CHAIRPERSON: Kimberley Skanes

EXECUTIVE: Michael Basque

Barry Gerus

Cathy Hebert

Sue Harris

Carolyn Hynes

Scott McConaghy

Mike Pauley

Gerry Saunders

Phil Wilson

REGRETS: Emmanuel Costain

STAFF: Catherine Pinks, Recording Secretary

OBSERVER: Christine Newhook

1. Welcome and Introductions

Kimberley welcomed the participants and observer Christine Newhook to the meeting of the Atlantic Regional Executive. A round table introduction followed.

Phil Wilson facilitated an entertaining icebreaker.

ACTION: Cathy Hebert will facilitate the ice breaker at the May meeting.

2. Approval of Agenda

No additions to the agenda.

Motion #1 Phil moved and Cathy seconded that the Agenda be approved as presented. CARRIED

3. Approval of Minutes of January 28, 2017

Barry inquired about the emailing of the last Regional Newsletter as a number of members did not recall receiving. Catherine had it resent.

ACTION: Catherine when sending the newsletter to informatics and web postings cc: Barry Gerus so he can confirm when it goes out.

Motion #2 Mike moved and Phil seconded that the minutes be approved as presented. CARRIED

4. Action Item Review

Kim led the Executive through a review of the Action Items for the January 28, 2017, meeting.

Action Items

Generated by the Atlantic Regional Executive

From the January 28, 2017, Meeting

Delta St. John’s, St. John’s, NL



Item/Completion Deadline





Send Role of the Stewards to Catherine for distribution to the Executive.





BF OSH Cheat Sheet to March meeting.


BF March



Make a request to the President’s office for a two day meeting in September in St. Andrews.





Facilitate the ice breaker at the March meeting.





Arrange for Scott to join the March Executive meeting by teleconference.





Provide a $500 check made out to the Fredericton District Labour Council to Scott.






Advise Catherine of the date of the May Works Event.





Get a photo of the check for the May Works event being presented and send to Catherine for the Atlantic Newsletter.





Make arrangements with the Delta St. Johns for the Regional Executive Meeting and Greet in conjunction with the March meeting.





Prepare and issue a notice for the Meeting and Greet inviting the membership of the St. John’s Branch.





Obtain approval to add a Presidents’ meeting to the Friday morning of the 2017 Steward Council and provide approval to Catherine.





Once approval to add a Presidents’ meeting to the 2017 Steward Council is received, make the necessary arrangements.





Put forward a request for authorization and funding for the AYAC meeting in conjunction with the 2017 ARC. The meeting will take place on Thursday pm and Friday am.





Draft a form to be sent to those who expressed interested in the AYAC asking what they can offer as a member of the committee and why they are interested. Send form to the Executive for review.





Distribute the ARC Delegate Allotment to the Branch and Provincial Group Presidents.





BF AGM Delegate Allotment to the March Executive Meeting.





Follow up on the emailing of the last Atlantic Regional Newsletter – a number of members reported not receiving it.



In relation to Action Item 3, St. Andrews two day meeting, Kim noted that we now have the AYAC funds that the Executive had set aside for a meeting back in our budget as National has provided funds. Do we want to use these funds for the additional day in St. Andrews?

5. Calendar of Events

Kim led the Executive through a review of the region’s calendar of events noting that all events for 2018 are now approved and booked. She also pointed out the addition of a Training Committee meeting on April 30, 2017, in Halifax.

6. Hot Topics

Kim provided updates on the Federal Budget and Phoenix Pay System. Discussion ensued on the lack of progress in resolving the Phoenix issues.

8. New Business

a. National Committees: Gerry expressed his disappointment in not being selected for the PRQC Committee despite his name being endorsed by the Regional Executive. In his opinion the process of selecting representatives for National Committees of the Board is flawed.

Kim reviewed the process and noted that out of the 10 people whose names went forward from the Atlantic with endorsements from the Regional Executive three were not accepted.

Scott noted that there is in fact no Atlantic Member on the Elections committee.

ACTION: Kim follow up regarding the issue with Gerry not being selected for the PRQC National Committee as he was the region’s recommendation.

ACTION: Kim Speak with Jim MacMillan regarding lack of Atlantic Representation on the Elections Committee.

Gerry asked that it me noted in the minutes that he will not take part in any future discussions regarding recommendations from the Executive for Atlantic members on National Committees.

b. PIPSC 100th Anniversary: Carolyn referred to the PIPSC 100th Anniversary survey that sent out by National. Many of the Executive did not recall seeing it.

ACTION: Catherine follow up on the 100th Anniversary Survey that was sent out by HQ +as some Executive did not recall receiving it.

ACTION: Executive collect pictures and stories from their respective constituent bodies and submit to Carolyn for PIPSC’s 100th Anniversary.


9. Director’s Report

Kim tabled her written report contained in the meeting package. She reported that there was at two day Board meeting in March that she wasn’t able to attend. She heard that it was a productive meeting and most of the agenda was covered. The Directors have received their mandate letters. Proposals for the establishment of Regional Youth Committees were tabled and approved. Committees can be composed of 5-7 members, allowed up to 4 meetings per year: in conjunction with ARC, Steward Council, National AGM and one stand alone. Funds in the amount of $12,000 were approved for the meetings with $20,000 per region for training, $3,000 for promotion and visibility items. Committees are invited to submit a budget for an outreach event. In total $194,000 split between the 6 regions was approved. It is being considered a pilot project for 2017.

Kim reported that the Board has approved $70,000 for the Boards participation at the CLC National Convention, May 8 - 12 in Toronto. In addition, PIPSC also providing seats to two people from the eight largest groups and two people per region.

Discussion ensued as to whether the region should fund the approximately $6,000 to send member to the CLC Convention.

Motion #3 Mike moved and Carolyn seconded that the region wants to send one person to the CLC Convention. CARRIED

ACTION: Executive send recommendations for attendance at the CLC Convention to Kim. Verify member’s availability and include rationale. Send by Tuesday, March 28.

Kim reported that she had reached out to the region for a participant to attend the Broadbent Progress Summit, April 5-7, 2017 in Ottawa. Two responses were received and Marcus Peck was chosen to participate.

The Board approved a policy change to the Dispute Resolution Process which will prevent one Board member from representing another Board member in a complaint.

National Committees were required to submit a workplan.

Beginning at the may Board meeting, all votes will be secret paper ballots. It was the consensus of the Atlantic Executive that this would be a positive change.

The directive that constituent body reimbursements will have 10% deducted for each month they are late will be revisited and in the interim it was decided it will not be applied.

PIPSC settled a major court case that remained outstanding and this will have a positive impact on our finances.

The next Board meeting date is to be determined as it may be held in Toronto in May in conjunction with the CLC convention.

Motion #4 Kim moved and Phil seconded that the Atlantic Regional Director’s report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

ACTION: Kim send information on the CLC Conference to Mike P. so he can distribute it to his Group Presidents.

10. Regional Manager’s Report

Kim tabled the Regional Manager’s Report for review. The Executive would appreciate knowing the number of Phoenix cases in Atlantic.

Motion #5 Kim moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Regional Manager’s report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

11. Atlantic Region Finances

Phil referred to the finance reports contained in the meeting packages and reviewed them with the Executive.

Motion #6 Phil moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Regional Finances report be accepted as presented. CARRIED

ACTION: Catherine/Phil verify what we are required to submit for the Atlantic Regional Executive’s Annual Allotment.

12. Atlantic Youth Advisory Committee (AYAC)

a. Committee Selection: Catherine reported that 18 expressions of interest were received in response to call out to youth in the Atlantic Region. They were asked to complete and return a rationale for membership on the committee and 8 youth responded. The AYAC selection committee reviewed the submissions and the following 6 members were selected to serve a two year term on the Atlantic Youth Advisory Committee: Leslie Nasmith, SP, Nova Scotia; Nicholas Isenor, CS, Nova Scotia; Colin O’Brien, AV, Newfoundland; Christine Newhook, CS, Newfoundland; Marcus Peck, SP, New Brunswick and Josh Fox, NBEN, New Brunswick. Kim reported that we will go ahead with a committee of six youth, Atlantic Director and one member of the Regional Executive.

The Executive wanted to ensure that all youth who responded are provided with the opportunity to be friends of the committee.

ACTION: Catherine send to the Regional Executive a spreadsheet of data on members who responded to the AYAC call for interest so the Executive can reach out to these youths.

b. May AYAC Meeting:

The inaugural meeting of the AYAC will take place in conjunction with the 74th ARC. The AYAC will meet on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning prior to the ARC.

ACTION: Kim ask Debi Daviau if she would meet with the AYAC on Thursday afternoon briefly.

ACTION: Catherine prepare a draft agenda for the AYAC.

ACTION: Catherine and Kim prepare and send a letter of congratulations and welcome to the AYAC and include details on the first meeting. Send letter to those not selected and those who did not provide rationale and invite them to remain as friends.

ACTION: Catherine/Kim prepare a request for authorization for the AYAC meeting.

13. Atlantic Branch and Provincial Group Presidents’ Meeting

The Atlantic Branch and Provincial Group Presidents will meet on the Friday morning prior to the ARC.

ACTION: Catherine issue a call to Presidents for agenda items.

ACTION: Catherine draft agenda for the Presidents meeting.

Phil inquired if all of the Atlantic Branches are meeting their requirements as per our By-Laws. It was decided to BF this for our September meeting for review.

ACTION: Catherine review the Atlantic Branches to see if they are meeting their requirements. BF September.

14. Atlantic Regional Council

The agenda was reviewed and is complete. Manny will present the Resolution Workout deck and Scott will preside as Chairperson /Parliamentarian for the mock resolution exercise.

ACTION: Manny review and present the Resolution Workout at the ARC.

For the Friday evening hospitality event we will go forward with the Bowling Tournament at the Alley. Prizes were approved as follows: Best Team, Worst Team and Best Team Name (5 members each) Purity Candy and first, second and third highest scores, Canadian Tire Gift.

ACTION: Michael get $50, $30 and $20 Canadian Tire Gift Cards for May ARC Hospitality.

ACTION: Kim get Purity Candy for May ARC Hospitality Prizes – Best Team, Worst Team, Best Team Name – 5 bags per prize.

Kim suggested that we inquire of President Daviau would like to conduct some workplace site inspection while in Atlantic.

ACTION: Kim/Catherine check with staff to arrange site inspections for Debi in May. Thursday in Halifax and Friday in Charlottetown.

Kim advised the Executive that to date we have not received any nominations for this award. She encouraged each Executive member to solicit nominations from their respective Branches.

ACTION: Executive solicit nominations for Executive of the Year.

Kim reported that Theresa and Patrick Kinnear have extended an invitation to the Executive for drinks at theirs on the Saturday evening of the ARC weekend.

ACTION: Catherine send reminder to the Executive regarding agenda and travel for ARC.

Kim reminded the Executive that the members on the Regional Elections Sub Committee is composed of the five Executive not up for re-election and that they must remain Neutral. Manny is the lead of the Regional Election Sub Committee.

15. AGM Atlantic Delegate Allotment

Scott tabled his proposal for the 2018-2020 Atlantic Delegate Allotment formula for approval as his intention is to present it as a resolution to the 74th ARC for approval.

Motion #7 Phil moved and Mike seconded that the Atlantic Delegate Allotment formula be accepted as presented. CARRIED

16. National Committee Reports

The Training and Education Committee report contained in the meeting packages was tabled.

ACTION: Catherine remove Elections Committee from Regional Executive and ARC Agenda.

17. Training Committee Chairpersons Report

Kim reported PIPSC Training is under review and will change. In her capacity as the National Training and Education Committee Chairperson, she was invited by Eddie Gillis to participate on a team composed of Eddie, Ivana, Nancy and Isabelle to review Training and develop a new model. The team in collaboration with the regional Training Committees will work towards the goal of having a plan ready to present at the 2017 AGM with a roll out of the program to commence in January 2018.

At this time, everything is on the table and open for review and change. Kim has prepared a work plan which included the discretion to double the number of time the TEC Committee will meet and Regional Training Committees can add additional meetings with her approval. Additional funds will be approved for the costs associated with this initiative. The Training Policy and Role of the Steward must be reviewed and updated.

Kim has been given the opportunity to consult with various bodies within PIPSC to gather information – i.e. AC, Working Group on Consultation.

The team will look at updating existing training modules and look at purchasing course material from other sources. Kim expects that the two Basics and the School will remain the responsibility of the Region as well as training for separate employers. National training may include a week-long school. Standalone modules of ½ to 1 day are being considered as well as a suite of e-learning courses. Having Stewards co-facilitate training is being looked at as well.

Kim has noted that the initial ideas have not addressed Lunch and Learns, Consultation Training, Separate Employers and Group specific training. She is also exploring the option of setting aside dedicated classroom space at 250 Tremblay.

The Pocket Guide for Stewards will be updated as well as the Training and Steward Policies.

Kim stated that regions would be asked to set aside one hour on their Steward Council agendas to receive a report on this initiative.

Kim reported that the Training Committee worked on the Role of a Steward at their Friday meeting. Collectively the Training Committee developed a response which Kim will bring to the team reviewing PIPSC Training. Kim asked that should members of the Executive have ideas, she would welcome their input.

ACTION: Catherine request copies of the newly revised DTA pocket guide for ARC and Steward Council.

Catherine reminded Scott that as a result of the name change for the National Committee – Training and Education from Member Services, the Atlantic Region should amend its By-laws. Scott noted that the region is required to notify the ARC delegate 4 weeks prior to the meeting of the change.

ACTION: Scott Atlantic By-Law 6.2.1 prepare a notice of amendment for ARC delegates so we can vote on the change at the ARC. Send wording to Catherine for distribution to the delegates.

18. Other Business

a. ARC Gifts: The Executive decided to provide a small gift to the ARC Delegates.

Motion #8 Cathy moved and Carolyn seconded that the Executive provide a gift for the ARC Delegates. CARRIED

Motion #9 Phil moved and Mike seconded that they Regional Executive allot $1250.00 in their budget for visibility items at the ARC. CARRIED

ACTION: Catherine check with Fundy for a price on the jolt chargers with the Atlantic Logo. If not cheaper order from the E-store.

ACTION: Executive bring suggestions for Steward Gifts for Steward Council to May meeting.

Phil advised he will adjust the Regional Executive`s budget to include an additional $1,500 for Steward Council.

ACTION: Phil adjust Executive Budget to include an additional $1,500 for Steward Council gifts.

b. Branch Presidents` Meetings at Steward Council

Following discussion it was decided we would proceed with a second Branch Presidents ‘meeting prior to Steward Council.

ACTION: Kim/Catherine request funds for Branch President’s meeting in conjunction with October Steward Council.

19. Round Table/Adjournment

Kim thanked the Executive for their participation and adjourned the meeting

NOTE: Should you wish to view copies of reports presented at this meeting, please direct your request to