BC/Yukon - 75th - 2018 Draft Minutes


The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada



Friday, June 1, 2018 and

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Hilton Whistler

Whistler, BC


Hilton Whistler, June 1 and 2, 2018

Robert MacDonald SP Regional Director

Ken Antao AFS Regional Executive

Carl Cahoon CS Regional Executive

Pierre Charpentier CS Regional Executive

Karen Hall SP Regional Executive

Peter MacDougall AFS Regional Executive

Philip Mantler AFS Regional Executive

Adele McLean SH Regional Executive

Siddiq Ansari SP-RETIRED Vancouver

Giselle Bramwell SP Vancouver

Simon Cowell SP Vancouver

Eric Crawford SP Vancouver

Rahul Hampaul NR Vancouver

Danny Higashitani NR Vancouver

Geoff Kendell NR Vancouver

Kathy Kerr SP Vancouver

Wes Kurokawa CS Vancouver

Jean Laberge AV Vancouver

Behzad Mehrabadi NR Vancouver

Ted Molyneux NR Vancouver

Terry Peters CFIA-S+A-RETIRED Vancouver

Tim Powers SP-RETIRED Vancouver

Philip Tam NR Vancouver

Jason Brown AFS Vancouver CRA

Simon Chiu AFS Vancouver CRA

Mohan Grewal AFS Vancouver CRA

Dean Kelava AFS Vancouver CRA

Michael Kreuzkamp AFS Vancouver CRA

Lauren Kunimoto AFS Vancouver CRA

Kelly Plato AFS Vancouver CRA

Kal Sahota AFS Vancouver CRA

Mona Sidhu AFS Vancouver CRA

Ingrid Tan AFS Vancouver CRA

Efrain Andia Rodriguez CS Victoria

Morgan Cranny SP Victoria

Curtis Hamilton CS Victoria

Linh Ho CS Victoria

Alfred Lyon AV-RETIRED Victoria

Carmen So SH Victoria

Shauna Starr SH Victoria

Peter Wills NR Victoria

Philip Choo AFS Victoria CRA

Tamas Lipcsey CS North-Central Vancouver Island

Jennifer Mollins AV North-Central Vancouver Island

William Woolverton SP-RETIRED North-Central Vancouver Island

Andrea Cameron CS Fraser Valley

Todd Kabaluk SP Fraser Valley

Fiona Wong SP Fraser Valley Designate

Jose Jimenez AFS Okanagan

Zoran Ljusic NRC-RO-RCO Okanagan

Gail Swintak CS Okanagan

Cynthia Denman AFS Northern BC

Joe Bradley AV Yukon

Mike Pare YHC Yukon

Chair Richard Barkwill AFS Okanagan

Parliamentarian Dan Jones AFS Vancouver CRA

Guests Steve Hindle Vice-President, PIPSC

Mark Thompson Prof. Emeritus, UBC

Kiavash Najafi Director, Policy and Communications, PIPSC

Observer Shirley Friesen Vice-President, PIPSC

Regional Staff
Ernie McLean Regional Representative

Cynthia Pang Office Administrator/Recording Secretary

Friday, June 1, 2018

1. Welcome and Introduction of the Chair of the Regional Council

The 74th BC/Yukon Regional Council meeting began at 14:02. Regional Director Robert MacDonald welcomed delegates to this year’s Council.

2. Introductions

Chair Richard Barkwill introduced members of the Regional Executive and Vice-President Steve Hindle, Vice-President Shirley Friesen, Mark Thompson, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Relations, UBC and Kiavash Najafi, PIPSC Director of Policy and Communications.

3. Equity Statement

Adele McLean read a statement on equity encompassing the principle that all union members are equal and deserve mutual respect.

4. Whistler Community Services

Executive Director Jackie Dickinson spoke of the work of the Whistler Community Services Society, through programs and services that support social sustainability in Whistler. This is done through their food bank program, as well as services which include mental health support, subsidized counselling assistance and access to free legal support.

Adele McLean announced that $514 was collected for Whistler Community Services Society. In recognition of our generous contribution, a plaque will be placed in their new building acknowledging the contribution of the BC/Yukon region of PIPSC.

5. Keynote by Dr. Mark Thompson, Professor Emeritus of Industrial Relations, Sauder School of Business, UBC

Dr. Thompson delivered a very informative talk about labour in British Columbia, past, present and future.

6. Panel “Challenges Facing Labour – A Discussion”

A panel discussion was comprised of the Director of Policy and Communications Kiavash Najafi, Regional Manager Ernie McLean, Vice-President Steve Hindle and UBC Professor Emeritus of Industrial Relations Mark Thompson, and moderated by Regional Director Robert MacDonald.

7. Communications – Kiavash Najafi, Director, Policy and Communications

Kiavash Najafi talked about how PIPSC needs to leverage our competitive advantage and as a collective of professionals, genuinely believes that we are Better Together. In this pivotal time of facing unique challenges and opportunities, we need to be strategic in responding to these challenges and building capacity for empowering our members. A digital strategist was hired to focus on improving our email offerings. A short exercise showed the importance of an email subject line.

The Regional Council adjourned at 17:42 on June 1, 2018.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

8. Call to Order

The Chair reconvened the 74th Regional Council at 9:02.

9. PIPSC 2018 Update – Guest Speaker Vice-President Steve Hindle

Vice-President Hindle outlined current events taking place at the Institute. Of the 60,000 members, some of the largest groups include computer systems members at 31% and scientists at 24%. President Daviau continues to focus on government relations, by speaking to Members of Parliament and trying to have influence outside of formal channels where she can put forth ideas and stress the value that our members bring to the employer. Phoenix continues to be a major issue of concern. The addition and integration of over 1,300 RCMP civilian members to PIPSC is still ongoing.

10. Adoption of Agenda

m/s Pierre Charpentier/Morgan Cranny

THAT the agenda be approved.


11. Adoption of Minutes from 2017 BC/Yukon Regional Council

m/s William Woolverton/Karen Hall

THAT the minutes of the 2017 BC/Yukon Regional Council be approved.


12. Business Arising from 2017 BC/Yukon Regional Council

At last year’s Council, there was a resolution passed to undertake a study to examine the benefits of joining the BC Federation of Labour and the Yukon Federation of Labour. Regional Director MacDonald advised that the commitment to look into this issue is ongoing, and a report and/or motion will be in next year’s Regional Council package.

13. WebEx – Finance Committee Report

Adele McLean, BC/Yukon member on the Finance Committee presented the Finance Committee Report, with the assistance of Dennis Britt, Director, Finance and Corporate Services and Del Dickson, Chair and Friend of the Committee via WebEx.

14. Debate on Resolutions

a) BC/Yukon Region By-Law Amendment – Addition of Youth Representative to Regional Executive

m/s Karen Hall/Jose Jimenez

WHEREAS the Regional Executive is meant to represent the members’ interests in the region and is intended to represent all demographics in the region; and

WHEREAS it has been noted that PIPSC as a whole is trying to engage and solicit input from the younger membership (currently defined as members under the age of 40);

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the BC Yukon Region add an additional member to the Regional Executive as a dedicated Youth Representative; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, to add this position, the by-laws for the region be amended as follows:


m/s Giselle Bramwell/Bill Woolverton

THAT the Regional Executive be increased by one (1) member, from seven (7) members to eight (8) members, plus the Regional Director.


15. Regional Director’s Report

Communication and being externally focused is critical in advancing our cause and our collective bargaining. The Executive Compensation Committee, which Robert MacDonald chairs, completed a three-year evidence based approach considered best practice in the industry on how our Institute executives are compensated. It is a sound system that takes the politics out of how we pay our senior elected officials and excluded staff. Working with the Science Advisory Committee, Robert MacDonald is encouraged by their motivation to advance scientific issues, including Scientific Integrity, which will be used going into the next federal election. As a member of the Board of Directors, he has been asked to look at model governance for the Institute, and has presented a report on the authority of the Executive Committee.

Within the region, the focus has been to advance a very progressive and inclusive approach, by working closely with staff to produce a series of very successful events. We introduced ED Talks, which stands for education and development, the panel challenge of the EROs and working continually on engagement with our Better Together stewards at the Steward Council. Reviews of our Steward Council has been high, as they have been for the last several years. Although overall numbers have decreased as a result of steward resignations, participation is approximately 50 percent of our total stewards coming to our Steward Councils. To build capacity, one of the goals of the Regional Executive is outreach, starting with Agassiz on March 15, 2018. Future events are planned for June in Kamloops and Prince Rupert. Focus is also on our separate employers, including the Yukon Hospital Corporation, BC First Nations Health Authority and Destination Canada.

Robert MacDonald acknowledged the support and efforts of the Regional Office. Thanks were also extended to the Regional Executive for their commitment. We need to continue to convince people about the importance of public professionals and the public service.

m/s Mona Sidhu/Karen Hall

THAT the Regional Director’s Report be received.


16. BC/Yukon Treasurer’s Report

Peter MacDougall presented the financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2017 and the budget for the year ending December 31, 2019.

m/s Mona Sidhu/Robert MacDonald

THAT the Financial Statements for the Year Ending December 31, 2017 be received as presented.


m/s Lauren Kunimoto/Pierre Charpentier

THAT the Budget ending December 31, 2019 be approved.


17. Regional Office Report

Ernie McLean advised that since last June, he has been taking care of both the Prairie/Northwest Territories Region and the BC/Yukon Region offices. It is still a critical time within PIPSC. We are carrying larger workloads and the dominant issues are Phoenix and workforce adjustment. Demands of the team goes up when preparing and presenting training and lunch and learns. When Employment Relations Officer Simon Cott returned from leave, we were able to retain ERO John Ehinger, so we are currently at four EROs. At Steward Council, we implemented one hour workshops, to give people education and then get them up and moving around. This format was received very positively, so we will continue for the next Council. As workloads increase, we must all continue to support one another and work together in mutual respect.

m/s Robert MacDonald/Carl Cahoon

THAT the Regional Office report be received.


18. Standing Committee Reports

a) By-Laws and Policies Committee Report

Dan Jones reported that the committee is performing a full review of all constituent by-laws to bring them in line with current by-laws. Institute policies are also being streamlined.

b) Elections Committee Report

The main focus of the committee is the 2018 PIPSC national elections. Jean Laberge welcomed suggestions on how to increase member participation in the voting process.

c) Finance Committee Report

The report was presented earlier by Adele McLean. (see 13.)

d) Human Rights in the Workplace Committee Report

The report was on the virtual binder.

e) Information Technology Services and Projects Committee

The report was on the virtual binder.

f) Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee Report

Former committee member Philip Mantler advised that there is no current BC/Yukon representative on this year’s committee. The committee continues to push for inclusion of professional integrity on collective agreements.

g) Science Advisory Committee Report

Karen Hall advised that this is a dynamic committee, with gender parity and diversity. They continue to focus on numerous issues including Scientific Integrity and Women in Science.

h) Training and Education Committee

The committee continues to focus on the long range work of stewards. A lunch and learn on pensions is expected be rolled out soon. Peter MacDougall advised that there are funds available for regional lunch and learns.

m/s Philip Mantler/Michael Kreuzkamp

THAT the Standing Committee reports be accepted as received.


19. Process for the Selection of AGM Delegates

Robert MacDonald advised that the BC/Yukon region is allocated fourteen (14) delegates based on the formula of one delegate per 289.5 members. As most of our branches do not have 289.5 members, they are bumped up to ensure that each branch has at least one delegate and the larger branches lose a small percentage in each of those cases. This allocation has been done for the last several years.

m/s Carl Cahoon/Karen Hall

THAT the allocation for the 2018 National AGM be approved as tabled.


20. Regional Reports

a) Training Committee Report

Peter MacDougall referred the assembly to the national Training and Education Committee report.

b) Awards Committee Report

The recipients in 2017 were Karen Hall, Executive of the Year and Efrain Andia-Rodriguez, Steward of the Year. The deadline for submissions for 2018 for both awards has been extended to June 29, 2018.

c) Legacy Foundation

Ken Antao advised that the Legacy Foundation has awarded $770,000 to 376 students. Our region was awarded the Legacy Cup at the 2016 AGM. Let’s continue to show BC/Yukon pride by bringing the cup back to BC/Yukon in 2018.

m/s Simon Cowell/Pierre Charpentier

THAT the Regional reports be accepted as received.


21. Branch Reports

a) Fraser Valley

Branch secretary Andrea Cameron advised they have had their AGM, and will focus on attracting new members.

m/s Jennifer Mollins/Tamas Lipcsey

THAT the Fraser Valley Branch report be accepted as received.


b) North –Central Vancouver Island

President Carl Cahoon advised that the report was submitted in the virtual binder.

c) Northern BC

President Peter MacDougall advised that they try to meet members in the field when they are travelling for the employer.

d) Okanagan

The Okanagan branch covers 29 cities from Osoyoos to Invermere. President Ken Antao advised that member outreach took place in White Lake, with further outreach scheduled for Kamloops.

e) Vancouver

The Vancouver Branch executive works towards three strategic goals: increasing member engagement, union partnership and community outreach. President Ted Molyneux reported that the branch will attempt to reach members who work outside of the downtown core.

f) Victoria

President Adele McLean looks for new ways to engage their membership. They had a contest to develop a new logo for the branch.

g) Victoria CRA

The Branch executive recognized the need for succession planning and targeted some younger members. President Phil Choo advised that this proved to be successful, as six new stewards have recently been recruited, with two signing up as executive members.

h) Yukon

President Daviau and Regional Director MacDonald attended the joint Branch/YHC Group AGM in November 2017, as well as a meet and greet at the hospital. President Mike Pare advised that both events were very well received.

m/s Morgan Cranny/Bill Woolverton

THAT the branch reports on the virtual binder be accepted as received.


i) Vancouver CRA

President Kal Sahota reported that member engagement is quite high. All events that have taken place have been fully subscribed, including the AGM, with 150 members attending.

m/s Michael Kreuzkamp/Lauren Kunimoto

THAT the branch report be accepted as received.


22. New Business

Ken Antao announced that Karen Hall and Giselle Bramwell are the winners of the $100 dinner gift cards.

23. Closing Remarks

Regional Director Robert MacDonald acknowledged the benefit of getting together at Council and having lively debate. The goal of working together and advancing the cause of all of our members is important for all of us to remember.

A heartfelt appreciation and congratulations was extended to all the delegates for their generous donations to both Whistler Community Services and the Legacy Cup. This generosity goes a long way with the charities that we choose to help and the positive image that we need to keep projecting out in the communities where we hold our events.

Thanks were extended to the Regional Executive, the Regional Office staff, Parliamentarian Dan Jones, Chair Richard Barkwell, as well as Vice-President Steve Hindle.

m/s Peter MacDougall/Pierre Charpentier

THAT the 2018 Regional Council be adjourned.


The 74th Regional Council adjourned at 15:31 on June 2, 2018.