8 Jan 2018, at 1525 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1H 7Z1

Glen Schjerning                President                           Present

Lynn Mayes                      Vice President                   Regrets

John Eng                           Treasurer                            Present

David Topp                       Secretary                            Present

David Sutherland            Member at Large              Present

Olivia Leung                     Member at Large              Present

Olga Botygina                  Member at Large              Present

Natalia Kim                      Member at Large              Present

Adam Gray                       Member at Large              Present

Rebecca Mardel              Member at Large              Regrets

Jennifer Carr                    Member at Large              Present

Kevser Taymaz                Friend                                  Present

Brian Lafleur                    Friend                                  Present

Kerry Leiba                       Friend                                  Present

Glen Schjerning called the meeting to order at 17:15h.

Agenda David Sutherland motioned, John Eng seconded to accept the agenda as presented.

The Agenda was adopted.

Financial Statement for the 2018 Branch AGM

John Eng presented the financial statement.  The 2017 actual expenses were reviewed.  An extra line item was added to offer better clarity.  The previously approved budget for 2018 was reviewed and a revised proposed budget for 2018 was developed for 2018, which will be presented at the 16 Jan 2018 AGM.  A proposed budget for 2019, the same as the revised proposed budget for 2018, will also be presented at the 16 Jan 2018 AGM.  The financial details are not detailed in this ROD, as per PIPSC policy.  They will be fully disclosed at the AGM.  Glen & John took for action to circulate the revised financial statement to all Exec members & Friends of the Executive within a couple days of this exec meeting.

Branch AGM 2018 Plans

The AGM is very close to being fully RSVPed.  Glen will shut down registration and start a waiting list shortly.  We are loosely capping the event at 70 persons attending.  Glen reported that Debi Daveau could no longer be our guest speaker.  She must be in Montreal on the evening of 16 Jan 2018.  Glen announced that we will have two new guest speakers, curtesy of DGWM.  One speaker will address AWA.  The other the new Office of Disability Management.  This is good news.  The AGM will be one of the first public announcements of these two new DND initiatives.  Olga, Olivia and Natalia will be our elections committee.  Lynn (Vice President), David Topp (Secretary), Rebecca (Member at Large), David Sutherland ((Member at Large) and Jennifer Carr (Member at Large) are all up for re-election.   Each of their positions will be up for election, for a two year term. 

Constitution – Election

It was noted that the election plans detailed above, are in line with our Branch Constitution, are as agreed at last year’s SGM (when the inaugural executive was elected), and in accordance with the 2017 SGM minutes (as posted on the PIPSC web site) and the 2017 election results (as posted on the PIPSC web site).  Jennifer Carr suggested that we consider amending our Branch Constitution to be more prescriptive with regards to this agreed way forward with Branch Executive election.  Glen will take for action.

Carling Campus Issues

Glen, John and David Topp reported on a meeting held at Carling Campus on 5 Jan 2018, where we met with all of the current stewards, and a few potential ones.  WHSs, LMCCs and public transport were discussed at detail.  We have a loose plan to have PIPSC meet and greet events at Carling Campus in early spring 2018 and early fall 2018.  The intent is to ask for DND Consultation to fund these two events.  Glen took for action.

2018 Calendar Review

The Calendar for the first half of 2018 was reviewed.  All in attendance were advised about the dates for the spring NCR Steward School and the spring NCR Regional Council.  All who wish to participate were encourages to register early.  We discussed the scheduling of the next Branch Executive meeting.  We will target mid Feb 2018, preferably prior to the 15-17 Feb NCR Steward School.

Events (Halloween)

This event was very successful in 2016 and twice as successful in 2017.  It proved to be a great way to reach out to our members, and offer a great time for their little ones.  This is a separate line item with its own budget.  Natalia, Olga, Olivia have volunteered to develop a plan for 2018.

L&L/Info Sessions

This is a separate line item with its own budget.  It was agreed that if the AGM, or Hospitality or Exec meeting budgets underspend, that the liberated funds will be allocated to L&L/Info Sessions.  It was agreed to flush out the plans for these events at the next executive meeting, after the AGM, when budgets and executive membership issues have been resolved.


Glen discussed wanting to increase PIPSC involvement in the ADM(MAT) PG AC, similar recent successes with PIPSC involvement with ADM(MAT) Eng AC.  Olivia, Natalia, Olga and Adam would be our representative.  Glen took this as an action item.

Agenda David Sutherland motioned, John Eng seconded to adjourn the meeting.  This was supported by the executive.  Glen Schjerning adjourned the meeting at 19:00h.