2019.  David Topp, branch secretary, confirmed that he will be retiring 20 March 2019, and relocating to Toronto with his significant lady.  Glen took as an action item to arrange for an AGM, to take place probably at the Hilton Lac Leamy, probably just prior to 20 March 2019, thus David could take notes at the AGM.

At the 2019 Branch AGM, the following positions will be up for re-election, Glen (President), John (Treasurer), Adam, Olivia, Olga and Natalia with the winners getting a 2 year term.  David (Secretary) will be retiring, thus the secretary position will be up for election for a 1 year term.  Glen indicated that he intended to run for a member at large position vice President.

David was asked to leave the room briefly, avoiding a conflict of interest.  The remainder of the executive voted unanimously to buy a retirement gift for David, not to exceed the maximum permitted by PIPSC bylaws, to be presented at the 2019 AGM.  David has made many outstanding contributions to our place of work, and larger community as well.  We discussed what to get, but will not document it here.  We wish David to be surprised at the AGM.  Glen took an action item to get the gift.

David brought forward concerns about keeping current the PIPSC data base on membership, particularly our Branch.  David and Glen agreed to work together off line on this issue.

1730 Supper arrived.  John Eng motioned that the meeting be adjourned. This was unanimously agree to.