Vancouver Branch Executive Meeting (No.44) Minutes

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Location: Whitespot Restaurant, 1616 West Georgia, Vancouver, B.C.


Ted Molyneux (Fall 2018) President

Simone Gardezy (Fall 2019) Vice-President

Ervin Selak (Fall 2019) Treasurer

Philip Tam (Fall 2019) Secretary

Behzad Mehrabadi (Fall 2019) Member-at-Large

Karen Hall (fall 2018) Member-at-Large

Kathy Kerr (fall 2018) - Member-at-Large

Geoff Kendell (fall 2018) Member-at-Large

Terry Peters (fall 2018) Member-at-Large


Tim Powers (fall 2018) – Member-at-Large

Jean Laberge (fall 2019) Member-at-Large

1.0 Meeting called to order at 5:00 pm by K. Hall.

2.0 Approval of Agenda: M/S T. Molyneux/T. Peters - carried.

3.0 Approval of Draft minutes

  • Approval of draft minutes No. 43, Wednesday, November 8, 2018 Executive meeting:  M/S T. Molyneux/K. Kerr - carried.
  • Approval of Draft Vancouver Branch AGM, Thursday December 7, 2017 to be posted as Draft. M/S K. Kerr/ T. Molyneux

4.0 Business arising from previous Executive meeting

  • Items are carried as per agenda.

5.0  Vancouver Branch AGM

  • The AGM location, food and participation were discussed and overall the feedback was positive.

6.0  Vancouver Branch Election of Position

  • The position of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary were discussed and the four positions have one candidate for each and was acclaimed. The names and positions are as follows:
  • Ted Molyneux (Fall 2018) President
  • Simone Gardezy (Fall 2019) Vice-President
  • Ervin Selak (Fall 2019) Treasurer
  • Philip Tam (Fall 2019) Secretary

7.0 Treasurer's Report

  • K. Hall reported on behalf of T. Powers about the branch finances. The Branch has received its budget for the current year.
  • T. Powers should confirm if there is any cheque was issued for March for Science event.
  • T. Powers should report about the rental storage for the branch.

8.0 Mobilization and Engagement Events

  • K. Hall provides a report about the Previous event and the feedback were discussed.
  • K. Hall propose some events dates for Executive meetings as well as for other events. The propose Calendar will be discussed further and will be posted on the Web.

9.0 PIPSC Regional Council Meeting

  • PIPSC Regional Council meeting will be held on June 1 and 2 in Whistler. Delegates’ names must be submitted by April 6th.
  • More discussions are postponed to the next Executive meeting.
  • K. Kerr will prepare a draft for President’s report to Regional council.


  • Postponed to future meeting.

11.0 Branch Make-up

  • K. Hall has some statistic about the Branch make-up and will forward that to T. Molyneux

12.0 Assets

  • K. Hall Has two packages of water bottles and a bag of flags at her desk which E. Selak agree to take it from her keep it at her desk.
  • Tent and tables are at S. Gardezy’s house until T. Power find a suitable storage.


  • Wednesday April 4th, 2018, at lunch time.
    • Location will be determined and Executive will be informed.

14.0 Adjournment @ 7:45 pm. M/S P. Tam/E. Selak