Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes

Delta Dartmouth, Dartmouth, NS, January 25, 2019

CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn Hynes


Marcel Journeay

Mike Pauley

Jason Rioux

Phil Wilson

STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

1. Agenda

Motion #1 Phil moved and Jason seconded that the agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED

2. Minutes

Motion #2 Mike moved and Marcel seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED

3. Action Items

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

December 1, 2018 - Delta Halifax

# Action
Item/Completion Deadline

1 Mike
Come up with a list of training needs for the NB Groups.

2 Catherine
Change the 2019 December Training Committee meeting to September. First half of the first day will be Training Committee and second half will be Executive. Do this for 2020 as well.

3 Resolution Committee
Bring a resolution to the January meeting to change TEC to TEAM for Executive approval and forwarding on to the ARC.
BF Marcel March Meeting

4 Carolyn
Bring the feedback to the next TEC meeting. Under advanced remove Volunteer for Committee of the Board. Don’t need to be a steward. Change Intermediate to Representational….second bullet … file grievances and represent members at first level.

5 Catherine
Draft an email to send out six month post to follow up, sent by the Representative on the Training Committee in place of the survey.

6 Catherine
Draft language for the six month post follow up email and Training Committee Reps duties sheet. Bring to January meeting for review.

7 Catherine
Change 3 months to 6 months post follow-up note on Training Committee Representatives report form. Highlight this point when sending the form to the Training Committee Rep and send them a reminder as well.

8 Catherine
Implement play and exercise options into the 2019 Steward Council.

9 Catherine
Change the evaluation rating scale on the Steward Council evaluation forms. DONE

10 Catherine
Come up with suggestions for an advanced topic to take place opposite the New Steward’s breakout session.

11 Catherine
Look for a closing speaker for the Steward Council and bring suggestions to the January meeting.

12 Catherine
Book Harry Bentham for the Friday Awards Banquet at the Steward Council.

13 Catherine
Book Glenn Bob and the Boot for the Saturday Hospitality event at the Steward Council.

14 Catherine
Get a copy of the Leadership Course materials from the Education section.

15 Kim
Provide Catherine with the topic from CLC which may be suitable for the Friday afternoon education session at the ARC.

Item #1: Mike met with NB Presidents and they are happy with the training being offered at this time. They will come to him if they have any specific needs in the future.

ACTION: Catherine have Training Committee Representative do the post course follow-up for the September Basic Training.

ACTION: Catherine fix typo in the draft language for the six month post follow up email and Training Committee Reps duties.

Item #15: Kim reported that the course from the CLC is called Consent Culture.

4. Calendar of Events

Catherine reviewed the calendar of events.

5. Training Committee Chairperson and TEC Reports

Carolyn distributed the Harassment course that PIPSC has piloted. Claire Hurtig worked on this course and is in the processes of finalizing it. The deck is still in the draft stage and is for review only, not for distribution.

Mike noted if the course was to be delivered to NB Groups, it would require some amendments.

Carolyn distributed the agenda from the PSAC Labour School which she recently attended with members of the TEC Committee. TEC has not reviewed the agenda or discussed their impressions of the sessions they attended yet. Carolyn reported that overall she felt the sessions were well received. The first day consisted of outside speakers and the second day was a day of activities based on the information received in the previous day’s groups.

ACTION: Catherine send Carolyn the Steward Council agendas for the last three years to bring to her next TEC meeting.

Carolyn referred the committee to her TEC report contained in the meeting packages. The committee pointed out “Treasurers Training” may be a suitable topic for our extra Steward training session in November.

Discussion ensued around TEC’s suggestion that Treasurer’s Training be a standing item at Steward Councils. Marcel pointed out it doesn’t make sense as Treasurers are not necessarily Stewards.

Carolyn asked the committee members if they had suggestions for courses that PIPSC should look at developing. Marcel suggested Corporate Governance may be a topic beneficial to our members. The ITSP Board Committee had a session on governance when the committee first formed and everyone learned something.

ACTION: Carolyn bring the suggestion of a session on governance to TEC.

Motion #3 Mike moved and Jason seconded that the Training Committee Chairperson’s and TEC reports be approved as presented. CARRIED

6. Lunch and Learns

Carolyn reported there have been no Lunch and Learn requests since the last Training Committee meeting. She distributed a document from Finance which shows the costs associated with requests to date noting the total was lower than anticipated.

7. Budgets

Phil reviewed the Steward Council budget with the Training Committee. Kim advised that regions now have $10,000 for speakers to share between the two councils.

ACTION: Phil add $5000 to the ARC budget.

ACTION: Phil prepare budgets for the period July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

8. Atlantic Steward Update

The Atlantic Steward Update report was reviewed.

9. Steward Training Update

Carolyn reported that the next Steward Training Session will take place February 21-23, at the Delta Dartmouth. Mike Pauley will be the Training Committee Representative on the course which will be facilitated by Max, Paul and Enrico will observe. To date there will be 14 new stewards and 6 refreshers.

10. Atlantic Regional Steward Council

Carolyn reviewed the Steward Council Agenda indicating where a decision on topics/speakers was required.

It was agreed we would proceed with Cannabis as the theme for the council. A Jeopardy quiz on cannabis was suggested as a fun way to begin one of the sessions. The following decisions were made on the Steward Council Agenda:

Friday, October 18th, 2019: Remove “New Steward Name Tags” as these will no longer be distributed. For the 1:30 – 3:00 pm session look for an external provider to speak on Cannabis Legislation.

Saturday, October 19th, 2019: 8:30 – 10:00 am and the 10:15 – 11:30 am session have ERO’s Session on Cannabis and Case Law and Trends. The group will be divided into two and each group will have the opportunity to do each session.

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm the Stewards will be divided into Green Stewards (Stewards appointed with the past two years) and Seasoned Stewards. The Green Stewards will break off with the President and Regional Director and the Seasoned Stewards will have a session on Facing Management Effectively.

2:45 – 4:15 pm Sean King, Turning a New Leaf will be the closing speaker.

ACTION: Kim invite the President to Steward Council and indicate we do not want an alternate.

ACTION: Catherine regarding Facing Management Effectively vs New Stewards speak with ERO’s to see if they are interested in preparing a presentation or if they would prefer we approach the CLC for material and a presenter.

ACTION: Kim and Catherine prepare an agenda for the session with New Stewards.

ACTION: Catherine book Shawn King, Turning a New Leaf as the closing speaker.

ACTION: Catherine source pricing on a sweat shirt with TUIF branding – Red and Yellow for Steward Council.

11. Regional Training School

The agenda for the Regional Training School at Old Orchard Inn was reviewed. Catherine reported that to date we have 65 expressions of interest with 42 available seats.

Discussion ensued surrounding the number of participants per class noting we are the only region reducing the class size at schools.

ACTION: Kim to approach Paul to see if we can up the numbers to 50 for the school.

12. 76th Atlantic Regional Council

The committee is responsible for the Friday afternoon training component at the ARC. Following a discussion of possible topics it was decided that we look for an outside provider on engagement as this is an area that all constituent bodies identify as an area they struggle with. It was agreed to apply the $5000 increase in budget to this item.

ACTION: Catherine solicit a speaker on Engagement.

13. New Business

Carolyn inquired if the region had a specific form or process for members to submit special training requests. Kim explained while there is no form, there is a process that has been in place for these requests. First they go to the Training Committee Chairperson and then the Chairperson brings them forward to the TEC meeting for review and a decision. The Committee agreed it would be useful to have a form that members could use to submit these requests.

ACTION: Carolyn provide Catherine with the criteria to develop a form to submit special training requests.

14. Round Table and Adjournment

Following a round table the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Motion #4 Mike moved and Phil seconded that the Training Committee meeting be adjourned. CARRIED