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7 December 2023
It is with great sadness that we announce that Paul Skinner passed away peacefully on September 2, 2023, at age 68. Paul was surrounded by family including his wife Anna, and daughters Marena and Melanie.
29 November 2023
PIPSC concluded its landmark national convention today, marking a significant milestone in the union's journey towards becoming a 'beacon of progress' and preparing for the future in the labour landscape.
28 November 2023
On the third day of its national convention, PIPSC presented the findings of a comprehensive study aimed at understanding and contextualizing the union's involvement in colonial institutions, policies, and programs that have adversely affected Indigenous peoples.
27 November 2023
On the second day of its national convention, PIPSC has unveiled 'Navigar,' an innovative online skills development tool designed to assist members in adapting to the rapidly evolving workplace impacted by AI and machine learning.
26 November 2023
PIPSC opened its first-ever national convention, a historic gathering under the theme "Ready for the Future", where over 800 members from across the country are coming together to shape the future of their union.
22 November 2023
The government spending review found more savings than expected but there is no indication they intend to reduce the amount wasted on costly IT consulting. Now is the time for the government to hone in on our recommendations and work to develop a long-term, strategic approach to IT within the government.
20 November 2023
With the announcement by the Front commun intersyndical du secteur public québécois that a second strike sequence will take place from November 21 to 23, and the announcement by the Fédération autonome de l'enseignement (FAE) that an indefinite strike may be called as of November 23, the closure
14 November 2023
Agenda Rules of Procedure for PIPSC AGM
1 November 2023
We add our support to calls for a ceasefire and stand up to any expression of hatred within our communities.
30 October 2023
PIPSC has put out a detailed guide for members of the Public Service Healthcare Plan to help navigate some of the more complex plan changes and explain the appeals processes when a claim is denied.  Members are enc
12 October 2023
Live stream of the PIPSC convention 2023, including the Annual General Meeting
4 October 2023
There have been some changes to the NJC Isolated Posts and Government Housing Directive that came effective August 1, 2023 that affect members located in various Isolated Post locations.
27 September 2023
Steven Raphael is a PIPSC member and has been a First Nation Health Authority (FNHA) worker since 2011.
7 September 2023
Date/Time The PIPSC Convention 2023 which includes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will start with breakfast at 7am, followed by delegate caucus meetings at 8:30am, and the opening ceremonies at 10:30am EST on Sunday, November.
7 September 2023
Rules of Procedure are to be used to facilitate the business of the meeting, not to obstruct it. Common sense will be used in the application of the rules. Delegates trying to use the rules to obstruct business need not be recognized.
23 August 2023
Treasury Board President Anita Anand has given her fellow Cabinet Ministers six weeks to find $15 billion in savings across the federal government. PIPSC President Jennifer Carr is concerned about the impacts these cuts will have on the public services Canadians rely on.
16 August 2023
Amrit Boese is a research biologist with the Public Health Agency of Canada.
10 August 2023
In this video, our experts from the PIPSC Compensation Team will talk to you about the important changes to your healthcare plan.
10 August 2023
PIPSC and its partner unions collaborate to educate employers, Treasury Board, and many others on pay equity issues and take an important step towards closing the gender wage gap.
26 July 2023
We welcome the announcement of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet. We look forward to a new tone of collaboration with Treasury Board.
11 July 2023
On Canada Day (July 1st), Canada Life took over from Sun Life as the administrator of the employer-sponsored Public Service Healthcare Plan.This plan covers most active and retired federal public service workers,  as well as their families.  At the same time of the changeover, a number of plan im
11 July 2023
PIPSC is proud to participate in collaborative efforts with the Government through the NJC and our plan sponsor to begin the long awaited review of the Public Service Dental Plan.
6 July 2023
This is a major victory for the recognition of work performed mainly by women, and the first step towards closing the wage gap that still persists!
21 June 2023
Our dear friend and colleague Martine Lacroix has passed away. We want to offer our deepest condolences to Martine’s family, friends, colleagues and fellow union members.
19 June 2023
The following message has been provided by the Treasury Board as a reminder to all Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) members about the transition to a new plan administrator. These changes take effect on July 1, 2023.
15 June 2023
Our PIPSC bargaining teams are pushing hard at the negotiation table and fighting for a better deal for our members.
15 June 2023
PIPSC’s survey says a significant number of public service professionals are considering leaving their roles
12 June 2023
Seventy percent of survey respondents reported being dissatisfied with how RTO policies were implemented – citing issues like the commuting time and cost, work-life balance, and environmental impacts as top concerns.
9 June 2023
On Monday June 12, to mark the National Public Service Week (NPSW), PIPSC will host a press conference at its national office.  
2 June 2023
November 26th to 29th, 2023, at the Centre Sheraton Hotel, Montreal, Quebec.
31 May 2023
Rene Lerat, Singing Bird Woman, has been a nurse for 12 years, and she’s passionate about making a difference in northern communities.
31 May 2023
National Public Service Week begins on June 11, and we have a lot of things to shine a light on this year.
1 May 2023
Learn about big changes coming to your healthcare plan
1 May 2023
PIPSC President Jennifer Carr has released the following statement:
28 April 2023
We welcome the change of heart from the employer, in recognizing the need to re-assess the current telework directive. It is encouraging to see that the government acknowledges the importance of consulting with unions on this matter. 
25 April 2023
Solidarity with striking PSAC workers.