PIPSC SP Subgroup Victoria AGM


Current PIPSC SP Subgroup Victoria Executive

Morgan Cranny (NRCan), President

Bill Riel (NRCan), Vice-President

Eric Neilson (NRCan), Treasurer

Alison Bird (NRCan), Secretary

Members-at-large: Robert Price (PSPC); Kaz Shimamura (NRCan); Michelle Côté (NRCan); Katrina Johnston (PSPC)

Also in attendance: Armel Castellan, Andrew Dyk, Mel P, Greg Smith, Lindsay Smith, Chris Stone, Anne Therriault, Rob Thomas, Sally Tinis, Byron,

  1. Welcome and Roll Call

Morgan Cranny (MC) (NRCan), President, called the meeting to order at 12:06 pm, on Tuesday, 16thMarch.

General welcome extended to all attendees and introduction of the executive, above.

Copies of agenda and last year’s AGM minutes were distributed.

Noted this has been an unusual year and this marks a year to the day since the covid’19 lockdown began.


  1. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve by Alison and 2nd by Bill

Unanimous approval


  1. Approval and Adoption of Minutes of 2019 AGM

Corrections for 2020 AGM minutes in process

Motion to approve, noting corrections to come, by Katrina and 2nd by Robert

Unanimous approval 

Action: MC to post minutes.


  1. Business Arising from Minute: none


  1. Guest Speaker: Ann Therriault on Sick Leave
    • EWSP: Official communications coming from PIPSC re. impasse; considering options, with need to improve current program
    • If continued, would be few years before implemented
    • Want to keep certain things from collective agreement: we have say as to how program run
    • What is being offered: internally run, sick leave banks preserved
    • Waiting to see if can get over hump
    • Created FAQs: available to SP group; Action: will share
    • Next round of bargaining to be est. at next meeting
    • AGM will be in autumn; bargaining probably shortly after
    • Elections for SP exec (candidacy has been rec’d): vacancy for BC/YT (Steve Coldwell stepping down) – e-mail will be sent out to request interest from SP in region
    • MC: We are represented by DFO, DND, ECCC, Health, NRCan, PSPC, etc.
    • Covid situation has made things difficult
    • PSPC still looking at workplace 2.0 in most places; expect hybrid when return (home & workplace, save for labs, etc.)
    • Need for pub works to speak to SP group – to be consulted w.r.t. changes
    • Meeting with PW to ensure and understand our needs: deck to show types of spaces we work with (e.g. live samples in ‘fridges/labs to be near offices)
    • Need to be able to leave things out as we are working on them
    • Bldgs need attention A/C not working, plumbing, etc.
    • PW need to ask scientists right questions (have list of bldgs with needs)
    • Labs Canada: $ given to put in hubs; NRCan involved in west & Ottawa, and DFO in east; maximize use of instruments in combined space – let us know if you learn anything about this in your area
    • PW starting to realize linguistics are an issue when striving for proper consultation; SP group is leading on this
    • Presidents for Consultation (monthly meetings) include:
        • AT for NRCan
        • Karen Haw for Transportation
        • Judith LeBlanc for Health
        • Glen Maxwell for DND
    • Sometimes diff ways consultation is done locally
    • Many questions re. code 699 (not used much; mostly for caregiving for family members – mostly women – policy grievance w.r.t. discrimination)
    • Will be different code for getting vaccine
    • Michelle: CBC article about 699, put us in bad light; 699 not being abused; scientists going above & beyond to get work done (e.g. lab in home bsmt) – motivation to profile amazing efforts to continue work
    • Media suggests being abused, but <10% used 699
    • Alison: w.r.t. 699, this should be seen as gov’t being forward thinking and proactive; the problem is this sort of leave should be made available by all employers in Canada
    • Few people at home are unable to do work (e.g. IT people working on others’ machines; scientists unable to go into field or process samples in labs), plus mental health concerns for those w/family care
    • Morgan: do talk to stewards if you have issues
    • Employers are to provide safe, healthy work env’t; also respect as professional
    • If have anything, don’t hesitate to contact me and will put you in contact w/right person (ann.therriault@canada.ca)
    • Long term disability, could use banked sick leave (9d/y)
  2. Report from the President

Provided as appendix.

Motion to accept approved by Alison and 2nd by Kaz. Unanimous acceptance.


  1. Annual Financial Report

Provided as appendix.

Eric Neilson (EN) (NRCan), Treasurer, presented the Treasurers report.

Morgan: have ideas for how we can engage to show we care about where we live/work; please send thoughts on matter.

Motion to accept by Robert and 2nd by Michelle. Unanimous acceptance.


  1. Report of the Election Committee

No changes; Bill Riel will continue as VP, but will retire before the term’s end. Member at large positions are available.  Members are encouraged to join executive in this position at any time if they would like to volunteer. 

Motion to accept by Katrina and 2nd by Robert. Unanimous acceptance.


  1. New Business

Allowed to make donation to food banks, e.g. Rainbow Kitchen; propose $1000 donation

Armel: possibly other/future donation to Red Cedar Café

Kaz: ?

Michelle: encourage people to become MaL; suggest when back to “normal” we might use our volunteer days together


  1. Adjournment

A motion to adjourn by Alison and 2nd by Byron. 1:08pm


2021 PIPSC SP Subgroup Victoria Executive

Morgan Cranny (NRCan), President

Bill Riel (NRCan), Vice-President

Eric Neilson (NRCan), Treasurer

Alison Bird (NRCan), Secretary

Members-at-large: Robert Price (PSPC); Kaz Shimamura (NRCan); Michelle Côté (NRCan); Katrina Johnston (PSPC)




Appendix 1: President’s Report to Victoria SP SubGroup AGM 

March 16, 2021, Pacific Forestry Centre

Previous AGM for Applied Science and Patent Examiners Group – February 27, 2020 - Chaired by President Morgan Cranny. 

The Victoria SP Subgroup is:

  • Locally: Victoria SP Subgroup comprised of 158 Members and 18 Rands for a total of 176 in 8 Depts. 
  • Number of members including Rands: DFO (70); NRCAN (47); ECC (21); PSPC (17); DND (13); HC (6); ISEDC (1), TRANSPORT (1).
  • Major work sites: Pacific Forestry Center; Institute of Ocean Sciences; Pacific Geoscience Center; CFB Esquimalt; 1230 Government St.
  • One of 29 SP Subgroups across Canada. 

Current Executive

Morgan Cranny (President), Bill Riel (Vice President), Alison Bird (Secretary) Eric Neilson (Treasurer); Robert Price (Member at Large); Kaz Shimamura (Member at Large), Katrina Johnson (Member at Large), and Michelle Cote (Member at Large).

SubGroup Executive entitled to a maximum of 11 members.

 2020 - 2021 Highlights for the Victoria SP Subgroup:

As might be expected, there was next to no engagement during the past year due to Covid.  We only had one in-person subgroup executive meetings – Oct 15th otherwise there was some communication by email.

PFC LMCC meetings June 8th, June 30th, and November 2nd – Morgan 

Monthly OSH meetings – Morgan (co-chair)

Subgroup Presidents meetings – December 15th, January 27th

PIPSC National Consultation meeting – August 28th

Morgan attended 6 BC/YT virtual Steward/BT sessions - October 20th, 22nd, and 29th

PIPSC National AGM (Virtual, day 1)– December 5th


Upcoming 2020 Events to Note:

April 10:   PIPSC National AGM (Virtual, day 2)

April 22-29: BC/Yukon Virtual Advanced Labour School - Course 1

May 6-20: BC/Yukon Virtual Advanced Labour School - Course 2

May 29:  BC-Yukon Regional Council;

October 22-23: BC/Yukon Steward Council (Burnaby?);

October: Victoria Branch AGM (Victoria, BC);

November 18-20:  BC-Yukon Basic Steward Training (Vancouver, BC);

December 2-3: BC/Yukon Young Professionals Forum.

Prepared by:

Morgan Cranny