2018 Atlantic Region

Executive Member of the Year Award

Purpose: To recognize the outstanding contributions of a PIPSC member from the Atlantic Region who is active as an executive member of a constituent body within the Region.

Eligibility: Any regular or retired Atlantic Region PIPSC member in good standing who is an executive member of a constituent body within the Region.

Award: The recognition would be the engraved name of the annual award recipient on a perpetual plaque, as well as a small personal memento. The award would be presented at the Atlantic Regional Council and the winner would be an invited guest, if not already a delegate.

Format for Submissions: A properly completed nomination form signed by a member from the nominating constituent body must be submitted by the deadline.

The nominator should ensure the completed nomination form provides details under the specified criteria pertaining to the nominee’s accomplishments within the constituent body. Examples of specific contributions are encouraged. 

The nominator may contact Catherine Pinks cpinks@pipsc.ca should they require assistance with details related to the nominee’s service. 

Nomination Process: Call for nominations will be announced with sufficient lead time to allow for submission of nominations four (4) weeks prior to the Atlantic Regional Council.

Selection of the Award Recipient: The Atlantic Regional Executive Awards Committee will determine the award recipient. The signing nominator may be contacted by the Awards Committee to verify details.

Presentation: At the Atlantic Regional Council.


Nominations must be received by 5:00 pm, Tuesday, May 1st, 2018, at the Atlantic Regional Office.

Fax: (902)422-8516 / 1-800-238-7427 or email cpinks@pipsc.ca

2018 Atlantic Region
Executive Member of the Year Award

Nomination Form (Use additional space if required)



Constituent Body:

Position Held:


Role (5 points):  Describe the nominee’s role on the Executive and the number of years of service.

Impact (15 points):  Outline the depth of the nominee’s contribution.  Describe how their contributions have made a lasting difference in the constituent body.

Reach (15 points):  Describe who has benefited from the nominee’s contributions.  How were they affected?  Have the contributions expanded beyond the nominee’s constituent body?  Have their contributions increased PIPSC’s profile with the general public?

Engagement (20 points):  Describe how the nominee’s contribution sparked teamwork, mobilized and engaged others.  Did the nominee engage outside partners and resources?

Inspiration (5 points):  Describe how the nominee became a role model and shared their experience and expertise within the constituent body.  Describe how the nominee has mentored others.

Nominator’s name:

Nominator’s Email:

Constituent Body: