July 19, 2017

Vancouver Branch Members,

Than Vancouver Branch will be holding our Annual General Meeting on December 7, 2017 and at that time, the Branch Executive will be presenting a motion to make several changes to our current Vancouver Branch Constitution and By-laws.

We are posting these now to ensure that members have sufficient time to review, bring forward questions and potentially suggest their own changes.

The changes are as follows:

  1. Changing to the PIPSC Model By-laws

We are looking for update the wording in our current Constitution and By-Laws


to the current PIPSC Model Constitution and By-laws for Branches:


This change will allow us to be consistent with other PIPSC Branches across the country and include wording that reflects changes that have been brought forward through various PIPSC AGMs. Our Branch Name will be inserted into the model but other than that, we are not proposing to alter the model in any other way.

  1. Making an addition to a Regulation

Branches are permitted to have specific Regulation attached to the By-laws. We are proposing the addition of a paragraph to confirm that the Vancouver Branch President will be a selected as a delegate to attend the PIPSC AGM on an annual basis . Changes are indicated in italics or stike-outs.

Regulation R11 Guidelines for Choosing Branch Delegates to the Institute’s Annual General Meeting

R11.1 That the Branch President will be one of the Branch Delegates for the National PIPSC AGM , unless the Branch President opts to go as a Group Delegate

R11.1 R11.2 Elected representatives are to be given higher priority to be Branch delegates to the PIPSC AGM as they have been elected to be representatives of the Vancouver Branch and are accountable to their constituents.

R11.2 R11.3 During a person’s term on the Vancouver Branch Executive, they will be given the opportunity to attend the PIPSC AGM.

R11.3 R11.4 Someone who willingly forfeits their status as a Branch delegate by going as a delegate of another constituent body or some other body will normally not lose their chance to attend the AGM the following year if they are still on the Branch Executive.

R11.4 R11.5 Participation in activities such as being a Steward, a representative on Union-Management Consultation Committees, an Executive member of one or more constituent bodies, a delegate to the Regional Council and Stewards Council, etc., will be used to prioritize delegate choice where there is no clear obvious reason why one member should have priority over another.

R11.5 R11.6 If additional members beyond the Branch Executive are required, then members of the Branch who volunteer to be delegates will also be prioritized according to their level of activity in their Executive, the Branch and the Region.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any member of the Vancouver Branch Executive.

Karen Hall
Vancouver Branch President