Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes - September 11, 2023


Location: The Lord Nelson, Halifax, NS


Carolyn Hynes



Manny Costain

Christine LeDrew, Secretary 

Gerald Hill

Kimberley Keats

Lori Rowe



  1. Welcome and Opening Remarks

Carolyn called the meeting to order at 9:03am. Carolyn welcomed everyone to the Training Committee meeting and welcomed Lori to her first Training Committee Meeting. Manny Costain offered a Land Acknowledgement: 


“I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki (prounounced meg-maw-gee), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq Wəlastəkwiyik (pronounced wool-las-two-wi-ig), and Passamaquoddy (pronounced pa-suh-maa-kwuh-dee) peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1726. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wəlastəkwiyik title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.” 


A discussion occurred on the land acknowledgement for steward council. Manny suggested having a video to play from a local indigenous person. Christine will ask Donna to find a local indigenous person to create a video for the Land Acknowledgement for Steward Council. Kim Suggested KMKNO. 


Action: Find a local indigenous person to create a land acknowledgement video.



  1. Approval of Agenda

Action: Add Land acknowledgement to the agenda going forward. 


Carolyn added steward council planning to the agenda.  


Motion #1 Lori Rowe moved and Kim Keats seconded that the Agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED


  1. Minutes/Action items – March 24, 2023

Motion #2 Christine LeDrew moved and Gerald Hill seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED


  1. Review of Action Items

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

March 24, 2023, The Hilton Garden Inn, Moncton, NB



Item/Completion Deadline





Resend & CC Manny – to ask EROs if they would be available and willing to do virtual check-ins on different subjects one or twice a year on top o the regular bi-monthly Steward Check-ins






To price Old Orchard Inn, White Point, and Mill River for the 2025 training school





To obtain update on Donna’s action items prior to the meeting




Kelly & Christine

Keep notes at Steward Check-ins of potential topics for training





Confirm with Donna if a few minute blurb can be added to the Basic Steward Training agenda for the Training Rep to talk on concur.





Bring forward to Joanna in Education to add time to the agenda for the training committee rep to discuss concur and structure of PIPSC. 





To get quotes for all training up to ARC of 2025





Ask Donna to upload the training school selection criteria documents to the google drive





To post Training Committee documents on the Training Committee google drive instead of under the Regional Executive drive





To bring discussion on Canvas to TEAM. Is there a timeframe? Are they notified if they have not finished the online portion?





To invite the Group Breakout speakers to the Steward Council





Price the band Wreckhouse





Price a DJ for Friday night dinner and dance





How to validate our training budgets from previous years.





Bring the walk at dawn to Regional executive for a vote





Contact EROs with the theme of steward council for their sections





To send invitation to Jenn Carr for Steward Council, if not Jenn then VP Eva Henshaw





Invite Eva and Judith to speak at steward council





Look for presenter for self care session to help prevent burn out. 





Set up zoom meeting for training committee 7pm NL time on Tuesday April 25th





To review policy and special training requests and provide feedback





Bring to TEAM why does the training chair not have a say in special training process





Contact Pete Josza to invite Finance to meeting to tell them what needs to be in concur




Discussion on action items occurred. #1 Carolyn emailed Cheryl regarding ERO availability and interest in delivering a virtual training session. Due to their heavy workload, there is no interest at this time. #4 has been changed from Kelly to Kim as Kim typically takes notes during the check ins anyways. #5 Carolyn noted that Lori will be the training representative at the session in September. Donna will put the link to concur video in the participants invite. #6 Carolyn noted that Joanna stated the concur module is now built into the online steward training portion. #7 Training School is booked for Old Orchard Inn for 2025. Christine provided update from Donna regarding location for Steward Council 2024. Discussion ensued on possible locations and possible date change. Manny suggested The Sutton, Halifax Convention Center with blocks of rooms at hotels nearby. Christine will ask Donna to look into The Sutton and the Convention Center. #10 Carolyn noted she spoke with education on the canvas platform. People will get a reminder about completing the online portion of training. They have to complete the online training, or they will not be a steward. Canvas does send reminders to the participants as well. #14 Gerald and Manny discussed. Manny is bringing to the next board meeting and Carolyn brought this topic up at TEAM. It’s currently ongoing. This is for assistance to help with future budget of events and if the budget is actually being spent. #17 Manny has confirmed that VP Sean O’Reilly, VP Eva Henshaw and National Steward Officer Judith Leblanc will be attending as guest speakers to our steward council. Christine will ask Donna to send CVENT invitations our speakers. #21 Training policy and special request are being reviewed at TEAM and is still ongoing.  


Action: Donna send event quotes to treasurer and regional director

Action: Donna to obtain quotes from The Sutton, Halifax Convention Center for Steward Council 2024. 

Action: Donna to send cvent invite to Sean, Judith and Eva. 


Donna provided an update that Hotel Halifax has an opening for October 2024. Discussion ensued on the location. The committee agreed this location is not an option and will bring forward to the executive for further discussion. 


Motion #3 Carolyn Hynes moved and Kim Keats seconded Not to hold stewards council 2024 at Hotel Halifax. CARRIED


  1. Calendar of Events

Carolyn reviewed the calendar of events noting the confirmed locations since our last meeting. A discussion ensued on moving executive meeting events around for member engagement and this will be discussed further at the Atlantic Regional Executive Strategic Planning meeting in the afternoon. Gerald did note that the moving around a few meetings with member meet and greets was approved in our budgets at the ARC. 


  1. Training Committee Chairperson Report

Carolyn reviewed her Training Committee Chairperson’s report on the shared google drive. Lori asked for clarification on what TEAM was. Carolyn explained training, education, and mentoring committee. Carolyn noted they recently had a meeting on September 7th and provided a verbal overview. There is still a lot of ongoing work on the peer to peer training and Steward Framework.  


Motion #4 Carolyn Hynes moved and Gerald Hill seconded approval of the Training Committee Chairperson’s report. CARRIED


  1. Atlantic Steward Update Report

The Training Committee reviewed the Atlantic Steward Update Report.  The list has grown exponentially since the spring for stewards in waiting. However, as 19 are confirmed for the September Basic, we need to continue on steward recruitment. 


Action: Donna to remove or contact Rayelene Stacey, as she is on extended leave. 

Action: Halifax Office to send list of attendees for training session to Carolyn


  1. Steward Council Planning 

Carolyn has noted that everything is ready for our theme of Running on Empty. Carolyn confirmed that Elissa and Simon are presenting with Max presenting his case law and trends session. Manny mentioned the Legacy Foundation Presentation and a discussion occurred. Regional Executive will be given a written bio on the recipients, and this will be read at the steward council. 


Carolyn reminded the committee there will be no walk at dawn and there will be an awards Dinner and Dance with a DJ Friday evening. 


Carolyn mentioned since the theme is Running on Empty to have a few sessions of 5-10 minutes of chair yoga and meditation throughout the steward council. 


Carolyn will bring to executive and ask Jenn to do the chair yoga and Yvonne to do the meditation sessions. 


Chair Yoga Friday afternoon after the welcome. 


Saturday: 2:30-2:40 Legacy Reading

      2:40-2:50 Chair Yoga

      2:50-3pm Meditation

Action: Donna fix typo and add Judith to the agenda

Action: Donna add the chair yoga and meditation sessions to the agenda. 


Carolyn mentioned the raffle prize and local charity. The committee discussed various charities and prize item. Will discuss further with the regional executive. 


  1. Steward Event Evaluations

It was noted that a comment was made on letting people know about the events in advanced. Discussion ensued and Christine noted it is an event meant for the members in the training session. The Training committee discussed the other comments from the various sessions. 


  1. Training TEAM Budget

Carolyn noted that they spent a full day at TEAM meeting on budget. Some regions state it should be the responsibility of the training chair. John Purdie stated it is the OA’s responsibility. Previously the Halifax OA and treasurer got together to set the budget. Recently Donna and Gerald would connect to work on the budget. 


Manny mentioned that there were some flaws with the new budget document but they have been fixed. Once you get comfortable with the document it is easy to navigate. It was also noted that John said it is better to have the social events assigned to the specific event (ex: SC, ARC) outside the regional budget. Going forward the events should be on the master bill of the training session and not a separate item –will need to seek further clarification. Carolyn mentioned that it was a good exercise and that as training chair she should be aware of the budget but not her responsibility. The committee discussed the training budget. 


  1. November Executive Training Materials

Carolyn stated that we are confirmed to do executive training November 17-18 in Charlottetown, PEI. The committee discussed who would be facilitating this course. It was noted that only Carolyn and Christine currently have POP-ED training. Carolyn noted while Gerald does not currently have formal pop ed training, he co-facilitated the executive course with us in 2021 while using pop ed principles. As such, in his role as treasurer and past experience with pop ed it is reasonable that he cofacilitate the session with us. It was determined that Carolyn, Christine and Gerald would be the facilitators with Manny in attendance as Training Rep and Regional Director. 


  1. New Business
  1. Training Committee Alternate

Carolyn stated we should have someone from the committee listed as her alternate if she cannot attend the TEAM meetings. Christine volunteered to be the alternate. 



  1. Lunch and Learn Process – Subgroup Requests

Carolyn noted that as she currently receives the lunch and learn requests for approval. When she receives them for her subgroup she has been sending them to Manny for approval as she doesn’t feel it’s right for her to approve. Manny noted it’s to take away from any issues before any issues occur. Discussion ensued on what is the proper process for L&L Requests. Carolyn suggested to send to the alternate, Gerald suggested to send the L&L requests from Carolyn’s subgroup to the training committee for review. 


Motion #5 Gerald Hill moved and Christine LeDrew seconded approval Lunch and Learns from Carolyn’s SubGroup will be from the entire committee. CARRIED


Action: Carolyn add L&L approval update to cheat sheet for her subGroup


  1. Lunch and Learn Guide & Reimbursement Process

John Purdie has stated to continue using the excel spreadsheet and email for Lunch and Learn reimbursement as it causes less confusion right now with concur. Manny noted to email finance and CC the president of the constituent body when submitting the claim. Carolyn has drafted a L&L resource tool to assist members for approval and reimbursement process. Carolyn also noted that when she approves L&L that is received from Education, she adds the requestor to the approval email and adds a note: Please retain this approval email to add to your reimbursement request. Carolyn will finalize draft and forward to the committee for input. 


  1. Training School 2024

Carolyn noted that other regional schools have completed some training on anti-racism courses that were highly received by the participants. Currently we are one of the regions that have not completed one. Carolyn suggested that we look into one for our 2024 training school. She spoke with Richard from PIPSC after his presentation at the Consultation Symposium. He stated that it should be given by someone that has lived that type of experience. He also mentioned that if we cannot find someone that he would be willing to come help facilitate. 


Action: Carolyn to email Cheryl regarding anti-racism at training school


  1. Round Table 

Carolyn thanked everyone for attending the meeting.


Motion #6 Carolyn Hynes moved and Lori Rowe seconded to adjourn the meeting. CARRIED.


Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:03pm.