BC/Yukon - 75th - Training and Education Committee Report

Report for the 2019 BC Yukon Regional Council Meeting

This year the committee has continued on the huge task of reviewing how PIPSC does training and provide recommendations for a new training program.

The committee has continued focusing on the work Stewards and Members do to determine what their training needs are and have been working on meeting those needs and what could be done better.  Currently we are focussing on the format, content, and structure of the education program and how we will be able to determine if it is working as intended.

As much of the work continues to be in process there is not a lot of detail that can be added here. 

Much of the work of the regional training committees for this year will continue to be coming out of the work being done through the national committee.

Nationally 2 new/updated training products on bullying and harassment and leadership have had test runs with the committee and recommendations have been made to the training staff and have been made available to the regions for delivery to the membership or should be shortly.

Regionally training is going well, however, this year there have been fewer lunch and learns than in the past. 

The new lunch and learns on Pensions have been be rolled out but have been met with concerns with content and scope being provided to the committee so it is likely these may be redesigned. 

A couple of reminder on Lunch and Learns:

Lunch and Learns are meant to be on universal topics that apply to most of the membership. Collective Bargaining and contents of Collective Agreements are under the purview of the groups and funding for those events should be attained through the groups.

All lunch and learns must be preapproved by the Chair of the Regional Training Committee if any funding is to be provided from the training budgets. 

Peter MacDougall,

Chair, BC Yukon Regional Training Committee

Member, National Training and Education Committee