Present:  Everett Scott – President, Jenn Cantwell – Vice-President, Kevin Jack – Treasurer,  Paul Smith – Secretary, Don Eldershaw,  Mounah Zrein, and Christine Dugal – Members at Large.


Everett welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Everett asked if there were any new agenda items. None were put forth.


Everett asked for a motion to accept the agenda. Paul moved to accept the agenda and Mounah seconded the motion and the agenda was accepted as presented.

  1. REVIEW OF MINUTES FROM (Jun 6th Meeting)

Everett asked if there were any errors or omissions with the minutes. There were no changes put forth.


Everett asked for a motion to accept the minutes. Kevin moved to accept the minutes and Don seconded the motion and the minutes were accepted as presented.


      5.   REVIEW OF ACTION ITEMS (Jun 6th meeting)


           Everett did contact the Halifax branch about co-sponsoring the Hop Skip & Jump

           social event. Will resend the email. Jenn mentioned that she is willing to assist 

           with the preps and suggested that the event should be held on a Sunday in the

           dead of winter, after football season.


Action: Everett to resend email about sharing event with Halifax branch.  


            Update Sep 13 - I sent an email to Sabet Makhoul (Halifax Branch President)

            in June.  At that time, we were thinking of doing it in the fall.  He replied

            that he  thought it was a good idea and to let him know when we had a

            definite date. I sent another email today saying that we are now looking at a

            late January or  early February time frame.  He replied that they were still

            interested in participating and to keep him posted.    

   6.      MEAL POLICY


            Executive continued the discussion about appropriate branch meeting dinner 

            expenses and wait staff tips. Kevin had sent out a very informative email detailing  

            the unions maximum we can currently bill PIPSC ($XX.00 including drinks).

            After a vigorous discussion, the executive agreed that we will keep the % tip

            and two drink maximum with the intent that each individual branch member be

            cognizant of these limits.



           Kevin passed out an updated 2019 budget and gave a short summary of the  

           changes from the budget presented at the last executive meeting. Right now we

           are in good shape and have $XXX.. Kevin floated the idea of using some branch

           funds to promote a member participation event at the DND appreciation night 

           during the Moosehead game in November. He also mentioned the continued

           branch support for Science events and has had some interest from two groups.


           Action: Kevin to provide an update on both DND appreciation night and 

                         STEM events.


           Everett mentioned that consultation meetings are resuming after the summer

           break. He commented that the June consultation meeting in Yarmouth was well

           represented and they created a new regional position, communications officer.


          Kevin commented that Public Service week was saved last minute, mostly by       

          Dawn MacDonald, in which donuts, coffee and cake was served to civilians

          by military co-workers.


          Everett mentioned that he will inquire about the new parking policy at next weeks

          base LMRC.




Don mentioned that he has garnered some interest in holding a corn maize event, however there are no venues that are close. He will send out an email to gauge interest in a Hatfield Farm event.

Everett then passed out an information sheet about Halifax branch annual golf classic being held on Sep 30th. Don followed with an email to members on

Sep 13th.

 Action: Don to provide update on Hatfield Farm interest.




           Don commented that he was disappointed that quite a few people (12-13) did not

           show up for the event and did not call to cancel. Other than the financial hit the

           branch took, there was a good crowd of people lined up wanting to see the show,

           but couldn't because the seats were already purchased and reserved. Christina then 

           added for future events:

I spoke with the staff at the venue.  They suggested members call at least ½ hour before the play starts to say they will not be attending (PIPSC would provide the phone number to members in advance).  They would then adjust their floor plan.  Suggestion to have people pick up their tickets at the venue ONLY.  The staff said it really is helpful to have a block of tickets sold to PIPSC each year as they are a charity.  In addition, if people don’t show, they receive extra $ from people waiting to see if seats are available.  It was disappointing to see a lineup without recourse for no shows.  The venue does not give people our PIPSC tickets not used.  They would simply know how many extra seats are available before the play starts.

Member feedback – previously, one of our members requested 3 tickets, included his 2 grandchildren.  They had a great time.  This time around, only two tickets were available to each member.  His two grandchildren would not go to the play without him, last minute, as they were going to be dropped off.  He suggested that if it’s a children’s play, to ask members how many tickets they require (up to maximum of 4 perhaps).  He totally understood if it was an adult venue, two tickets would be fine.  Don suggested the member could buy additional tickets but they would not be guaranteed to sit together.


   11.   ROUND TABLE


           Jenn mentioned that she will be very busy the next few weeks (regional council

           meeting and steward training on successive weekends). She also commented the

           SH group Collective Agreement has been ratified and that her focus in the next

           round of negotiations is to get contract workers supplied by the CALIAN Group to 

           be hired as public servants.


           Kevin mentioned that one of his pet peeves is that the Public Service Employment       

           Survey doesn't allow you to voice your opinions adequately.


           Action: Everett to raise issue at either the NJC or Marlant LMRC.

           Mounah floated the idea of inviting spouses to our last calendar meeting (dinner

           after the meeting).

            Action: Executive to discuss idea at next branch meeting.

           Christine mentioned she was going to become a steward and Everett added there  

           were more branch members taking the training.

            Everett mentioned that he was hoping to stay a few days extra after the National

           AGM to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa.

           There was a short discussion on who would be attending the AGM on Nov 8/9 and

            who would be alternates.

           Christine motioned to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Mounah.


           The meeting adjourned at 6:10 PM.


           Next meeting:  Late Sep early Oct  (when AGM resolutions are available). 


Action Items from Halifax DND Executive Meeting Sep 12 /19



To provide an update on both DND appreciation night and  STEM events.


Next meeting.



 To provide update on Hatfield Farm interest.

Next meeting.



To raise issue of Public Service Employment Survey at either the NJC or Marlant LMRC.



Inviting spouses to end of calendar year meeting/dinner.

Next meeting.