The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL - May 23, 2019



Michael Basque

Manny Costain

Carolyn Hynes

Scott McConaghy

Christine Newhook

Mike Pauley

Jason Rioux

Phil Wilson


STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

REGRETS: Marilyn Best

Marcel Journeay


1.  Welcome and Introductions

Kim called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to St. John’s, NL the ROCK and winter!

2.  Ice Breaker

Phil facilitated an entertaining icebreaker involving paper plates, sharpies and a Christmas theme.

ACTION:            Catherine will prepare the icebreaker for the September meeting.


3.  Agenda

The following items were added to the Agenda:

  • Under Hot Topics - Phoenix Settlement
  • New Business c.  Process to Request Speakers for Constituent Body AGM’s in the Region

Motion #1 Phil moved and Jason seconded that the agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED

4.  Approval of Regional Executive Minutes – March 23, 2019

Motion #2 Scott moved and Manny seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED

5.  Action Items

Kim led the committee through the Action Items from the March 23, 2019, meeting.

Action Items

Atlantic Regional Executive

March 23, 2019

Delta Beausejour, Moncton, NB




Item/Completion Deadline





Collect pictures and stories from their respective constituent bodies and submit to Carolyn for PIPSC’s 100th Anniversary.






Think of members who are deserving of a Service Award and send their name to Kim.





Send the region’s photos for the 100th Anniversary to Laureen Allen.





BF for the Branch and Provincial Group President’s meeting a discussion on Swag for events throughout the year.





Include the proposed AGM formula in the ARC Agenda and meeting packages.





Send the Executive a list of the contact information for the stewards in the Branch we are hosting the meet and greet for.  Executive members who reside in or close to the city of the meeting where possible contact the stewards by phone to promote the event.





Have the Regional Executive 2018 Financials reviewed for inclusion in the ARC Meeting package.





Ensure the Swag resolution is included in the ARC meeting package.





Prepare the icebreaker for the May meeting.





Bring forward to the Board a request to formalize the Youth Committees in the region with the required funding.





Facilitate AGM registration asap indicating we are attempting to get all Atlantic Delegates booked at the Hilton Lac Leamy as it is first come first served.  




Scott and Catherine

Verify the delegate allotment for the AGM and report back to the Executive.





Promote the Executive of the Year Award prior to the April 30th deadline.





Take the request to change the Union Family Life Policy to read that you don’t have to use Leave Without Pay for the Family Balance day.

ONGOING – Depending on the outcome the resolution at the ARC



Resolutions Committee

Prepare a resolution to change the Union Family Life Balance Policy to read you don’t have to use LWOP for the Family Balance day.





Inquire why PIPSC members can’t skip the 1st and 2nd level and go directly to the third level.





Facilitate inclusion of the TEC to TEAM Resolution to the ARC meeting package.




Awards Committee

Review the NCR’s policy on Steward Awards and determine if there is any part we would want to adopt in the Atlantic region.





Change Training to TRAINING EVENTS in the 2020 Atlantic Regional Executive budget.





Make the correction on page 3 #437 of the 2020 Atlantic Regional Executive budget - change year to 2018. 





Remove the item for Mayworks from the Atlantic Regional Executive budget.





In the 2020-2021 Budgets increase attendee number for the training school to 46.




Kim and Catherine

Follow up on sourcing someone to formally open the 76th ARC in St. John’s and report back to the Executive. 





Follow-up with Barry Gerus on the discussion items referred to in the By-Laws and Policies Committee Meeting.  Seek clarification and identify what policy is being referred to.




ACTION:  Executive give some thought to Award nominees and send them to Kim asap. 

Discussion ensued on the 24th AGM seat and what should be done with it.  Currently it is at the purview of the regional executive.  Scott suggests we should have a rationale prepared prior to the resolution being discussed on the floor of the ARC.  Discussion ensued on the Executive of the Year Award and the criteria.   

6.  Calendar of Events 

Kim reported on the Policy Review specifically the Policy on Regions.  This will now permit the Executive to have a two-day meeting once per year, however any additional costs may be billed back to the Executive.  It is something we may have to budget for in future years if we plan to go with a two-day meeting.


The Executive decided that for the November extra training session we will we will do Leadership Training.

7.  Hot Topics 

Phoenix Settlement:  Kim reported there is lots of information available on the PIPSC website regarding the details of the settlement.  A discussion on the details followed.

8.  Atlantic Regional Council Event Review

Kim led the Executive through the facilitator’s agenda and roles were assigned.

9.  Director’s Report

Kim referred the Executive to her report contained in the meeting package.  It was noted that Jason’s name was inadvertently left off the Executive list.  In addition to her written report, Kim provided the following updates:

Kim referred to the Board’s Policy Review pointing out that Child Care will change to Family Care Services Policy. 

A resolution was passed that the Headquarters and Regional Offices will each be provided with a land acknowledgement plaque to be displayed in their offices. 

PIPSC is going to develop a course on indigenous awareness through the HR Committee and it will then go to TEC for final formatting.  

An issue was brought up at the Board, without resolution from the ITSP committee, about representation from the regions.  The ITSP committee had a member that moved from one region to another and is remaining on the committee.  It got referred to BLPC for a recommendation on how to handle it in the future. 

One of new full time VP’s has gone on language training. 

PIPSC will be conducting renovations in the HQ building.  The building is 95% leased.  The 6th floor fully rented for 9 years and tenants will only be onsite during election year.

Second quarter financial statements were just approved.

The Human Rights and Diversity Committee chair has been replaced.  Mario resigned for personal reasons. Waheed Khan is now the chair.

AGM delegates in the NCR can stay at home and claim private accommodation allowance if the prefer.

Kim reported she has not been made a liberated steward as per some rumors that have been circulating.  She is serving as chair of the Training and Education Committee, Steward Framework project, member of the Pension Committee for PIPSC employees, member of the Executive Compensation Committee and a member representing the Board on Professional Canada’s task force.  Kim has attended the Moncton Branch AGM and the St. John’s Branch AGM. She will be replacing Steve Hindle on the NB Groups portfolio and overseeing the NB Group Liaison.  This assignment will be reviewed after a year. 

Motion #3 Carolyn moved and Phil seconded that the Atlantic Regional Director’s report be approved as presented. CARRIED

10.  Training Committee Chairperson’s Report

Carolyn referred the Executive to her report contained in the meeting packages.  Phil pointed out a Typo – pg. 2- April 2019 not 2018.  Carolyn reported we are fairly consistent with the number of stewards in Atlantic. At the time of writing this report there are 217. 

Motion #4 Carolyn moved and Jason seconded that the Atlantic Regional Training Committees report be approved as amended. CARRIED

11.  Regional Executive Finances

Phil tabled the Atlantic Regional Executive Income Statement pointing out that Line 18 has changed because of the inclusion of the school.  Line 5 Promotional is increased due to the fundraiser at the School.  We did have the Executive Financial Statements reviewed for 2018 and the report is in hand.

ACTION:  Phil follow up on whether 2020 and 2021 budgets were submitted to Ottawa.

Motion #5 Phil moved and Jason seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive Financial Report be approved as presented. CARRIED

12.  AYPC Report

Christine referred the Executive to the written report contained in the meeting materials.  She reported the AYPC’s last meeting was March in Halifax.  The new Committee has been selected and will meet tomorrow morning.  New committee members are:  Evan Pemberton, Erika Isenor, Kathy McLellan, Justin Murphy and Kimberley Keats.  Returning members are Christine Newhook, Marcus Peck and Leslie Nasmith.  Christine reported the AYPC is hosting an event this evening at a local pub.  The AYPC is requesting an email listing of new members U40 quarterly and sending them an introduction to PIPSC and AYPC email. 

Motion #6 Christine moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Young Professionals Committee Report be approved as presented. CARRIED

13.  New Business

a. 100TH Anniversary:  Carolyn reported the 100th Anniversary celebration will take place at the 2020 AGM.  The Committee is working on building momentum as the event approaches.  Kim reported we have the opportunity to institute a regional scholarship commemorating the 100th Anniversary.  The committee is asking Executives to hold a meeting on February 6 at the regional offices and host an open house for members.

Motion #7 Manny moved and Michael seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive move its January meeting to February in Halifax and organize an open house as per the 100th Anniversary committee’s recommendation. CARRIED

ACTION:  Catherine change the January Regional Executive meeting to February and organize a Training Committee Thursday pm, open house Thursday night and Exec meeting all day Friday with return travel Saturday am. 

Kim explained the 100th Anniversary committee is requesting Regional Executive’s sponsor a scholarship for their respective regions for 2020. 

Motion #8 Phil moved and Jason seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive sponsor an Atlantic Scholarship for the 100th Anniversary for $2000. CARRIED

ACTION:  Carolyn advise the 100th Anniversary committee that Atlantic will sponsor a $2000 scholarship and advise Phil.

b. Internal Communications Atlantic Regional Executive: 

Motion #9 Scott moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive move into closed session. CARRIED

Motion #10 Carolyn moved and Jason seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive move out of closed session. CARRIED

c.  Process to Request Speakers for Constituent Body AGM’s:  Kim explained Regional Executive members can’t travel on behalf of the Executive without being designated as her replacement. If you receive a request to attend a Constituent Body event, flip it to Kim so she can authorize you to attend as her replacement.

14.  National Committee Reports

The following reports, contained in the meeting packages, were reviewed: 

  • By-Laws and Policy
  • ITSP
  • TEC
  • PRQC
  • Science Advisory

Motion #11 Christine moved and Michael seconded that the National Committee reports be accepted as presented. CARRIED

15.  Round Table and Adjournment

Kim led the Executive through a review of the 76th ARC meeting packages.  She reported we received a thank you card from Fidelis House.  Kim advised that the Board is going to start publishing agenda’s prior to the meetings.  You will need a portal account to view them. 

Carolyn thanked all Executive for the friendships built around this table.  Thank you for all the hardwork and efforts on behalf of our members.  Micheal it has been a pleasure and I have learned a lot from you.

Jason advised electronic expense claims will happen before we go to the AFS and CS AGM’s.  PIPSC will run both systems for the first little while. 

Micheal thanked everyone for the best wishes stating his time on the Executive has been great and he has enjoyed it and met a lot of good people.  Micheal stated he is looking forward to spending time with his grandchild.

Manny presented Mike with a gift on behalf of the Executive and he also has a gift for Marilyn.

Kim thanked Michael indicating he will be missed.  Kim thanked the Executive for their participation in the meeting. 

ACTION:  Catherine add to the September agenda the process for recognition of Executive members leaving the Executive.

The meeting was adjourned.