Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting Minutes

Delta Beauséjour, Moncton, NB – January 27, 2018

CHAIRPERSON: Kimberley Skanes  

EXECUTIVE: Marilyn Best

Emmanuel Costain

Cathy Hebert

Marcel Journeay

Scott McConaghy

Mike Pauley

Phil Wilson

REGRETS: Michael Basque, Gerry Saunders, Carolyn Hynes

STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

Welcome and Introductions

Kimberley called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. 

Marilyn facilitated an entertaining icebreaker. Scott will facilitate the icebreaker for the March meeting.   

ACTION:  Scott facilitate icebreaker for the March meeting.

1.  Approval of the Agenda

The following items were added to the agenda: NB Campaign, Special General Meeting and Unifor/CLC.

Motion #1 Marcel moved and Cathy seconded that the agenda be approved as amended. CARRIED

2.   Closed Session

Motion #2 Cathy moved and Marilyn seconded we move into closed session. CARRIED

Motion #3 Marcel moved and Manny seconded we move out of closed session. CARRIED

3.  Rally – 75th Atlantic Regional Council

Ginette LeBlanc, President Moncton Branch, joined the meeting to discuss the organization of a Rally at the 75th ARC being held in Moncton in May 2018.  Ginette stated that the last time the ARC was in Moncton, the Branch and the Executive collaborated on a rally at the Press Club where people brought Peanut Butter for the Food Bank.  At the time of the ARC we will be approaching Provincial and Federal Elections. The Executive was agreement to support the Moncton Branch in this initiative.

Logistics were discussed, and it was agreed Ginette would book the Press Club, order pizza for lunch and purchase soft drinks through the Press Club.  It was agreed this time Ginette would approach the CLC to partner with us.   Ginette will contact the food bank to determine what item they would prefer for donation.  For speakers it was agreed we would approach Debi Daviau, PSAC and the CLC.  Themes were discussed, and Pension Reform was agreed on as this affects both our Federal and Provincial members.

ACTION:  Catherine follow up with Ginette regarding the food item the Food Bank would like donated.

ACTION:  Kim go to the Board to get PIPSC HQ to provide items for the food bank drive held in conjunction with the ARC Rally. 

ACTION:  Kim wait to receive application for funds from Ginette and forward to Stephane Aubrey under Better Together. 

ACTION:  Catherine end Young Professionals Meeting and Branch and Provincial Group Presidents meetings at 11:30 to permit attendance at the rally.

ACTION:  Catherine change start time for ARC at 1:30 pm.

2.  Approval of Minutes of December 2, 2017

Motion #4       Mike moved and Marcel seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED

3.   Action Item Review

Kim led the Executive through a review of the Action Items from the October 19, 2017, meeting.

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Executive

From the December 2, 2017, Meeting

Delta Halifax, Halifax, NS



Item/Completion Deadline





Collect pictures and stories from their respective constituent bodies and submit to Carolyn for PIPSC’s 100th Anniversary.




Resolutions Committee

Establish and communicate to the ARC delegates the deadline for the submission of ARC resolutions.





Source a translation service to facilitate the translation of resolutions at the ARC.





Facilitate the ice breaker at the January Executive meeting.





Prepare a final document on the guidelines for submissions of ARC resolutions for Catherine.





Format the submission of Resolutions document for inclusion in the Delegate Allotment letter to Branch and Provincial Group Presidents.





Change the time of the January 27th Regional Executive meeting to 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.





Look into the possibility of moving the Atlantic Regional Training School to the following week 19-21.  Check with Venue and Staff.





Make the following bookings:  Training and Executive Meetings - January 25-26, 2019, Delta Dartmouth; March 22-23, 2019, Delta Beauséjour; September 13-14, 2019, Dundee, Keltic or Inverary Inn.  Steward Training – February 21-23, 2019, Delta Dartmouth; Regional Training School, April 11-13, 2019, Old Orchard Inn; September 26-28, 2019, Delta Prince Edward, Delta St. John’s or Sheraton St. John’s





Book the 2020 ARC in Fredericton.





Change the 2018 December Training and Executive meeting to Thursday, November 29, 2018 - Seasonal Social; Friday, November 30, 2018 - Atlantic Regional Executive Meeting at Delta Halifax with Catered Turkey Lunch at the Halifax Office 1st Floor Boardroom and Saturday, December 1, 2018 Training Committee meeting 8:30 am – 12:00 noon.





Add profiling an Atlantic Branch at the ARC to the Branch and Provincial Groups President’s meeting in May for discussion.





BF January meeting to work on a questionnaire for Atlantic Branches to solicit information on the constituent body and any unique aspects (ie size, location, successful activities).





Think about the ARC Agenda and where we might like to add the Atlantic Branch Profile items.





Add a reference to the PIPSC Atlantic Member Facebook page under “From the Director”.





Send Kim’s Director’s report to the Branch Presidents. 





Send Carolyn the Lunch and Learn Report Form.





Think of members who are deserving of a Service Award and send their name to Kim.





Advise the Branch and Provincial Group Presidents of the option and process to use a calling card for people to call into meetings.





Think about guidelines around soliciting nominations for awards from the Branch and Provincial Group Presidents.





BF Steward and Executive of the Year awards to January to work on

selection of reviewers and parameters for the process.





Insert the Thursday Caucus meeting notice in the AGM Delegate Allotment Letter to the Presidents.





When Delegate forms are received from the Branch respond to Delegate and advise of the Thursday Caucus meeting.  Follow up with a reminder a few weeks before the meeting.





Speak with AGM coordinator and advise that if PIPSC is planning to hold a new delegate meeting or other Thursday evening events, Atlantic will require authorization to bring its delegates in earlier and we will reschedule the caucus meeting.





Send the Atlantic Resolutions position paper, plus a link to the resolutions to the Atlantic delegates in advance and indicate they should contact the resolutions sub-committee if they have questions or require clarification.




Resolutions Sub Committee

Note to acknowledge new Atlantic delegates at the Thursday caucus meeting.




Resolutions Sub Committee

B-27 Bring to the ARC to consider re-submission.




Resolutions Sub Committee

B-10 BF for 2018 ARC.




Resolutions Sub Committee

Look at a resolution to not have Full Time VP’s be required to relocate to Ottawa and bring wording to January Executive meeting for review.



BF Jan



Research if there is reference in the PIPSC By-Laws that Full Time VP’s must relocate to Ottawa.




Resolutions Sub Committee

B-22:  Special meetings of the Board – Have a look at this in relation to By-Law 16 and report back to the January meeting with wording.



BF Jan


Resolutions Sub Committee

B-17:  Look at wording and BF for January meeting.



BF Jan



Convene a conference call to review the list of Atlantic members requesting seats on National Committees.





Send the compiled evaluations to the Regional Executive.




Catherine and Kim

Prepare correspondence to invite Debi Daviau to the ARC and Steward Council.





Remember to report the Secretaries laptop as an asset.





Source and obtain quote on 17oz Stainless, double walled water bottles with the Atlantic Logo.





Source and obtain quote on wire bound notebooks with the Atlantic Logo.





Send Catherine a picture of the felt lap top bags.





Purchase raffle prizes for the Training School and ARC at $350 each.





Remove Elections report from the agenda.





Send reminders to Atlantic Members on National Committees to submit their reports following their meetings for inclusion in the Regional Executive meeting packages.





Send the executive reminders to wear their name bars to Executive events.




ACTION:   Executive, prepare some speaking notes for the presenters to use as an explanation of the ARC Resolutions this will serve as practice for when the resolutions are presented at the AGM.

Discussion ensued on what the Executive could do for Shannon Bittman. 

ACTION:  Kim source a gift $100 value for Shannon.

Item 35:  Kim explained that if Debi was not able to attend the Steward Council we would like to ask Nancy McCune, Prairies Regional Director and chair of the National Committee of Bylaws and Policy.

Item 37:  It was agreed that the Water Bottles would be used for the ARC.

ACTION:  Catherine send an email to Branch and NB Group Presidents to see if they want to purchase any H20 bottles. 

ACTION:  Catherine re-order H20 Bottles – number based on the orders received from the Presidents in the Atlantic region.

Item 38:  It was agreed the notebooks would be for Basic Training, Branch and Provincial Group Presidents and for the Executive.

4.  Calendar of Events

Kim reviewed the calendar of events indicating for the 2019 bookings and 2020 ARC we have received contracts and they are with Finance waiting for approval to sign.

5.  Hot Topics 

NB Pension Campaign:  Kim has taken the lead on this initiative from Steve Hindle and will get the ball rolling.  Steve has final approval and Kim will run the decision by him.  Kim reported she spoke with Mike Pauley and the plan is to hire an actuary to prepare the figures, using the data from the actuary a Power Point will be developed that can be used at Lunch and Learns and posted to the PIPSC website.  PIPSC will request the Pension Council of NB to convene a meeting and PIPSC will present them with our action plan. 

Kim stated that this campaign will be directed at the membership.  Many people don’t know how much is deducted from their paycheck, but they do understand that they do have to work longer.  One question came up – how will this affect people on maternity leave? This is an education campaign and we will be joined by other unions.  Kim noted that if pamphlets are completed in time we could hand them out at the ARC rally.

ACTION:  Kim track the progress of the NB Pension Pamphlets for possible inclusion in the ARC rally.

Special General Meeting:  Kim reported that the Board has called a special general meeting it is to deal with the suspension of Peter Taticek as NCR Director.  This is a result of a complaint lodged against him for accusations made against Yvonne Brodeur in relation to his unsubstantiated bankruptcy.  Whether Yvonne was bankrupt or not is not what the meeting is about.  Kim explained the circumstances of Yvonne’s financial situation.  Discussion ensued on how the Special AGM was convened, its purposes and what will take place.


Unifor/CLC:  Kim reported that last Wednesday the CLC announced that Unifor has withdrawn their membership although they would like to stay affiliated at the provincial level but that is against the ByLaws. Unifor is the largest private sector union representing about loss of approximately 10 million in dues for the CLC.  Unifor members hold a lot of Executive positions within CLC and this loss will be felt.

6.  Working Groups on Executive of the Year and Steward of the Year Awards

The Executive broke up into two working groups and reviewed the Nomination forms for both Steward of the Year and Executive of the Year.  The goal was to review and revise the forms and process to ensure enough information on the nominees is received to make an informed choice.

Recommendations were received from both groups and following discussion during plenary the Executive agreed to which recommendations will be implemented.

ACTION:  Catherine revise nomination documents for both Steward of the Year and Executive of the Year and send to the Executive for review and comment.

7.  New Business 

  1.  Elections Committee:  The Elections committee for the 75th ARC will be Michael, Marilyn, Marcel, Carolyn and Phil.

ACTION:  Kim contact Michael and Carolyn to verify if they will act as members of the Elections Committee.

  1.  Dorchester Branch:  Kim reported that Dorchester Branch is not in good standing and has not been for last couple of years despite the Executive’s efforts to revitalize it.

Motion #5       Phil moved and Cathy seconded that the Regional Executive recommend to the Executive Committee to dissolve the Dorchester Branch and fold the members into the Moncton Branch. CARRIED

ACTION:  Kim bring the Executive’s recommendation to dissolve the Dorchester Branch to the Executive Committee which meets on February 1st

ACTION:  Catherine make changes to the ARC and AGM mailouts to reflect the closure of the Dorchester Branch.

ACTION:  Catherine notify the Membership Section of the dissolution of the Dorchester Branch and arrange to have the email groups changed.

  1.  Hotel Rooms for Executive Members at Training and Executive Meetings:  For local executive to have hotel the night before a meeting the Executive will have to agree to cover the costs from the Executive budget as it is not covered under the PIPSC Travel Policy. Following discussion, it was decided the Executive would follow the Travel Policy.  It was noted that PIPSC will cover the costs of taxis for members who are attend social and networking events. 
  2.  Marcel’s Mother-in-law:  Phil advised the Executive would like to donate to the cemetery in Marcel’s father’s community in memory of his Mother-in-law.  Marcel will provide Phil with the details for the donation. 

8.  Atlantic Regional Director’s Report 

Kim referred to the written report contained in the meeting package. 

Motion #5   Scott moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Regional Director’s Report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

9.  Training Committee Report

As Carolyn was absent no report was tabled. 

Kim reported that when she is unavailable to attend a Lunch and Learn requested by a constituent body, as Director she can send someone in her place.  Marilyn stated that if someone is in the area it is a way for the Executive to be involved and assist and it is cost effective as well.   Normally there is not coverage for members who travel as presenters.

Kim stated there will be a call letter going out stewards who are interested in receiving Train the Trainer training on delivering the three new Lunch and Learn decks:  Medical/Dental, Pension and Disability Insurance.

10.  Regional Executive Finances:

Phil tabled the cash flow report contained in the meeting package.  

ACTION:  Phil prepare a draft Regional Executive budget for review at the March meeting.

Phil tabled changing the region’s fiscal year from calendar to the Institutes period of July 1-June 30.  It would require a By-law change and approval at the ARC.  Following discussion, the consensus was we remain as is. 

Phil tabled the actuals summary of Atlantic events.  There are figures not included as Lucie is in the process of providing updated figures.

ACTION:  Phil follow up with Lucie on the actual budget futures for the summary of Atlantic events.

ACTION:  Phil provide updated actuals for Atlantic events for the March meeting.   

Motion #6       Phil moved and Manny seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive’s Financial Report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

Kim tabled the Regional Director’s hospitality expenses report for the Executive to review.

11.  Regional Manager’s Report

Kim tabled Paul’s report contained in the meeting package for review.

Motion #7       Kim moved and Marilyn seconded that the Atlantic Regional Manager’s Report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

12.  Atlantic Regional Council: 

  1.  Delegate Allotment:  Scott submitted a revised delegate allotment which allocates the Dorchester Branch’s delegate to the Moncton Branch. 

Motion #8       Scott moved and Marcel seconded that the Atlantic Regional Council Delegate allotment be accepted as presented. CARRIED

  1. Hospitality Event at the ARC:  Phil advised there is a pool hall in Riverview that may be suitable for a pool tournament.  We would look at renting two buses to transport participants and do a cost comparison to using taxis. Phil stated he intends to visit the venue before leaving Moncton.
  2. Agenda:  Discussion ensued over whether we should have the Regional Executive Report or just table the minutes and ask questions. It was decided not to request a written report.  The agenda was finalized.

ACTION:  Catherine update the ARC agenda to reflect the decisions noted above.

13.  AGM Delegate Allotment

Scott suggested the Executive allocate the Dorchester Branch delegate to the Fredericton Branch as they are next on the list to receive an additional delegate.  After the 2020 AGM we will propose another three year formula for presentation to the ARC.

14.  National Committee Reports 

The By-Laws and Policy, Finance, Human Rights in the Workplace and Professional Recognition and Qualifications committee reports were tabled and accepted.

ACTION:  Catherine replace Member Services with Training and Education on the agendas.

15.  Round Table and Adjournment 

Kim described the CONCUR program that will be an in-house expense and online travel program.

Following a round table the meeting was adjourned.

Motion #9       Marilyn moved and Scott seconded that the Atlantic Regional Executive meeting be adjourned. CARRIED

NOTE:  Should you wish to view copies of reports presented at this meeting, please direct your request to