25 October 2018
Your Bargaining Team members were digging through their Halloween loot and found a couple of goodies that were just too good to not share. The bargaining proposals that were exchanged electronically between the SP Group and Treasury Board on September 12, 2018!
17 October 2018
Improving access to conferences is a consistent concern raised by SP members and your SP bargaining team needs to hear from you in order to document our position on this matter at the table!
12 October 2018
Here are the bargaining proposals that were exchanged between the SP Group and Treasury Board.
25 September 2018
Electronic exchange of non-monetary proposals took place on September 12, 2018 between the SP Group and the Treasury Board Secretariat.
17 September 2018
Hello, SP Members! Just like parents are getting kids ready for school, the bargaining team spent the last days of August getting ready to start face-to-face bargaining with Treasury Board Secretariat in October.
20 August 2018
An equity analysis of the SP Group’s collective agreement identified part-time members as potentially experiencing work- and union-related issues differently from full-time members. As a result, the bargaining team is seeking to get feedback from members who work part-time.
7 August 2018
With our collective agreement expiring September 30, 2018, it is now time to bring the word “Bargaining” into our conversations. The Bargaining Team has met twice since the Bargaining Conference and wants to update you on our progress so far.
21 June 2018
MINUTES / COMPTE RENDU SP Executive Meeting / Rencontre de l’exécutif SP May 26th, 2017 / 26 Mai 2017 Presence / Absence --- Présences / Absences Daniel Ingram (PRA/NWT – PRA/TNO) P Norma Domey (NCR – RCN) P