BC/Yukon - 75th - By-Laws & Policies Committee Report

By-Laws & Policies Committee Report for Regional Council May 31 - June 1, 2019

BLPC Committee Members for 2019:

  • Nancy McCune, Chair
  • Barry Gerus, Atlantic
  • Mike Chow, BC/Yukon
  • Anthony Goddard, NCR
  • John Purdie, Ontario
  • Christine Freeman, Prairie/NWT
  • Stephanie Frechette, Quebec

Committee Meetings

As a new member to this committee, I attended our first meeting on March 23, 2019 in Ottawa.

New business and matters arising at the meeting included the review of proposed and amended constitutions submitted by various constituent bodies.  Discussions on various PIPSC policies were also held.  Minutes of our meetings are available on the PIPSC website.  Four additional 2019 committee meetings are planned on Jun 26, Aug 23, Oct 9, and Nov 29.

Last year’s committee held 5 meetings. 

The primary purpose of the BLPC is to ensure that the constitutions and bylaws of the constituent bodies are consistent with the PIPSC Constitution and Bylaws.  Any proposed or amended constitutions must be submitted to the BLPC committee for review.  As the BC/Yukon regional committee member, I will be happy to assist you with this process, if and when required. 

Amendments to Constituent Body Constitutions

The approved model constitutions are provided as template documents to assist constituent bodies in preparing their constitutions, facilitating the overall process.  The BLPC recommends that any amendments made to an existing constitution be identified by BOLD (for any additions) or STRIKETHROUGH (for any deletions).  A rationale or explanation for the proposed changes must also be included at the end of the document, as well as the date of last ratification of the constitution, the date of the next AGM and a constituent body point of contact.  This will assist the BLPC in their review of the proposed or amended constitution and will also facilitate the decision-making process at the Board level.  Amended constitutions or any other policy-related agenda items should be submitted ahead of time to your BLPC regional representative or to Julie Gagnon , Staff Resource to the BLPC.

BLPC Mandate - PIPSC By-Law 17.2.2 provides for the BLPC mandate as follows:

The By-Laws and Policies Committee shall be responsible for:

  1. providing advice on the interpretation of the Institute By-Laws and Regulations and the Constitutions of constituent bodies;
  2. scrutinizing proposed amendments to the Institute By-Laws and Regulations to ensure consistency with current By-Laws and Regulations;
  3. scrutinizing Constitutions of constituent bodies and proposed amendments thereto to ensure consistency with the Institute By-Laws and Regulations. Such Constitutions and any amendments thereto shall take effect upon approval by the Board and ratification by the constituent body concerned; and
  4. drafting new policies and amendments to existing policies as required and submitting them to the Board for approval and reviewing all policies, from time to time, to ensure their relevance, clarity and application.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mike Chow, By-Laws & Policies Committee Member