As concern grows about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Yukon Territory, PIPSC is working to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members at the Yukon Hospital Corporation (YHC).

Effective March 26, YHC suspended all non-urgent or routine services. Additionally, YHC activated the “Incident Command,” a reporting structure to manage the YHC’s response to the pandemic.

PIPSC YHC Group President Mike Paré is in direct contact with Incident Command to provide feedback and monitor decisions.

Members have raised concerns about the new measures and their health and safety, including personal protective equipment (PPE). These concerns are similar across Canada and are a top priority for PIPSC.

If you feel your health and safety or that of a patient or colleague is jeopardized by a task or assignment that you are being asked to perform, or by the appropriateness of the PPE made available to you for that task, please contact your steward immediately.

On March 31, President Debi Daviau wrote to the Chief Executive Officer, Jason Bilsky, to express our commitment to collaborate and ensure the response to the crisis is effective and all risks for patients and staff are minimized to the greatest extent possible.

In the letter, President Daviau asked that the YHC:

  • clearly communicate to all employees the steps they are taking to protect their health and safety
  • make every effort to take advantage of virtual work and meeting tools whenever possible
  • clarify measures around the leave provisions employees can access for time away from the workplace due to COVID-19

Mr. Bilsky responded on April 3rd.

As front-line health care workers, members are considered a critical worker during the pandemic and are still required to attend work in-person. Please self-monitor closely for any symptoms of the virus and follow all the precautions outlined by your local health authority.

We understand that many of the issues above and more have been addressed in communications sent out by YHC and have been the subject of dialogue between PIPSC stewards/staff and YHC management.

PIPSC staff and stewards are regularly speaking with YHC management to address new issues as the situation changes.

We have asked that the YHC continue with its commitment to consult and collaborate with our representatives to draw upon their experience and knowledge to ensure the most effective, sustainable and safe response.

For questions about rights and responsibilities in the workplace, please fill out the COVID-19 help form to reach our Labour Relations team.

Please also see the information for PIPSC members regarding COVID-19 posted on our website.

We are dedicated to ensuring members have the support they need to fulfill their professional responsibilities.