pipsc.pngThe Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada


May 29th, 2021


CHAIRPERSON: Kimberley Skanes Regional Director CRA-AU-AFS

EXECUTIVE: Marcel Journeay Vice President DND-CS

Phil Wilson Treasurer CRA-AU-AFS

Christine LeDrew Secretary ESDC-CS

Jennifer Cantwell DND-SH

Carolyn Hynes ESDC-NU EMA-SH 

Gerald Hill SSC/CS

Matthew Lee TRANSPORT/EN/NR Scott McConaghy NRCAN-CS

Mike Pauley DTI-NBEN

TRAINING COMMITEE:  Carolyn Hynes Chairperson ESDC-NU EMA-SH 

Kimberley Skanes CRA-AU-AFS

Marcel Journeay DND-CS

Christine LeDrew ESDC-CS

Mike Pauley DTI-NBEN


STAFF: Paul Hartigan Manager, Atlantic Region

Catherine Pinks Office Administrator, Halifax

Donna Davis Office Administrator, Halifax



Chris Roach Atlantic Regional Executive

(Prince Edward Island) CRA/AU/AFS

Marc Coulombe AYPC/Fredericton SSC/CS

VACANT Cape Breton

VACANT Cape Breton

Shannon Farrell DND Halifax DND/DS/RE

Kevin Jack DND Halifax DND/EN/NR

Pete Jozsa DND Halifax DND/CS

Everett Scott DND Halifax DND/CS

Mounah Zrein DND Halifax DND/EN/NR

Bruce Boyd Fredericton DTI/NBEN

Mitchael Dionne Fredericton DTI/NBEN

Shane Heartz Fredericton NRCAN/BI/SP

Sheila MacLean Fredericton DTI/NBEN

Laura Lee Mullin Fredericton DND/OP/SH

Melissa Cummings Fredericton DTI/NBEN

Delbert Jenkins Fredericton RETIRED 

Evan Pemberton Fredericton FCS/NBEN

Michael Taylor Fredericton DTI/NBEN

David Neil Gander ECC/MT/SP

Michael Vanden Berg Gander ECC/MT/SP

Eva Henshaw Greenwood DND/CS

Graham Joanisse Greenwood SSC/CS

Hashem Abou-Shahla Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Amanda Casella Halifax CRA/MG/AFS

Chris Coghlin Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Nathan Davidson-Kelly Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Ashley Deighan Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Kristina Dobson Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Coralie Gallant Halifax CRA/MG/AFS

Dale Hudson Halifax PSPC/EN/NR

Catherine Hebert Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Jacquelynn Holley Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Paul Hubley Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Erika Isenor Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Vicki MacKenzie Halifax ESDC/NU EMA/SH

Danielle MacNeil Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Rory MacNeil Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Sabet Makhoul Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Leslie Nasmith Halifax DFO/BI/SP

Nancy Sherry Halifax CRA/AU/AFS

Lori Thistle Halifax CRA/AU/AFS 

Michael van den Berg Halifax ESDC/NU/SH



VACANT Halifax

ACANT Halifax

Muhammed Abudulai Kentville CFIA/VM

VACANT Kentville

Tony Chubbs Lake Melville DND/BI/SP

Mike Dixon Moncton ESDC/CS

Fernand Hébert Moncton ECC/CH/SP

Kelly MacKinnon Moncton CRA/AU/AFS

Francis Poirier Moncton SSC/CS

Thane Reeves Moncton DFO/CS

Gerry Saunders Moncton RETIRED

Melanie Sommerville Moncton ESDC/NU/SH

Tasha Wingo Moncton CRA/AU/AFS

VACANT Moncton

VACANT Moncton

VACANT Moncton

VACANT Moncton

VACANT Moncton

VACANT Moncton

Duncan Fraser NBAG DAA/NBAG


Christopher Titus NBCP OAG/NBCP


Glen MacDonald NBEN DTI/NBEN

John-Michael McPhee NBEN DTI/NBEN

Misty Matthews-Emery NBLA LAS/NBLA

Carl Dingee NBVM NBVS

Gilles Comeau Northern New Brunswick RETIRED

VACANT Northern New Brunswick 

Alexander (Sandy) Anderson Prince Edward Island VAC/CS

Craig Bradley Prince Edward Island SSC/CS

Emmanuel Costain Prince Edward Island CRA/CS/AFS

Jeff Gallant Prince Edward Island CRA/CS/AFS

Lisa Richard Prince Edward Island CRA/CS/AFS

Leslie Hill Prince Edward Island CRA/AU/AFS

Craig MacEwen Prince Edward Island VAC/CS

Kathy McLellan Prince Edward Island SSC/CS

Justin Murphy Prince Edward Island CRA/CS/AFS

Don Eldershaw Retired Members Guild RETIRED

Gayle Armstrong Saint John CRA/AU/AFS

Michael Maxan Saint John CRA/AU/AFS

Tim McCullough Saint John CRA/AU/AFS

VACANT St. Andrews



VACANT St. Andrews

Carolyn Coady St. John’s ESDC, NUEMA/SH

Susan Evans St. John’s ACOA/CO/AV

Steven Dillon St. John’s SSC/CS

Roger Johnson St. John's DFO/BI/SP

Kimberley Keats St. John’s DFO/BI/SP

Travis Kendall St. John's CRA/AU/AFS

Yvonne O’Keefe St. John's CRA/AU/AFS

Bonnie O’Rourke St. John’s ACOA/CO/AV

John O'Rourke St. John's DFO/BI/SP

Tanya Sheppard St. John’s CRA/AU/AFS

James Vey St. John’s SSC/CS

Anica Stowe St. John's ESDC/NU EMA/SH


Saturday, May 29th, 2021

1. Welcome and Introductions

Atlantic Regional Director, Kim Skanes called the meeting of the 77th Atlantic Regional Council (ARC) to order at 8:30 am. 

Scott McConaghy read the Equality Statement.

2. Roll Call

Catherine Pinks (Staff) and Donna Davis (Staff) completed a delegate roll call.  All delegates as per the participants’ list contained in the minutes were present.  There was one person not on the list that was added, Rory McNeil.  

3. Approval of Agenda

Motion#1 Gail Armstrong, Saint John Branch moved and Gerry Saunders- Retired Members Guild seconded the approval of the Agenda as presented. CARRIED

4. Approval of 76th ARC Minutes

Motion #2 Marcel Journeay, (Atlantic Regional Executive) moved and Cathy Hebert, (Halifax), seconded the approval of the 76th ARC Minutes as presented.  CARRIED

5. Nominations for the Atlantic Regional Executive Committee

Kim introduced Election Sub Committee member Marcel Journeay.  Marcel explained there are five (5) Members at Large, two-year term positions up for election, and one (1) One-year term.  Nominations will be done immediately along with candidates’ addresses following the Executive of the Year Award. Candidates will be given three minutes for their address.  Immediately following the candidates’ addresses voting will be done by Zoom Polling.  This will be done in rounds, vote for one candidate only in each round.     

Nominations commenced as follows:

  • Matthew Lee nominated  Kelly MacKinnon (Moncton) - who accepted 
  • Kelly MacKinnon nominated Matthew Lee (Moncton) - accepted
  • Sabet Makhoul nominated Scott McConaghy (Fredericton) - accepted
  • James Vey nominated Christine LeDrew (St. John’s) - accepted
  • Manny Costain nominated Mike Pauley (NBDOT) - accepted
  • Travis Kendall nominate Yvonne O’Keefe (St. John’s) - accepted
  • Hashem Abou-Shahla nominates Cathy Hebert (Halifax) - who accepted

All nominees were accepted and nominations closed.  Marcel stated there are 7 nominations for 5 positions.  The Elections Committee consists of Marcel Journeay, Phil Wilson, Carolyn Hynes, and Gerald Hill.  At the end of each poll, the staff will take a screenshot of the results and an elections report will be given once all polls are completed with the counts of each poll.  

6. Executive of the Year Award

Carolyn Hynes, Atlantic Regional Training Committee Chairperson presented the 2021 Executive of the Year Award to recipient Dale Hudson, Architecture, Engineering, and Land Survey, NR Group Executive, and Halifax NR Sub-Group Executive.  Carolyn recognized Dale's outstanding contribution to PIPSC members in our region. Dale is an exemplary advocate and support for our members within the Halifax Branch, NR Sub-Group, NR Executive, and his department, Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC). He approaches each issue in his role with empathy, tact, and a well-honed intuition for how problems might be addressed fairly and effectively through his in-depth knowledge of the organization. 

Dale has been actively involved in several constituent bodies during the past 10 years. He is currently the National NR Executive Secretary and a member at large of the Halifax NR Sub-Group. Dale is also a senior Steward in the Atlantic Region.

Dale's work this past year has made a lasting difference for the members of his constituent body.   His efforts to develop internal PSPC guidelines for addressing uncivil or disrespectful client behavior, which had emerged as an issue for many of our members within the Region. Dale coordinated with management, labor relations, and other union representatives to identify the systemic problem and outline the critical steps to informally resolve inappropriate behavior at the lowest possible level, which supports the approach outlined in the newly adopted Bill C-65 Regulations on Prevention of Harassment and Violence in the Workplace. This required a significant amount of time and effort on his behalf, and will undoubtedly have a major positive impact on our members at PSPC in the future.

Dale is always willing to help everyone. He has been involved in many initiatives such as the Employee Wellness Support Plan (EWSP).  As a member of this committee Dale brought forward NR members' concerns; reviewed and provided guidance to incorporate EWSP language in the NR Collective Agreement; and ensured NR members would be well supported in this plan.   Dale traveled throughout Canada delivering seminars to PIPSC members. When Dale traveled for work, he took the initiative to use this opportunity to meet NR members. He set up PIPSC meetings, encouraged steward recruitment and engagement, and provided updates on NR issues and successes.

Dale's efforts have benefited PIPSC members beyond his constituent body. He has been a leading force in the Atlantic Region, his role as a Steward and NR Executive member not only has positively affected the NR members but also has positively influenced PIPSC members as a whole. A new member of the EWSP noted, that Dale was key in ensuring the transition to the team was seamless; he was always open to questions; willing to assist, and; thoroughly explained the requisite background to enable the member's seamless transition to the committee. 

Dale’s contributions have sparked teamwork and mobilized and engaged other members within PIPSC.  Dale uses a team approach to resolve issues. Dale frequently reaches out to fellow stewards to discuss various strategies to approach issues.

Dale is regarded as a role model in Atlantic with both the NR Group members and within his Department PSPC.  Stewards and members don’t hesitate to reach out to Dale to discuss issues and ensure they are on the right track.

Dale's contributions to PIPSC and the members he serves to warrant his recognition as 2021 Executive Member of the Year.  Congratulations Dale!


Dale accepted and thanked everyone for the recognition. Dale thanked Carolyn for the description of his accomplishments. Dale has enjoyed his involvement in PIPSC over the last 10 years or so and felt it was very rewarding. Dale sees the benefits that we, as stewards, can bring to our members.   

7. Regional Executive Candidates’ Address

Marcel introduced the candidates indicating they would have three minutes each to address the delegates.   Candidates gave their addresses in order of nomination.

Kelly MacKinnon

Matthew Lee

Scott McConaghy

Christine LeDrew

Mike Pauley

Yvonne O’Keefe

Cathy Hebert

8.  Regional Director’s Report

Kimberley Skanes went over her Director's Report located in the Virtual Binder.  In addition to her Report, Kimberley acknowledged that it has been a difficult year, although it has allowed us to step outside the box and find new ways to go forward.  The Atlantic Regional Executive stepped up to provide members with engaging content via Zoom.  Including bi-monthly Steward Check-In, monthly Executive meetings, some training sessions facilitated by the Halifax Office EROs, and sessions from Dr. Condra.  Staff support was very valuable in completing these events and we couldn’t do it without them.  Some regions are doing similar things to engage their stewards.  

PIPSC has joined with seven (7) other Public Service Unions to form an NB Coalition of Public Sector Employees.  There will be a media blitz on this by the NB Federation of Labour. Debbie Daviau will be there to represent PIPSC

PIPSC is launching a new initiative called Future Skills Canada in June.  This initiative has been made possible due to the generous contribution from the Future Skills Centre, an independent government-funded organization dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills they need to thrive in a changing labor market.  

Trees Canada will be planting trees across Canada for PIPSC 100th Anniversary.  This fall will be Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown, and St. John's.  

Thank you to all the members of our great region, I have enjoyed my last 10 years on the Executive.  I have been privileged and honored to have served on the Regional Executive and various positions over the years, especially the last six (6) years as your Regional Director.  I have great pride in our Region.  

Motion #3 Misty Matthews-Emery (NBLAS) moved and Craig Bradley (Prince Edward Island) seconded the approval of the Regional Director’s Report.  CARRIED

9. Resolutions

Proposed Language Atlantic By-Law 5.9

77th Atlantic Regional Council

Sponsor:  Atlantic Regional Executive

Proposed Language Atlantic By-Law 5.9

5.9 When a position on the Regional Executive becomes vacant from among the ten (10) that are filled by elections at Regional Council Meetings, it may be filled by appointment by the Regional Executive until the next Regional Council Meeting, at which time the remainder of the term shall be filled by election.

5.9.1 (New) If a vacancy occurs before the 6th scheduled meeting of the calendar year (Nov/Dec) the Regional Executive will normally fill the vacancy.

5.9.2 (New) A vacant position shall normally be offered to the unelected candidates from the previous Regional Council Executive elections. Starting from the unsuccessful candidate with the highest number of votes to the lowest.

5.9.3 (New) If there were no unelected candidates or the list has been exhausted, the Regional Executive may appoint an eligible member from the region to fill the vacancy.

Motion #4 Gerald Hill (Prince Edward Island) moved and Everett Scott (Halifax) seconded the resolution.   CARRIED

Motion #5 Eva Henshaw (Greenwood Branch) moved to proposed amendment #1 on 5.9.2 to remove the word “normally” seconded by Cathy Hebert (Halifax Branch).  CARRIED

Scott proposed that we deal with the amendments separately.

Motion #6 Eva Henshaw (Greenwood Branch) moved to propose amendment #2 on 5.9.3 - to add at the end “after completion of a call out for interest to the regional stewards”, seconded by Cathy Hebert (Cathy Hebert).  WITHDRAWN

Eva and Cathy would like to withdraw as mover and seconder to amendment #2

Motion #7 Manny Costain (PEI Branch) moved to amend 5.9.3 to add at the end "after completion of a call to Atlantic Region Members" seconded by Eva Henshaw (Greenwood Branch). FAILED

Would anyone like to speak to the amended By-Law with "normally" removed in 5.9.2? 

The By-Law change was presented, and after some debate, amendment #1 was passed to take out "normally".  The vote was called on the By-Law and passed with amendment #1 to take out "normally". CARRIED 

10. Break

11. Regional Executive Financial Report

Phil presented his financial statements, which will be his last report as treasurer.  He explained there has not been a lot of activity in 2020 and 2021.  The financial statements have been looked over by a 3rd party.  There will be a gift sent to each member attending this meeting, it will be sent out after the meeting.  

Motion#8 Phil Wilson (Atlantic Regional Executive) moved, and Eva Henshaw (Greenwood) seconded that the Regional Executive Financial Report be approved as presented. CARRIED

12.  Regional Executive Elections

Marcel Journeay (Atlantic Regional Executive) explained that Donna Davis (staff) will begin the Zoom polls for the election of the Regional Executive, she will only release the name of the person who won each round.  He reviewed the regulations and processes for the elections.  The polling began.  The recording was stopped during the polls.  

13. Election Results

The Election Results were as follows:

Mike Pauley

Scott McConaghy

Christine LeDrew

Kelly MacKinnon

Cathy Hebert

Yvonne O’Keefe

Motion #9 Marcel Journeay (Regional Executive) moved and Carolyn Hynes (Atlantic Regional Executive) seconded that the ballots from the Atlantic Regional Executive Election be destroyed. CARRIED

Marcel Journeay (Atlantic Regional Executive) thanked outgoing Executive members Phil Wilson and Matthew Lee for their contributions to the Atlantic Regional Executive.

15.  Adjournment

Kimberley asked participants to take time to complete the ARC evaluations which will be sent out through Cvent 

Motion #10 Marcel Journeay (Greenwood) moved and Cathy Hebert (Halifax) seconded that the 77th ARC be adjourned. CARRIED