Minutes and Actions of the Meeting – (started at 6:05 PM)

Date: May 16th, 2019

Location: Chabba Thai restaurant, Halifax, N.S.

1.  Welcome & Introductions

The President of the branch (Everett Scott) began by calling the meeting to order and thanking everyone for coming to the meeting. Copies of the agenda and last year’s minutes were provided to the members. Everett then asked the members of the Branch Executive to introduce themselves. 

2. Last Year’s AGM Minutes

A copy of last year’s minutes having been provided to each member, Everett asked if anyone had any corrections or additions to the minutes. With no objections it was moved by Jenn Cantwell and seconded by Joe Williams that minutes of the 2018 AGM be accepted. Motion Carried. 

3.  Executive Committee Reports

Everett started by going over the branch president’s report. He summarized the previous year’s activities of the branch. He mentioned the branch executive meetings, LMRC consultation issues (paid parking, Cannabis policy, new contract language for CS personnel taking part in Sea Trials). He also mentioned lunch and learns and social events. As well, this year Christine Dugal will be laying the Remembrance Day wreath at services in Eastern Passage.

Kevin Jack then mentioned the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) events student initiative that the branch completed this past year.   

It was moved by Don Eldershaw, and seconded by George Turner that the President’s Report be approved. Motion Carried. 

4.  Presentation/Approval of Branch Financial Statement & Budget

Kevin Jack passed around his Financial Report and Budget and spoke to the Branch’s solid financial position. He mentioned that there would be sufficient funds for Branch social events. It was moved by Joe Rossiter, and seconded by Mounah Zrein that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Motion Carried. 

​​​​​​​5. Guest Speaker Presentation 

Everett then introduced guest speaker Gary Corbett, PIPSC part-time Vice President to speak about the Do Better Campaign. Gary spoke on how PIPSC hopes to conclude collective bargaining before the Election and how members can support this endeavour by pledging their support online, by being visible in their support of their union in the workplace and by wearing PIPSC blue on Fridays.  He and Max Way, Employee Relations Officer for the Atlantic Region, answered many questions from members. 

​​​​​​​6.  Motions from Members 

Everett asked if there were any new motions that members wanted to discuss.  No new motions were suggested. 

​​​​​​​7.  Branch Executive Nominations and Vote 

The positions of vice-president, treasurer and members at large (seven) were all available.   

Gary Corbett asked if anyone was interested in being vice-president.  Everett Scott nominated Jennifer Cantwell and she accepted the nomination. With no other nominations, Jennifer Cantwell was elected Vice-President by acclamation.

Gary Corbett asked if anyone was interested in being Treasurer.  Kevin Jack was nominated by Jennifer Cantwell and he accepted. Kevin was elected Treasurer by acclamation.

Gary Corbett asked if anyone was interested in being Secretary. No one was interested in being Secretary so Paul Smith, who had agreed beforehand to serve one last term, was nominated by Everett Scott and was elected Secretary by acclamation. 

Gary Corbett asked if anyone was interested in being a member at large. With seven candidates nominated for seven positions, no vote was required. As a result the members at large are: Christine Dugal, Don Eldershaw, Joe Rossiter, Eric Thornhill, George Turner, Joe Williams, and Mounah Zrein. (all one year).

The branch executive is now:

President: Everett Scott            Vice-President: Jennifer Cantwell 

Treasurer: Kevin Jack               Secretary: Paul Smith 

​​​​​​​8.  Questions and Answers

Everett asked if there were any further questions. There being none, Gary moved to select the winners of the door prizes.

The door prizes having been handed out, Everett asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Moved by Jennifer Cantwell that the meeting be adjourned. Motion Carried. 

Everett asked the new executive to stay a little longer to discuss the next executive meeting to be held. 

Meeting ended at 1930hrs.

E. Scott


K. Jack

Secretary Pro Term