Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes - September 12, 2023


The Lord Nelson, Halifax, NS

September 12, 2023



Manny Costain


Jennifer Cantwell

Lori Rowe

Carolyn Hynes

Gerald Hill

Kimberley Keats

Christine LeDrew, Secretary 

Tony Chubbs

Scott McConaghy 

Yvonne O’Keefe



Mike Pauley


  1. Welcome and Directors’ Opening Remarks

Manny called the meeting to order at 9:20am. He welcomed everyone to the meeting and welcomed Tony and Lori to their first regional executive meeting. Manny offered a land acknowledgement:


“I would like to begin by acknowledging that we are in Mi’kma’ki (prounounced meg-maw-gee), the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. This territory is covered by the “Treaties of Peace and Friendship” which Mi’kmaq Wəlastəkwiyik (pronounced wool-las-two-wi-ig), and Passamaquoddy (pronounced pa-suh-maa-kwuh-dee) peoples first signed with the British Crown in 1726. The treaties did not deal with surrender of lands and resources but in fact recognized Mi’kmaq and Wəlastəkwiyik title and established the rules for what was to be an ongoing relationship between nations.”


  1. Ice Breaker

Yvonne proceeded with a light fun Ice Breaker.  Lori volunteered to do the Ice Breaker for the October meeting.  


3.   Agenda

Manny called for any amendments to the agenda. 

Christine would like to add 14(c) AYPC Update. Scott added 14(d) Vacancy on executive. Carolyn added 14(e) Training School. Jenn made a note of student not getting paid and a discussion ensued. 

Motion # 1 Kim Keats moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded that the agenda be approved as amended.  CARRIED.


  1. Approval of Regional Executive Minutes

The minutes of May 25th, 2023 were reviewed.  There were no changes required.

Motion # 2 Yvonne O’Keefe moved; Carolyn Hynes seconded that the minutes be approved.  CARRIED.

  1. Action Items Review

Manny reviewed the Action Items.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

             May 25, 2023 – The Delta St. John’s, St. John’s, NL






Item/Completion Deadline







To rebook the virtual Atlantic Regional Steward Check-In for every two months.





Scope out new properties for meetings, one suggestion was the Hilton Garden Inn, St. John’s, NL.  




To invite Phil to the Thursday night Director’s dinner for our Steward Council.  





To have a zoom meeting of the newly elected executive prior to the September Executive and Training Committee meeting to vote in positions for the Executive and Training Committee.







To obtain quote and purchase steward council gift






To communicate with Cheryl regarding the Training Committee’s decisions on training after each meeting.







To look into the Annual General Meeting visibility item.  






Add a blurb to steward check-in that participants can connect throughout the session.






Think of guest presenter for the last hour of Steward Council






Think about executive meet and greets






Add Executive Meet and Greets to September agenda







Obtain quote and order 500 journals





Training Committee

Make a process for L&L expense claims






Add to Training committee agenda who to approve L&L when it’s the chair’s branch/subgroup, etc






Send NSO email to Carolyn and new training committee





Carolyn & Manny

Hold zoom call with training committee on email




Mention to bring cash to events that we hold raffles






Make note of Manny’s hospitality reimbursement






Send out call of interest for AYPC






Set up a zoom for executive to select AYPC 





#3: Manny has a reminder set to send Phil and Cathy the invitation next week. Jenn will book a location for 20 people Thursday night. 

#7: Jennifer has taken over the AGM visibility item. Manny noted there is approximately 41 delegates from the region. Discussion ensued on how many items to order.  

Motion # 3 Jennifer Cantwell moved; Lori Rowe seconded that the executive purchase 60 t-shirts or crew neck sweaters for the AGM visibility item.  CARRIED.


It was noted that the AGM Task Force wants the hospitality rooms closed during their events in the evening. The executive discussed if it is required to host a hospitality room every night, especially Saturday night. Consensus stated no for Saturday night. Hospitality room will be for Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. 

Gerald noted that he may not be attending the AGM so someone will need to keep the receipts and each person’s name should be written on them. It was also suggested that someone be responsible for ordering food. Christine stated that we should not have food like pizza, only snack items as people will be getting their per diems for supper. Lori will look into Costco Delivery of snack items. 

Action:  Lori to look into Costco delivery of snack items.

Motion # 4 Gerald Hill moved; Scott McConaghy seconded to adjust expenditures for the Atlantic AGM Networking events up to $2000. CARRIED.


Discussion occurred regarding the raffle for the Legacy Foundation at the AGM. 

Motion # 5 Carolyn Hynes moved; Kim Keats seconded to have items from every province up to a total of $250 to make a gift basket. CARRIED. 


  1. Calendar of Events

Manny reviewed the Calendar of Events.  Manny noted that the November extra training will be the Executive Training at the Rodd Charlottetown and the Executive meeting in December is pushed a week due to the 4 day AGM Convention. Scott asked what we will be doing for the staff at the December meeting. Manny suggested that we will do a supper with staff Friday evening. Donna had stated that many locations were not available for Steward Council in 2024, hotel Halifax and the Lord Nelson. Discussion took place regarding other options. 

Action:  Donna to look at The Sutton, Halifax Convention Center with accommodations at nearby hotels.


Regional executive discussed looking at other properties for Regional Executive Meeting December 2024, January 2025 and Basic Steward in February 2025. 

Action:  Donna to look into The Westin, 4 Points, The Sutton, The Residence Inn, The Marriott Harbourfront, or Hilton Properties for the three dates listed above. 


Manny also noted that Training school for 2025 has been booked at The Old Orchard Inn. 


7Regional Director’s Report

Manny advised that his Director’s Report is on the Google Drive for review. He stated that it has been fairly busy over the summer. He noted that he has submitted 30 names as delegates for the PIPSC National AGM with registration being open from July 17-September 29. Replacements can be made up until November 9, after that they can be done but they will be virtual attendees. There are 587 delegates registered of the 742 and a reminder will be sent around September 5th. Childcare will be provided again this year. 

Scott discussed some items that were at the AGM Task Force. Discussions of the cost of virtual voting. He noted that allowing to attend virtually allows people to attend even if they are unable to travel. 


Manny noted there were a number of constituent body by-laws approved at the board meeting with a few being from the Atlantic Region. Tony Goddard has been granted to be a liberated steward while they work on hiring a governance position. This position is to work on updating the by-laws on the websites as well as the UFLB updates. 


Manny provided an update on UFLB and acting head of finance department stated there are many reasons on why they cannot notify the members when they qualify for a UFLB day. The advisory council is supposed to be bringing something forward regarding this policy. The executive had some discussion on issues with PIPSC denying UFLB day. 

Manny noted that the position letter has been sent to the candidate for Executive Director. Hiring for General Counsel and Director of Finance are both still ongoing. 


Scott mentioned about the part time Vice-President’s now being paid up to 50% of salary. In addition, Manny noted that the Board of Directors made a decision to create an AD-HOC Committee of the Board for Youth Committee’s, which will be similar to TEAM composition. It will be combined of the Regional Youth Committee Chairs with a one-year mandate to help with ways to communicate, terms of reference, etc. 


Motion # 6 Manny Costain moved, and Christine LeDrew seconded the Director’s Report be approved as presented.            CARRIED.


Carolyn thanked Manny for his reports and updates after the board of directors’ meetings. 


8. Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn Hynes, Chair of the Training Committee, went over her report submitted on the google drive. She noted that the Training Committee has discussed and decided that for Lunch and Learn approvals for her SubGroup, Carolyn will send them to the committee for approval. She is still working on the one-pager document for reimbursement process for Lunch and Learns but noted that John Purdie stated to use the excel spreadsheet and email to claim for now. Lori Rowe will be the training representative at the basic steward training in September in Fredericton and she will work with Donna to book a member event. 


Action: Lori to work with Donna to book a member event at BST. 


Carolyn noted that the training committee will be facilitating the Constituent Body Executive Training in PEI in November. Education has provided all the course materials which is on our google drive. Yvonne asked how many people are invited and how they get invited. Carolyn explained we take 20 participants, and the invite typically goes to branch presidents. A discussion occurred on who should get the invitation.

Motion # 7 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Lori Rowe seconded the executive training invitation be sent to all constituent body presidents in the Atlantic region.   CARRIED.


Action: Donna to send the invite request to all Constituent Body presidents for the Executive Training.


In addition, Carolyn mentioned that a virtual course for Treasurer’s will be coming out soon. At the TEAM meeting they completed some budget work. Our training committee has agreed that Gerald would continue with the budgets in conjunction with Carolyn. 


Motion # 8 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Kim Keats seconded the Training Committee Chairperson’s Report. CARRIED.


9. Financial Report

Gerald started with a discussion on the financials. He discussed the income statement up to the end of August 2023. Gerald explained the formula for allotments, only 1&1/2 times the allotment in your back account. The region has received their allotment. 


Action: Carolyn to deliver cheque from ARC fundraiser to Bridge of Hope. 


Next Gerald presented the cash flow statement with a discussion from the executive. It is noted that we have a balance and at the next meeting we will have a more detailed statement as there were cheques signed this week. 


Motion # 9 Gerald Hill moved, and Tony Chubbs seconded the financial report. CARRIED.


  1. Committees of the Board Reports


  1. BLPC Committee
  2. Training, Education, and Mentoring Committee (TEAM)
  3. Finance Committee


It was noted that VP Stephanie Frechette requested Scott to be chair of the BLPC in her absence, so Manny has stepped in as the Atlantic Representative. It was noted that the Board of Directors had a motion to change the Policy on Constituent Body finances to purchase sporting event tickets and Manny amended the motion to match what the Atlantic region resolution was. Further discussion occurred and there is worry that it would be open to abuse and why some find it difficult to approve the change. 


The TEAM report was reviewed on the google drive in a previous agenda item. 


The executive reviewed the Finance Committee report and Kim asked if June was their last meeting. It showed in the minutes that there was supposed to be a meeting August 31. Gerald asked why consultation team budget training is there. Discussion occurred. 


Kim Keats provided a verbal update from the Science Advisory Committee stating there has not been a meeting since April and they have only had two meetings this year. 


Motion # 10 Manny Costain moved, and Gerald Hill seconded that the Committees of the Board reports be moved as presented.  CARRIED


11. Lunch and Learn Reimbursement Process

Carolyn noted this item was meant for the Training committee agenda. She stated that she is developing a one pager document for members to know what the process is to receive reimbursement for lunch and learns. 


12. Executive Meet & Greet

Discussion occurred on continuing to hold meet and greets with members during regional executive meetings. The executive feels this is a great member engagement. Kim noted that after our meet and greet in St.Andrew’s last year we have more people involved in Union activities there now. 

The next regional executive meeting that we would host a meet and greet would be April 5-6th 2024 in Fredericton, NB. Scott will discuss with branch about hosting a meet and greet with the regional executive. 

Manny noted that he did reach out to Craig Bradley, PEI Branch President, about an event for the ARC next year in PEI and he did provide a list of items to Manny. A discussion occurred on whether we should have it Friday night or Saturday as Christine stated having it on Saturday night a lot of the delegates would have to travel home. Gerald suggested doing an hour mingle with finger foods and then do an event such as a comedy show. 


Action:  Donna to add ARC Networking event to the December agenda


Action:  Gerald to price event such as Patrick Ledwell or American Pie.


13. Steward Council Planning 

Carolyn noted that our theme is “Running on Empty” and we will provide short sessions of Chair Yoga and Meditation. Jennifer agreed to perform two sessions of approximately 10mins each of Chair Yoga; Friday morning after the welcome prior to Max’s session and Saturday at 2:40-2:50pm. Yvonne agree to host a 10 minute meditation session on Saturday at 2:50-3pm. 


Action:  Donna add the yoga and meditation sessions on the steward council agenda


It was noted at that time there was approximately 122 stewards registered for steward council. The executive noted a few typos on the agenda. 


Action:  Donna to fix steward council agenda. Add Judith Leblanc with Eva for steward Framework. Remove second ‘ from Sean O’Reilly’s name 


Carolyn mentioned that we need to select which charity we would like to donate to from our raffle and what the raffle prize would be. Discussion on charities occurred. 


Motion # 11 Jennifer Cantwell moved, and Lori Rowe seconded that the Steward Council raffle charity will be Phoenix House. CARRIED.


Carolyn questioned the executive what type of prize do we want to have for the raffle? Suggestions were e-reader, smart watch, wireless headphones, Samsung tablet, Bluetooth speaker. 


Motion # 12 Carolyn Hynes moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded that the executive purchase a Bluetooth speaker, Garmin watch, and wireless headphones as raffle prizes for Steward Council, ARC and Training School. CARRIED.


Action:  Gerald to purchase Bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, and garmin watch. 


As discussion ensued regarding an executive member being retired and being at steward council. The executive stated it would be okay for them to be there for the introductions of the regional executive but will have to leave after as they are no longer a steward. 


14. New Business

  1. Atlantic Region Branch and Group History Compilation – Tony asked if there would be any interest in going forward with gathering the history of the Atlantic region. It was noted that headquarters of PIPSC have very little to no information on Branches. Discussion occurred on how the regional executive could obtain get this information and compile it. Tony questioned if we could put funds towards processing this, which unfortunately we cannot. But executive members can ask Pat, Mary, Ginnette, etc for word of mouth. Scott stated he will reach out to the people and Manny stated he would reach out to Pat. Scott mentioned that he has quite a bit of documents from the years and he will look at them to see if he can figure out some information for branches. 


  1. AYPC Update – Christine noted that the AYPC is looking to host an event for members under 40 in the Halifax region the Thursday of steward council from 5-7pm. 


Motion # 13 Christine LeDrew moved, and Gerald Hill seconded that the AYPC host a member event Thursday evening from 5-7 at Durty Nellie’s. CARRIED.


Christine provided a verbal update on the AYPC thus far. She also mentioned that some members have been denied half day leave to attend the AYPC meeting. Manny made note that the Policy states if you cannot leave the day of after 7am to arrive in time you are to travel the day before with no time requirement the day before. He stated if members have issues to let him and John Purdie know immediately. 


  1. AYPC Selection – Manny noted that the AYPC call of interest for 1 position from each province went out and the applications were on the google drive for the executive to review and that these would be for a 2-year term. He mentioned that there was only 1 applicant from NL and NB. There were 2 applicants from PEI and 4 from NS. 

As there was only one applicant from both NL (Kelly Weir) and NB (April Carter) they were acclaimed. 

Discussion ensued on the 4 applications from NS. Manny held a vote for NS and Ashlee Mcleod received the most votes. 


Motion # 14 Christine LeDrew moved, and Manny Costain seconded to go into closed session. CARRIED.


Motion # 15 Christine LeDrew moved, and Jennifer Cantwell seconded to come out of closed session. CARRIED.


Discussion occurred on the 2 PEI applications and a vote was held. Carl Morgan was elected. 


Motion # 16 Manny Costain moved, and Christine LeDrew seconded to accept Kelly Weir (NL), April Carter (NB), Ashlee Mcleod (NS) and Carl Morgan (PEI) for 2-year terms of the AYPC. CARRIED.


  1. Vacancy on Executive

Scott noted that if an executive member does not return, we would have to follow our by-laws on if we are going to fill the position on going to the next name on the ballot. Discussion ensued on would it be a bad idea if we did not fill the vacancy. The executive discussed and noted there are a lot of questions to be verified beforehand. 


  1. Training School 

Carolyn stated there was a conversation at TEAM about anti-depression, anti-racism training from Richard at PIPSC. He is recommending offering this training at the training school or steward council. She noted that other regions have received great feedback from this training as one region is even doing a part 2 at their steward council. It was noted that when doing the training the facilitator needs to have lived the experience. Carolyn will email Cheryl about EROs doing this course at training school.

Kim mentioned about the online Anti-Racism course and that the platform has been down. Christine noted she contacted education regarding it being down but has yet to receive a response. 


15. Round Table


Jennifer noted that she made a reservation for 20 people for Salt & Ash for Director’s Dinner Thursday evening (6:30pm) at Steward Council. There is a $750 deposit for the private room and that comes off the cost of the bill at the end. 

Tony noted it was a very interesting first executive meeting and a lot of topics discussed. 

Gerald said it was a great meeting and good collaboration. 

Carolyn stated it was a great few days of meetings. 

Manny stated it was a great meeting without frightening the new executive members. Wished everyone a safe travel home. 


Motion # 17 Scott McConaghy moved, and Tony Chubbs seconded that the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED


The meeting was adjourned at 4:52pm.