Atlantic Regional Training Committee Meeting Minutes

The Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax NS – September 10, 2021

CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn Hynes

COMMITTEE: Christine LeDrew (on zoom)

Gerald Hill

 Mike Pauley

Kim Skanes

Cathy Hebert (recording secretary for this meeting)

REGRETS: Donna Davis, Recording Secretary (regrets)

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks

Carolyn welcomed all to the Training Committee meeting.

2. Approval of Agenda


I           Indigenous speaker

v          Special Event

vi         Stewart of the Year

vii        President address

viii       Director’s farewell address

3. Minutes/Action items – June 25, 2021

a. Approval of minutes

Motion #1  Mike Pauley moved and Cathy Hebert seconded that the minutes be approved as presented.


b. Review of Action Items

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Training Committee

June 25, 20021 ZOOM



Item/Completion Deadline




Training Committee

Send four or more name in by Wednesday, May 5, of Stewards who would be suitable for the panel.

Mike P will handle the NB Group.

Names were discussed for the other panel

Kim to send an invitation to the selected names.



Reach out to President Daviau to speak at the Steward Check-In for October on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.





Contact Steward Coordinator to ask if Steward in Waiting would be extended past their two-year period to take Basic Steward Training due to Covid.

Advised No.  They will have to reapply.  Email will be sent by Donna




To send Carolyn Michael Basque’s address so she can send him a retirement card on behalf of the executive.

Card has been sent Michael




To ask Paul if Harassment can be adapted to suit the NB Groups.

The EROs don’t have the time to complete this task at this time but maybe in the future




To ask Education when the Harassment course would be available

Will be ready to go mid- October via virtual or in person.




To ask staff if they have any suggestions for topics for the November Steward Training.

No suggestion received at this time.




To discuss feedback questions at her next TEAM meeting





To compile 2 years of evaluations from previous meetings for Training Schools, Steward Training and Steward Council.





To update TEC Committee to TEAM Committee going forward.




4. Calendar of Events

Discussions were held regarding training events in 2022.

Basic Stewart Training in Halifax February 17-19 at The Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax

Basic Stewart Training in either St. John’s, NL or Fredericton September 22-24

Basic Stewart Training in either PEI or Moncton Nov 18-19

Action Item:  Donna to request proposals for training from above venues.

5. Training Committee Chairperson Report

Carolyn reviewed her Training Committee Chairperson’s report which can be found on the shared google drive.

Motion #2 Christine moved and Gerald seconded approval of Carolyn’s Chairperson’s report.


6. Atlantic Steward Update Report

Nine Stewards in waiting will expire as of December 31, 2021 after being on the list    for two years. They will not be automatically renewed due to lack of training during Covid.  An email will need to be sent to the nine members on the list to encourage them to reapply.

Action Item:  Donna to prepare an email to send to expired Steward In Waiting members going forward to encourage them to reapply to become a Steward. 

7. Steward Training

a. Topic for November 12-13, 2021, Steward Training.

Confirm the booking at the Lord Nelson.  Look at moving the date to November 19-20, 2021.  Topic – Executive Training (2-day course).

Email will be sent to the president of the branches to solicit names for the course.

Action Item:  Donna to ask the Lord Nelson to change the date of the training to November 19, 20, 2021. 

b. Ongoing Steward Training Sessions

Should we continue the virtual sessions (1 Hr)?  It was agreed to continue them.

Lunch and learn sessions – Collective agreement and Consent Culture.

c. Steward Check-in Feedback Results

The Committee went over the feedback results from the last Steward Check-In.  Future topics could be how to represent members with vaccine issues, how to engage members with a virtual office, and return to office.

​​​​​​​d. National Basic Steward Training for fall 2021

Paul asked that the National Office to hold one Basic Steward Training in English, September 27, and French, September 28. They will be virtual.

8. Steward Council

i. Guest Speaker

The guest speaker should be an indigenous speaker.   Greg Scriver – Topic Truth and Reconciliation. Carolyn will reach out to Greg.  Depending on his schedule the presentation maybe done virtually.

Action Item:  Carolyn to ask Greg Shriver to attend our Steward Council as a guest speaker.

​​​​​​​ii. Extra Time Slot for Steward Council Agenda

Debi Daviau will be asked if she would be able to attend the Steward Council. If unavailable Paul Hartigan will be asked to speak.

​​​​​​​iii. Fundraiser – Charity selection and gift for raffle

The charity selected for this year’s Steward Council is the Halifax Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, which will be brought to the executive.

The gift for the raffle will be a Garmin watch. An email will be sent to all members about the raffle and the purchase will be done via email transfer.

​​​​​​​iv. Scholarship Presentation.

There will be no winners at the Steward Council.  A video will be played.

​​​​​​​v. Special Event – Steward Council Offsite Social Event

We will look into rental at Halimac – Axe throwing.

If axe throwing is not available, we will look into Locas for a pool tournament.

Action Item:  Gerald Hill will check into the axe throwing and Cathy Hebert will look into Locas for the pool tournament. 

​​​​​​​vi. Presentation of Stewart of the Year

Nomination form to be sent out via email.

Action Item:  Donna to send out letter and nomination form for the Steward of the Year.

​​​​​​​vii. President Address

An invitation will be sent to Debi Daviau for the Stewart Council.

9. Round Table

Most of the discussions were regarding being happy to be meeting in person.